Oliver Marcel Geier
Position: PhD
Phone: +47 23070279 / 22781120
Mob: +47 91539131

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Publications 2015

Mutsaerts HJ, van Osch MJ, Zelaya FO, Wang DJ, Nordhøy W, Wang Y, Wastling S, Fernandez-Seara MA, Petersen ET, Pizzini FB, Fallatah S, Hendrikse J, Geier O, Günther M, Golay X, Nederveen AJ, Bjørnerud A, Groote IR (2015)
Multi-vendor reliability of arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI using a near-identical sequence: implications for multi-center studies
Neuroimage, 113, 143-52
PubMed 25818685

Ringstad G, Emblem KE, Geier O, Alperin N, Eide PK (2015)
Aqueductal Stroke Volume: Comparisons with Intracranial Pressure Scores in Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 36 (9), 1623-30
PubMed 25977480

Ringstad G, Emblem KE, Geier O, Alperin N, Eide PK (2015)
Reply: To PMID 25977480
AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 36 (9), 1633-4
PubMed 26251437

Publications 2014

Geier O, Weng AM, Ruff J, Machann W, Horn M, Hahn D, Spindler M, Beer M, Köstler H (2014)
Accurate Metabolic Images of the Human Myocardium by Means of 31P Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shift Imaging with Spatial Saturation Pulses
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A, 42 (5), 187-195 (in press)
PublikaID 193

Hagtvedt T, Seierstad T, Lund KV, Løndalen AM, Bogsrud TV, Smith HJ, Geier OM, Holte H, Aaløkken TM (2014)
Diffusion-weighted MRI compared to FDG PET/CT for assessment of early treatment response in lymphoma
Acta Radiol, 56 (2), 152-8
PubMed 24585944

Nilsen LB, Fangberget A, Geier OM, Engebraaten O, Borgen E, Olsen DR, Seierstad T (2014)
Associations between tumor vascularization assessed by in vivo DCE-MRI and the presence of disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow in breast cancer patients at the time of diagnosis
J Magn Reson Imaging, 40 (6), 1382-91
PubMed 24470360

Publications 2013

Geier O, Weng AM, Ruff J, Machann W, Horn M, Hahn D, Spindler M, Beer M, Kostler H (2013)
Accurate Metabolic Images of the Human Myocardium by Means of P-31 Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shift Imaging with Spatial Saturation Pulses
Concepts Magn. Reson. Part A, 42 (5), 187-195

Geier O, Weng AM, Toepell A, Hahn D, Spindler M, Beer M, Köstler H (2013)
Acquisition-weighted chemical shift imaging improves SLOOP quantification of human cardiac phosphorus metabolites
Z Med Phys, 24 (1), 49-54
PubMed 23375741

Kumar RP, Rijkhorst EJ, Geier O, Barratt D, Elle OJ (2013)

Machann W, Geier O, Koeppe S, O'Donnell T, Greiser A, Breunig F, Sandstede J, Hahn D, Koestler H, Beer M (2013)
Reproducibility of manual and semi-automated late enhancement quantification in patients with Fabry disease
Acta Radiol, 55 (2), 155-60
PubMed 24078459

Publications 2012

Hole KH, Axcrona K, Lie AK, Vlatkovic L, Geier OM, Brennhovd B, Knutstad K, Olsen DR, Seierstad T (2012)
Routine pelvic MRI using phased-array coil for detection of extraprostatic tumour extension: accuracy and clinical significance
Eur Radiol, 23 (4), 1158-66
PubMed 23114883

Nilsen LB, Fangberget A, Geier O, Seierstad T (2012)
Quantitative analysis of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in malignant breast lesions using different b value combinations
Eur Radiol, 23 (4), 1027-33
PubMed 23111816

Publications 2010

Gutberlet M, Geier O, Stäb D, Ritter C, Beer M, Hahn D, Köstler H (2010)
SNR-optimized myocardial perfusion imaging using parallel acquisition for effective density-weighted saturation recovery imaging
Magn Reson Imaging, 28 (3), 341-50
PubMed 20096527

Nilsen L, Fangberget A, Geier O, Olsen DR, Seierstad T (2010)
Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for pretreatment prediction and monitoring of treatment response of patients with locally advanced breast cancer undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Acta Oncol, 49 (3), 354-60
PubMed 20397769

