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Publications 2017

Almeida N, Papachristidis A, Pearson P, Sarvari SI, Engvall J, Edvardsen T, Monaghan M, Gérard O, Samset E, D'hooge J (2017)
Left atrial volumetric assessment using a novel automated framework for 3D echocardiography: a multi-centre analysis
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, 18 (9), 1008-1015
PubMed 27550659

Bersvendsen J, Orderud F, Lie Ø, Massey RJ, Fosså K, Estépar RSJ, Urheim S, Samset E (2017)
Semiautomated biventricular segmentation in three-dimensional echocardiography by coupled deformable surfaces
J Med Imaging (Bellingham), 4 (2), 024005
PubMed 28560243

Galli E, Leclercq C, Hubert A, Bernard A, Smiseth OA, Mabo P, Samset E, Hernandez A, Donal E (2017)
Role of myocardial constructive work in the identification of responders to CRT
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging (in press)
PubMed 28954293

Kozlowski P, Bandaru RS, D'hooge J, Samset E (2017)
Real-time catheter localization and visualization using three-dimensional echocardiography
PROC SPIE, 10135, UNSP 1013518

Pasternak M, Samset E, D'hooge J, Haugen GU (2017)
Temperature monitoring by channel data delays: Feasibility based on estimated delays magnitude for cardiac ablation
Ultrasonics, 77, 32-37
PubMed 28167318

Publications 2016

Almeida N, Sarvari SI, Orderud F, Gerard O, D'hooge J, Samset E (2016)
Automatic left-atrial segmentation from cardiac 3D ultrasound: a dual-chamber model-based approach
PROC SPIE, 9790, 97900D

Bandaru RS, Sornes AR, Hermans J, Samset E, D'hooge J (2016)
Delay and Standard Deviation Beamforming to Enhance Specular Reflections in Ultrasound Imaging
IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 63 (12), 2057-2068
PubMed 27913326

Bersvendsen J, Toews M, Danudibroto A, Wells WM, Urheim S, Estépar RS, Samset E (2016)
Robust Spatio-Temporal Registration of 4D Cardiac Ultrasound Sequences
Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng, 9790
PubMed 27516706

Danudibroto A, Bersvendsen J, Gérard O, Mirea O, D'hooge J, Samset E (2016)
Spatiotemporal registration of multiple three-dimensional echocardiographic recordings for enhanced field of view imaging
J Med Imaging (Bellingham), 3 (3), 037001
PubMed 27446972

Danudibroto A, Bersvendsen J, Mirea O, Gerard O, D'hooge J, Samset E (2016)
Image-based temporal alignment of echocardiographic sequences
PROC SPIE, 9790, 97901G

Danudibroto A, De Bruaene AV, Gerard O, D'hooge J, Samset E (2016)
Anatomical view stabilization of multiple 3D transesophageal echocardiograms

Hubert A, Galli E, Bouzille G, Samset E, Donal E (2016)
P697New indices for a best quantification of left ventricular function in heart valve diseases
Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, 17 (suppl_2), ii143-ii147
PubMed 28415104

Santos P, Haugen G, Lovstakken L, Samset E, D'hooge J (2016)
High Frame Rate 3D Tissue Velocity Imaging Using Sub-Aperture Beamforming: a Pilot Study In Vivo

Santos P, Haugen GU, Lovstakken L, Samset E, D'hooge J (2016)
Diverging Wave Volumetric Imaging Using Subaperture Beamforming
IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 63 (12), 2114-2124
PubMed 27740479

Publications 2015

Almeida N, Friboulet D, Sarvari SI, Bernard O, Barbosa D, Samset E, Dhooge J (2015)
Left-Atrial Segmentation From 3-D Ultrasound Using B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces With Scale Uncoupling
IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 63 (2), 212-21
PubMed 26685231

Babic A, Odland HH, Gérard O, Samset E (2015)
Parametric ultrasound and fluoroscopy image fusion for guidance of left ventricle lead placement in cardiac resynchronization therapy
J Med Imaging (Bellingham), 2 (2), 025001
PubMed 26158110

Bersvendsen J, Orderud F, Massey RJ, Fosså K, Gerard O, Urheim S, Samset E (2015)
Automated Segmentation of the Right Ventricle in 3D Echocardiography: A Kalman Filter State Estimation Approach
IEEE Trans Med Imaging, 35 (1), 42-51
PubMed 26168434

Danudibroto A, Gerard O, Alessandrini M, Mirea O, D'hooge J, Samset E (2015)
3D Farneback Optic Flow for Extended Field of View of Echocardiography
LECT NOTES COMPUT SC, 9126, 129-136

