Matthias Kolberg
Position: Senior scientist, Dr. rer. nat.
Phone: +47 2278 1736

Research interests:

Biomarker discovery and medical biostatistics in cancer research with special interest in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors and colorectal cancer. Drug discovery and functional studies in cancer models. Immunohistochemical protein expression analyses using tissue microarrays.

Academic degree:

2001: Ph.D. (Dr.rer.nat.) – Biophysical Chemistry, Technical University Berlin, Germany.


Kolberg M (2001)
Generation and Characterization of Free and Metal Associated Amino Acid Radicals in Ribonucleotide Reductase Using EPR Techniques.
Doctoral dissertation, Fakultät II - Technische Universität Berlin.

Kolberg M (1997)
Fraksjonering og karakterisering av proteinkomponenter i alkenmonooksygenase fra Mycobacterium E3.
Cand. scient. thesis, University of Oslo

Previous positions:
2001-2005 Post doctoral fellowship, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Oslo.

Other international lab experience:
1994-2004 Annual visits to the Department of Biophysics (Astrid Gräslund-lab), Stockholm University, Sweden, for EPR experiments
1998-2004 Annual visits to the Department of Molecular Biology (Britt-Marie Sjöberg-lab), Stockholm University, Sweden, for site-directed mutagenesis and protein overexpression
1999 Short visit to the Department of Microbiology (Thomas Eitinger-lab), Humbolt University, Berlin, Germany, for protein overexpression under anaerobic conditions
2002-2003 Two visits to the Department of Chemistry (Gary Brudvig-lab), Yale University, New Haven, USA, for saturation recovery EPR-analyses
2002-2004 Annual visits to the High Magnetic Field Laboratory (LNCMI-G) (Anne-Laure Barra-lab), CNRS, Grenoble, France, for high field EPR experiments
2002-2004 Annual visits to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facilities, Grenoble, France, for X-ray crystallography


Publications 2017

Kolberg M, Bruun J, Murumägi A, Mpindi JP, Bergsland CH, Høland M, Eilertsen IA, Danielsen SA, Kallioniemi O, Lothe RA (2017)
Drug sensitivity and resistance testing identifies PLK1 inhibitors and gemcitabine as potent drugs for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
Mol Oncol, 11 (9), 1156-1171
PubMed 28556483

Publications 2015

Bruun J, Kolberg M, Ahlquist TC, Røyrvik EC, Nome T, Leithe E, Lind GE, Merok MA, Rognum TO, Bjørkøy G, Johansen T, Lindblom A, Sun XF, Svindland A, Liestøl K, Nesbakken A, Skotheim RI, Lothe RA (2015)
Regulator of Chromosome Condensation 2 Identifies High-Risk Patients within Both Major Phenotypes of Colorectal Cancer
Clin Cancer Res, 21 (16), 3759-70
PubMed 25910952

Kolberg M, Høland M, Lind GE, Ågesen TH, Skotheim RI, Hall KS, Mandahl N, Smeland S, Mertens F, Davidson B, Lothe RA (2015)
Protein expression of BIRC5, TK1, and TOP2A in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours--A prognostic test after surgical resection
Mol Oncol, 9 (6), 1129-39
PubMed 25769404

Publications 2014

Bruun J, Kolberg M, Nesland JM, Svindland A, Nesbakken A, Lothe RA (2014)
Prognostic Significance of β-Catenin, E-Cadherin, and SOX9 in Colorectal Cancer: Results from a Large Population-Representative Series
Front Oncol, 4, 118
PubMed 24904831

Danielsen SA, Lind GE, Kolberg M, Høland M, Bjerkehagen B, Sundby Hall K, van den Berg E, Mertens F, Smeland S, Picci P, Lothe RA (2014)
Methylated RASSF1A in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors identifies neurofibromatosis type 1 patients with inferior prognosis
Neuro Oncol, 17 (1), 63-9
PubMed 25038505

Sirnes S, Lind GE, Bruun J, Fykerud TA, Mesnil M, Lothe RA, Rivedal E, Kolberg M, Leithe E (2014)
Connexins in colorectal cancer pathogenesis
Int J Cancer, 137 (1), 1-11
PubMed 24752574

Publications 2012

Kjenseth A, Fykerud TA, Sirnes S, Bruun J, Yohannes Z, Kolberg M, Omori Y, Rivedal E, Leithe E (2012)
The gap junction channel protein connexin 43 is covalently modified and regulated by SUMOylation
J Biol Chem, 287 (19), 15851-61
PubMed 22411987

Kolberg M, Høland M, Agesen TH, Brekke HR, Liestøl K, Hall KS, Mertens F, Picci P, Smeland S, Lothe RA (2012)
Survival meta-analyses for >1800 malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor patients with and without neurofibromatosis type 1
Neuro Oncol, 15 (2), 135-47
PubMed 23161774

Lobert VH, Bruun J, Abrahamsen H, Lothe RA, Stenmark H, Kolberg M, Campsteijn C (2012)
Antibody crossreactivity between the tumour suppressor PHLPP1 and the proto-oncogene β-catenin
EMBO Rep, 14 (1), 10-1
PubMed 23229585

