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Jostein Dahle
Jostein Dahle
Jostein Dahle from Trond Stokke's group at the Department of Radiation Biology has become a partner in the new four-year European integrated project NOTE (Non-targeted effects of ionising radiation), which was launced by a kick-off meeting held in Espoo in Finland September 11-14. The project aims to expand the current understanding of health effects caused by low-level doses of ionising radiation.
The NOTE project brings together 19 major European and Canadian groups involved in investigaion of non-targeted effects in cellular, tissue and animal models.

The role of Jostein Dahle and co-workers is to investigate non-targeted effects of alpha particle radiation on cells in culture, approaching the subject from two angles: experiments and mathematical modeling.


Information about the project "Non-targeted effects of ionising radiation" (NOTE)

NOTE press release, 8 September 2006: NOTE research project to examine the health effects of low doses of radiation

Jostein Dahle

Trond Stokke's group

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