Nordenfur T, Babic A, Bulatovic I, Giesecke A, Gunyeli E, Ripsweden J, Samset E, Winter R, Larsson M (2015)
Algorithm Comparison for Cardiac Image Fusion of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography and 3D Echocardiography

Santos P, Tong L, Ortega A, Løvstakken L, Samset E, D'hooge J (2015)
Acoustic output of multi-line transmit beamforming for fast cardiac imaging: a simulation study
IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 62 (7), 1320-30
PubMed 26168178

Publications 2014

Bersvendsen J, Beitnes JO, Urheim S, Aakhus S, Samset E (2014)
Automatic measurement of aortic annulus diameter in 3-dimensional transoesophageal echocardiography
BMC Med Imaging, 14, 31
PubMed 25200865

Publications 2013

Røislien J, Samset E (2013)
A non-parametric permutation method for assessing agreement for distance matrix observations
Stat Med, 33 (2), 319-29
PubMed 23946159

Publications 2011

Melvaer EL, Mørken K, Samset E (2011)
A motion constrained cross-wire phantom for tracked 2D ultrasound calibration
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg, 7 (4), 611-20
PubMed 22009307

Publications 2010

Freudenthal A, Stüdeli T, Lamata P, Samset E (2010)
Collaborative co-design of emerging multi-technologies for surgery
J Biomed Inform, 44 (2), 198-215
PubMed 21118727

Furtado H, Stüdeli T, Sette M, Morita T, Trunk P, Freudenthal A, Samset E, Bergsland J, Gersak B (2010)
Endoclamp balloon visualization and automatic placement system
Heart Surg Forum, 13 (4), E205-11
PubMed 20719720

Risholm P, Pieper S, Samset E, Wells WM (2010)
Summarizing and visualizing uncertainty in non-rigid registration
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 13 (Pt 2), 554-61
PubMed 20879359

Publications 2009

Jalote-Parmar A, Badke-Schaub P, Ali W, Samset E (2009)
Cognitive processes as integrative component for developing expert decision-making systems: a workflow centered framework
J Biomed Inform, 43 (1), 60-74
PubMed 19607934

Milko S, Melvaer EL, Samset E, Kadir T (2009)
Evaluation of bivariate correlation ratio similarity metric for rigid registration of US/MR images of the liver
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg, 4 (2), 147-55
PubMed 20033613

Milko S, Melvaer EL, Samset E, Kadir T (2009)
A novel method for registration of US/MR of the liver based on the analysis of US dynamics
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 12 (Pt 1), 771-8
PubMed 20426058

Morvan T, Martinsen M, Reimers M, Samset E, Elle OJ (2009)
Collision detection and untangling for surgical robotic manipulators
Int J Med Robot, 5 (3), 233-42
PubMed 19367614

Risholm P, Samset E (2009)
Haptic guided 3-D deformable image registration
Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg, 4 (3), 215-23
PubMed 20033588

Publications 2008

Cornella J, Elle OJ, Ali W, Samset E (2008)
Intraoperative Navigation of an Optically Tracked Surgical Robot
LECT NOTES COMPUT SC, 5242, 587-594

Cornellà J, Elle OJ, Ali W, Samset E (2008)
Intraoperative navigation of an optically tracked surgical robot
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 11 (Pt 2), 587-94
PubMed 18982652

Cornella J, Elle OJ, Ali W, Samset E (2008)
Improving Cartesian Position Accuracy of a Telesurgical Robot

Folkesson J, Samset E, Kwong RY, Westin CF (2008)
Unifying statistical classification and geodesic active regions for segmentation of cardiac MRI
IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed, 12 (3), 328-34
PubMed 18693500

Morvan T, Reimers M, Samset E (2008)
High Performance GPU-based Proximity Queries using Distance Fields
Comput. Graph. Forum, 27 (8), 2040-2052

Studeli T, Kalkofen D, Risholm P, Ali W, Freudenthal A, Samset E (2008)
Visualization tool for improved accuracy in needle placement during percutaneous radio-frequency ablation of liver tumors
PROC SPIE, 6918, 69180B

Publications 2007

Balasingham I, Ihlen H, Leister W, Røe P, Samset E (2007)
Communication of medical images, text, and messages in inter-enterprise systems: a case study in Norway
IEEE Trans Inf Technol Biomed, 11 (1), 7-13
PubMed 17249398

DiMaio SP, Samset E, Fischer G, Iordachita I, Fichtinger G, Jolesz F, Tempany CM (2007)
Dynamic MRI scan plane control for passive tracking of instruments and devices
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 10 (Pt 2), 50-8
PubMed 18044552