Sandvik GK, Tomter AB, Bergan J, Zoppellaro G, Barra AL, Røhr AK, Kolberg M, Ellefsen S, Andersson KK, Nilsson GE (2012)
Studies of ribonucleotide reductase in crucian carp-an oxygen dependent enzyme in an anoxia tolerant vertebrate
PLoS One, 7 (8), e42784
PubMed 22916159

Publications 2011

Sirnes S, Bruun J, Kolberg M, Kjenseth A, Lind GE, Svindland A, Brech A, Nesbakken A, Lothe RA, Leithe E, Rivedal E (2011)
Connexin43 acts as a colorectal cancer tumor suppressor and predicts disease outcome
Int J Cancer, 131 (3), 570-81
PubMed 21866551

Sjo OH, Berg M, Merok MA, Kolberg M, Svindland A, Lothe RA, Nesbakken A (2011)
Peritoneal carcinomatosis of colon cancer origin: highest incidence in women and in patients with right-sided tumors
J Surg Oncol, 104 (7), 792-7
PubMed 21547915

Publications 2010

Brekke HR, Ribeiro FR, Kolberg M, Agesen TH, Lind GE, Eknaes M, Hall KS, Bjerkehagen B, van den Berg E, Teixeira MR, Mandahl N, Smeland S, Mertens F, Skotheim RI, Lothe RA (2010)
Genomic changes in chromosomes 10, 16, and X in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors identify a high-risk patient group
J Clin Oncol, 28 (9), 1573-82
PubMed 20159821

Publications 2009

Brekke HR, Kolberg M, Skotheim RI, Hall KS, Bjerkehagen B, Risberg B, Domanski HA, Mandahl N, Liestøl K, Smeland S, Danielsen HE, Mertens F, Lothe RA (2009)
Identification of p53 as a strong predictor of survival for patients with malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
Neuro Oncol, 11 (5), 514-28
PubMed 19182148

Publications 2008

Lind GE, Ahlquist T, Kolberg M, Berg M, Eknaes M, Alonso MA, Kallioniemi A, Meling GI, Skotheim RI, Rognum TO, Thiis-Evensen E, Lothe RA (2008)
Hypermethylated MAL gene - a silent marker of early colon tumorigenesis
J Transl Med, 6, 13
PubMed 18346269

Publications 2005

Kolberg M, Logan DT, Bleifuss G, Pötsch S, Sjöberg BM, Gräslund A, Lubitz W, Lassmann G, Lendzian F (2005)
A new tyrosyl radical on Phe208 as ligand to the diiron center in Escherichia coli ribonucleotide reductase, mutant R2-Y122H. Combined x-ray diffraction and EPR/ENDOR studies
J Biol Chem, 280 (12), 11233-46
PubMed 15634667

Miranda FF, Kolberg M, Andersson KK, Geraldes CF, Martínez A (2005)
The active site residue tyrosine 325 influences iron binding and coupling efficiency in human phenylalanine hydroxylase
J Inorg Biochem, 99 (6), 1320-8
PubMed 15917086

Ryabova ES, Rydberg P, Kolberg M, Harbitz E, Barra AL, Ryde U, Andersson KK, Nordlander E (2005)
A comparative reactivity study of microperoxidases based on hemin, mesohemin and deuterohemin
J Inorg Biochem, 99 (3), 852-63
PubMed 15708807

Publications 2004

Engalytcheff A, Kolberg M, Barra AL, Andersson KK, Tilquin B (2004)
The use of multi-frequency EPR techniques to identify the radicals produced in irradiated beta-blockers
Free Radic Res, 38 (1), 59-66
PubMed 15061654

Kolberg M, Strand KR, Graff P, Andersson KK (2004)
Structure, function, and mechanism of ribonucleotide reductases
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1699 (1-2), 1-34
PubMed 15158709

Strand KR, Karlsen S, Kolberg M, Røhr AK, Görbitz CH, Andersson KK (2004)
Crystal structural studies of changes in the native dinuclear iron center of ribonucleotide reductase protein R2 from mouse
J Biol Chem, 279 (45), 46794-801
PubMed 15322079

Publications 2003

Högbom M, Galander M, Andersson M, Kolberg M, Hofbauer W, Lassmann G, Nordlund P, Lendzian F (2003)
Displacement of the tyrosyl radical cofactor in ribonucleotide reductase obtained by single-crystal high-field EPR and 1.4-A x-ray data
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 100 (6), 3209-14
PubMed 12624184

Publications 2002

Kolberg M, Bleifuss G, Gräslund A, Sjöberg BM, Lubitz W, Lendzian F, Lassmann G (2002)
Protein thiyl radicals directly observed by EPR spectroscopy
Arch Biochem Biophys, 403 (1), 141-4
PubMed 12061811

Kolberg M, Bleifuss G, Sjöberg BM, Gräslund A, Lubitz W, Lendzian F, Lassmann G (2002)
Generation and electron paramagnetic resonance spin trapping detection of thiyl radicals in model proteins and in the R1 subunit of Escherichia coli ribonucleotide reductase
Arch Biochem Biophys, 397 (1), 57-68
PubMed 11747310