Arne Svilaas

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Publications 2016

Barrett-Connor E, de Gaetano G, Djoussé L, Ellison RC, Estruch R, Finkel H, Goldfinger T, Keil U, Lanzmann-Petithory D, Mattivi F, Skovenborg E, Stockley C, Svilaas A, Teissedre PL, Thelle DS, Ursini F, Waterhouse AL (2016)
Comments on Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Mortality
J Stud Alcohol Drugs, 77 (5), 834-6
PubMed 27588543

Christensen JJ, Osnes L, Halvorsen B, Retterstøl K, Bogsrud MP, Wium C, Svilaas A, Narverud I, Ulven SM, Aukrust P, Holven KB (2016)
Data on circulating leukocyte subpopulations and inflammatory proteins in children with familial hypercholesterolemia and healthy children
Data Brief, 10, 587-592
PubMed 28070551

Christensen JJ, Osnes LT, Halvorsen B, Retterstøl K, Bogsrud MP, Wium C, Svilaas A, Narverud I, Ulven SM, Aukrust P, Holven KB (2016)
Altered leukocyte distribution under hypercholesterolemia: A cross-sectional study in children with familial hypercholesterolemia
Atherosclerosis, 256, 67-74
PubMed 28024183

Torvik K, Narverud I, Ottestad I, Svilaas A, Gran JM, Retterstøl K, Ellingvåg A, Strøm E, Ose L, Veierød MB, Holven KB (2016)
Dietary counseling is associated with an improved lipid profile in children with familial hypercholesterolemia
Atherosclerosis, 252, 21-7
PubMed 27494447

Publications 2013

Molven I, Retterstøl K, Andersen LF, Veierød MB, Narverud I, Ose L, Svilaas A, Wandel M, Holven KB (2013)
Children and young adults with familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) have healthier food choices particularly with respect to dietary fat sources compared with non-FH children
J Nutr Sci, 2, e32
PubMed 25191582

Publications 2012

Fretheim A, Odgaard-Jensen J, Brørs O, Madsen S, Njølstad I, Norheim OF, Svilaas A, Kristiansen IS, Thürmer H, Flottorp S (2012)
Comparative effectiveness of antihypertensive medication for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and multiple treatments meta-analysis
BMC Med, 10, 33
PubMed 22480336

Publications 2011

Svilaas A, Strøm EC, Johansen SG, Vebenstad G, Svilaas T, Ose L (2011)
[Assessment of dietary habits and life style]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 131 (5), 454
PubMed 21383795

Publications 2010

Sakhi AK, Bøhn SK, Smeland S, Thoresen M, Smedshaug GB, Tausjø J, Svilaas A, Karlsen A, Russnes KM, Svilaas T, Blomhoff R (2010)
Postradiotherapy plasma lutein, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene are positively associated with survival in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Nutr Cancer, 62 (3), 322-8
PubMed 20358469

Publications 2008

Svilaas A, Strandberg T, Eriksson M, Hildebrandt P, Westheim A (2008)
Lipid lowering treatment patterns and goal attainment in Nordic patients with hyperlipidemia
Scand Cardiovasc J, 42 (4), 279-87
PubMed 18609053

Publications 2005

Bøhn SK, Smeland S, Sakhi AK, Thoresen M, Russnes KM, Tausjø J, Svilaas A, Svilaas T, Blomhoff R (2005)
Post-radiotherapy plasma total glutathione is associated to outcome in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Cancer Lett, 238 (2), 240-7
PubMed 16157445

Publications 2004

Svilaas A, Kjeldsen S, Midtbø K, Westheim A, Syvertsen JO (2004)
[Statin therapy for hypertensive patients]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (2), 165-6
PubMed 14743227

Svilaas A, Kjeldsen SE, Midtbø K, Westheim A, Syvertsen JO (2004)
[Prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke with statins]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 124 (13-14), 1821
PubMed 15229678

Svilaas A, Sakhi AK, Andersen LF, Svilaas T, Ström EC, Jacobs DR, Ose L, Blomhoff R (2004)
Intakes of antioxidants in coffee, wine, and vegetables are correlated with plasma carotenoids in humans
J Nutr, 134 (3), 562-7
PubMed 14988447

Publications 2002

Svilaas A, Ström EC, Svilaas T, Borgejordet A, Thoresen M, Ose L (2002)
Reproducibility and validity of a short food questionnaire for the assessment of dietary habits
Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis, 12 (2), 60-70
PubMed 12189905

Publications 2001

Holven KB, Holm T, Aukrust P, Christensen B, Kjekshus J, Andreassen AK, Gullestad L, Hagve TA, Svilaas A, Ose L, Nenseter MS (2001)
Effect of folic acid treatment on endothelium-dependent vasodilation and nitric oxide-derived end products in hyperhomocysteinemic subjects
Am J Med, 110 (7), 536-42
PubMed 11343667

Svilaas A, Ose L, Risberg K, Thoresen M (2001)
[Treatment goals for blood lipids in high risk patients of atherosclerotic disease]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 121 (9), 1059-63
PubMed 11354882

Publications 2000

Svilaas A, Bergei CS, Strøm EC, Ose L, Walsøe HK (2000)
[The diet of patients with atherosclerotic disease compared with the standard diet in the population]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 120 (22), 2618-24
PubMed 11077504

Svilaas A, Risberg K, Thoresen M, Ose L (2000)
Lipid treatment goals achieved in patients treated with statin drugs in Norwegian general practice
Am J Cardiol, 86 (11), 1250-3, A6
PubMed 11090801

Svilaas A, Thoresen M, Kristoffersen JE, Hjartaaker J, Westheim A (2000)
How well are patients with atherosclerotic disease treated? Secondary prevention in primary care
Scand J Prim Health Care, 18 (4), 232-6
PubMed 11205092

Svilaas A, Walsöe HK, Ose L (2000)
Application of simple lipid treatment goals in patients with atherosclerotic disease
Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis, 10 (2), 71-8
PubMed 10919171

Publications 1998

Svilaas A, Westheim A, Kristoffersen JE, Hjartaaker J, Thoresen M (1998)
[How well are patients with atherosclerosis treated in general practice? Risk factors and intervention surveyed in 1996-97 as compared to two previous years]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 118 (15), 2308-13
PubMed 9691796

Publications 1997

Svilaas A, Bye P, Strøm EC, Kolbjørnsen O, Tonstad S, Ose L (1997)
[What happens with patients after participation in a clinical trial?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 117 (28), 4065-9
PubMed 9441437

Publications 1996

Svilaas A, Westheim A, Kristoffersen JE, Hjartaaker J (1996)
[Risk factors and intervention in cardiovascular diseases in general practice]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 116 (21), 2562-5
PubMed 8928126