Estépar RS, Stylopoulos N, Ellis R, Samset E, Westin CF, Thompson C, Vosburgh K (2007)
Towards scarless surgery: an endoscopic ultrasound navigation system for transgastric access procedures
Comput Aided Surg, 12 (6), 311-24
PubMed 18066947

Jalote-Parmar A, Pattynama PMT, Goossens RHM, de Ridder H, Samset E (2007)
3A surgeon centered framework towards analysing the surgical workflow
Int. J. Comput. Assist. Radiol. Surg., 2 1, S154-S156

Risholm P, Narum E, Elle OJ, Samset E (2007)
An inexpensive and portable system for improving EM tracking accuracy
Int. J. Comput. Assist. Radiol. Surg., 2 1, S181-S182

von Spiczak J, Samset E, DiMaio S, Reitmayr G, Schmalstieg D, Burghart C, Kikinis R (2007)
Multi-modal event streams for virtual reality
PROC SPIE, 6504, 65040M

Von Spiczak J, Samset E, Dimaio S, Reitmayr G, Schmalstieg D, Burghart C, Kikinis R (2007)
Device connectivity for image-guided medical applications
Stud Health Technol Inform, 125, 482-4
PubMed 17377332

Vosburgh KG, Stylopoulos N, Estepar RS, Ellis RE, Samset E, Thompson CC (2007)
EUS with CT improves efficiency and structure identification over conventional EUS
Gastrointest Endosc, 65 (6), 866-70
PubMed 17466206

Publications 2006

Risholm P, Sauter A, Bosse G, Elle OJ, Samset E (2006)
Registration free MRI-US fusion for identification of infraclavicular parts of plexus brachialis
Int. J. Comput. Assist. Radiol. Surg., 1 1, 57-59

Samset E (2006)
Temperature mapping of thermal ablation using MRI
Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol, 15 (1), 36-41
PubMed 16687329

San José Estépar R, Stylopoulos N, Ellis RE, Samset E, Westin CF, Thompson C, Vosburgh K (2006)
Towards scarless surgery: an endoscopic-ultrasound navigation system for transgastric access procedures
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 9 (Pt 1), 445-53
PubMed 17354921

Øyri K, Balasingham I, Samset E, Høgetveit JO, Fosse E (2006)
Wireless continuous arterial blood pressure monitoring during surgery: a pilot study
Anesth Analg, 102 (2), 478-83
PubMed 16428546

Publications 2005

Cvancarova M, Albregtsen F, Brabrand K, Samset E (2005)
Segmentation of ultrasound images of liver tumors applying snake algorithms and GVF
INT CONGR SER, 1281, 218-223

Elle OJ, Halvorsen S, Gulbrandsen MG, Aurdal L, Bakken A, Samset E, Dugstad H, Fosse E (2005)
Early recognition of regional cardiac ischemia using a 3-axis accelerometer sensor
Physiol Meas, 26 (4), 429-40
PubMed 15886438

Hirschberg H, Samset E, Hol PK, Tillung T, Lote K (2005)
Impact of intraoperative MRI on the surgical results for high-grade gliomas
Minim Invasive Neurosurg, 48 (2), 77-84
PubMed 15906201

Samset E, Høgetveit JO, Cate GT, Hirschberg H (2005)
Integrated neuronavigation system with intraoperative image updating
Minim Invasive Neurosurg, 48 (2), 73-6
PubMed 15906200

Samset E, Mala T, Aurdal L, Balasingham I (2005)
Intra-operative visualisation of 3D temperature maps and 3D navigation during tissue cryoablation
Comput Med Imaging Graph, 29 (6), 499-505
PubMed 15996854

Publications 2004

Mala T, Aurdal L, Frich L, Samset E, Hol PK, Edwin B, Søreide O, Gladhaug I (2004)
Liver tumor cryoablation: a commentary on the need of improved procedural monitoring
Technol Cancer Res Treat, 3 (1), 85-91
PubMed 14750897

ten Cate G, Fosse E, Hol PK, Samset E, Bock RW, McKinsey JF, Pearce BJ, Lothert M (2004)
Integrating surgery and radiology in one suite: a multicenter study
J Vasc Surg, 40 (3), 494-9
PubMed 15337879

Publications 2003

Aurdal L, Bengtsson D, Elle OJ, Samset E (2003)
Augmented reality for safer coronary artery bypass
INT CONGR SER, 1256, 696-700

Balasingham I, Samset E, Hansen A, Aurdal L (2003)
An interactive augmented reality 3D visualization system for destroying liver tumor using cryoablation
INT CONGR SER, 1256, 690-695