Publications 2008

Eilertsen K, Vestad LN, Geier O, Skretting A (2008)
A simulation of MRI based dose calculations on the basis of radiotherapy planning CT images
Acta Oncol, 47 (7), 1294-302
PubMed 18663645

Publications 2007

Geier OM, Hahn D, Köstler H (2007)
Parallel acquisition for effective density weighted imaging: PLANED imaging
MAGMA, 20 (1), 19-25
PubMed 17237943

Publications 2005

Haufe S, Prochnow D, Schneider D, Geier OM, Freude D, Stimming U (2005)
Polyphosphate composite: conductivity and NMR studies
Solid State Ionics, 176, 955-963
PublikaID 185

Spindler M, Schmidt M, Geier O, Sandstede J, Hahn D, Ertl G, Beer M (2005)
Functional and metabolic recovery of the right ventricle during Bosentan therapy in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
J Cardiovasc Magn Reson, 7 (5), 853-4
PubMed 16353449

Publications 2004

Geier O, Snurr RQ, Stallmach F, Kärger J (2004)
Boundary effects of molecular diffusion in nanoporous materials: a pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance study
J Chem Phys, 120 (1), 367-73
PubMed 15267297

Publications 2003

Vasenkov S, Geier OM, Kärger J (2003)
Gas diffusion in zeolite beds: PFG NMR evidence for different tortuosity factors in the Knudsen and bulk regimes
Eur Phys J E, 12, 35-38
PublikaID 183

Publications 2002

Geier OM, Vasenkov S, Freude D, Kärger J (2002)
PFG NMR observation of an extremely strong dependence of the ammonia self-diffusivity on its loading in H-ZSM-5
Journal of Catalysis, 213 (2), 321-323
PublikaID 184

Geier OM, Vasenkov S, Kärger J (2002)
Pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance study of long–range diffusion in beds of NaX zeolite: Evidence for different apparent tortuosity factors in the Knudsen and bulk regimes
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 117 (5), 1935-1938
PublikaID 182

Ngwa W, Geier O, Stallmach F, Naji L, Schiller J, Arnold K (2002)
Cation diffusion in cartilage measured by pulsed field gradient NMR
Eur Biophys J, 31 (1), 73-80
PubMed 12046899

Publications 2001

Geier OM, Vasenkov S, Lehmann E, Kärger J, Schemmert U, Rakoczy RA, Weitkamp J (2001)
Interference Microscopy Investigation of the Influence of Regular Intergrowth Effects in MFI-Type Zeolites on Molecular Uptake
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105, 10217-10222
PublikaID 181

Nestle N, Galvosas P, Geier O, Dakkouri M, Zimmermann C, Kärger J (2001)
NMR studies of water diffusion and relaxation in hydrating slag-based construction materials
Magn Reson Imaging, 19 (3-4), 547-8
PubMed 11445353

Nestle N, Galvosas P, Geier OM, Zimmermann C, Dakkouri M, Kärger J (2001)
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of diffusion and relaxation in hydrating white cement pastes of different water content
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 89 (12), 8061-8065
PublikaID 179

Vasenkov S, Böhlmann W, Galvosas P, Geier OM, Liu H, Kärger J (2001)
PFG NMR Study of Diffusion in MFI-Type Zeolites: Evidence of the Existence of the Existence of Intracrystalline Transport Barriers
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105 (25), 5922-5927
PublikaID 180

Vasenkov S, Galvosas P, Geier O, Nestle N, Stallmach F, Kärger J (2001)
Determination of genuine diffusivities in heterogeneous media using stimulated echo pulsed field gradient NMR
J Magn Reson, 149 (2), 228-33
PubMed 11318621

Vasenkov S, Geier OM, Schemmert U, Kärger J, Rakoczy RA, Weitkamp J (2001)
Application of interference microscopy and monte carlo simulations for comparative studies of intracrystalline diffusion in zeolites
PublikaID 186

Publications 2000

Nestle N, Dakkouri M, Geier OM, Freude D, Kärger J (2000)
Blastfurnace slag cements: A construction material with very unusual nuclear spin relaxation behavior during hardening
Journal of Applied Physics , 88 (7), 4269-4273
PublikaID 178