Line Mygland
Position: Technician
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Publications 2017

Solberg NT, Waaler J, Lund K, Mygland L, Olsen PA, Krauss S (2017)
Tankyrase inhibition enhances the anti-proliferative effect of PI3K and EGFR inhibition, mutually affecting β-catenin and AKT signaling in colorectal cancer
Mol Cancer Res (in press)
PubMed 29222171

Publications 2009

Kunke D, Bryja V, Mygland L, Arenas E, Krauss S (2009)
Inhibition of canonical Wnt signaling promotes gliogenesis in P0-NSCs
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 386 (4), 628-33
PubMed 19545542

Publications 2005

Backman M, Machon O, Mygland L, van den Bout CJ, Zhong W, Taketo MM, Krauss S (2005)
Effects of canonical Wnt signaling on dorso-ventral specification of the mouse telencephalon
Dev Biol, 279 (1), 155-68
PubMed 15708565