Elle OJ, Aurdal L, Rodmyr L, Osebak G, Samset E, Fosse E (2003)
Motion compensation in robot-assisted surgery
INT CONGR SER, 1256, 1370

Samset E, Gjesteland E, Saeter M (2003)
3D graphical user interface for computer-assisted surgery
INT CONGR SER, 1256, 414-418

Samset E, Hirschberg H (2003)
Image-guided stereotaxy in the interventional MRI
Minim Invasive Neurosurg, 46 (1), 5-10
PubMed 12640576

Tysseng J, Samset E (2003)
Viewpoint-corrected projection in a distributed setting
INT CONGR SER, 1256, 1363

Publications 2002

Aurdal L, Elle OJ, Samset E, Fontenelle H, Omholt-Jensen T, Mala T, Edwin B (2002)
Using distance transformations to determine safe needle/probe paths during interventional procedures

Elle OJ, Gulbrandsen MG, Samset E, ten Cate G, Aurdal L, Austad A, Lien TK, Fosse E (2002)
Head tracking of a surgical robotic scopeholder - a user involvement test of the system

Samset E, Hirschberg H (2002)
Stereotactic target localization accuracy in interventional magnetic resonance imaging
Stereotact Funct Neurosurg, 79 (3-4), 191-201
PubMed 12890977

Samset E, Talsma A, Kintel M (2002)
A virtual environment for navigating and controlling intraoperative magnetic resonance images

Samset E, Talsma A, Kintel M, Elle OJ, Aurdal L, Hirschberg H, Fosse E (2002)
A virtual environment for surgical image guidance in intraoperative MRI
Comput Aided Surg, 7 (4), 187-96
PubMed 12454891

Publications 2001

Mala T, Edwin B, Samset E, Gladhaug I, Hol PK, Fosse E, Mathisen O, Bergan A, Søreide O (2001)
Magnetic-resonance-guided percutaneous cryoablation of hepatic tumours
Eur J Surg, 167 (8), 610-7
PubMed 11716448

Mala T, Frich L, Edwin B, Samset E, Hol PK, Fosse E, Mathisen Ø, Bergan A, Søreide O, Gladhaug I (2001)
[Cryoablation--a treatment option for inoperable liver tumors?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 121 (21), 2510-5
PubMed 11875929

Mala T, Samset E, Aurdal L, Gladhaug I, Edwin B, Søreide O (2001)
Magnetic resonance imaging-estimated three-dimensional temperature distribution in liver cryolesions: a study of cryolesion characteristics assumed necessary for tumor ablation
Cryobiology, 43 (3), 268-75
PubMed 11888220

Samset E, Mala T, Edwin B, Gladhaug I, Søreide O, Fosse E (2001)
Validation of estimated 3D temperature maps during hepatic cryo surgery
Magn Reson Imaging, 19 (5), 715-21
PubMed 11672630

Samset E, Mala T, Ellingsen R, Gladhaug I, Soreide O, Fosse E (2001)
Temperature measurement in soft tissue using a distributed fibre Bragg-grating sensor system
Minim. Invasive Ther. Allied Technol., 10 (2), 89-93

Publications 2000

Elle OJ, Samset E, Bakken A, Hogetveit JO, Fosse E (2000)
Head-tracking in scopic surgical procedures using Robot-held camera and head-mounted stereoscopic display
INT CONGR SER, 1214, 121-127

Fosse E, Elle OJ, Samset E, Johansen M, Røtnes JS, Tønnessen TI, Edwin B (2000)
[Image guided and robotic treatment--the advance of cybernetics in clinical medicine]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 120 (1), 65-9
PubMed 10815485

Fosse E, Hol PK, Samset E, Elle OJ, Rotnes JS, Bjornstad P, Lundblad R (2000)
Integrating image-guidance into the cardiac operating room
Minim. Invasive Ther. Allied Technol., 9 (6), 403-409

Samset E, Kristiansen AA, Hirschberg H (2000)
A frame and marker-less stereotactic system in the intra-operative MRI
INT CONGR SER, 1214, 274-277

Skjeldal S, Lilleås F, Follerås G, Stenwig AE, Samset E, Tillung T, Fosse E (2000)
Real time MRI-guided excision and cryo-treatment of osteoid osteoma in os ischii--a case report
Acta Orthop Scand, 71 (6), 637-8
PubMed 11145394

Publications 1999

Hirschberg H, Samset E (1999)
Intraoperative image-directed dye marking of tumor margins
Minim Invasive Neurosurg, 42 (3), 123-7
PubMed 10535294

Samset E, Hirschberg H (1999)
Neuronavigation in intraoperative MRI
Comput Aided Surg, 4 (4), 200-7
PubMed 10567098