Disputation and trial lecture Birgit Øvstebø Engesæter

B. Engester
Birgit Øvstebø Engesæter from Gunhild Mælandsmo's group at the Department of Tumor Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research defends her doctoral thesis, entitled "Enhanced Gene Transfer to Cancer Cells Using Photochemically Mediated Delivery of Adenoviral Vectors", on Thursday June 20th at 10:15 AM. The event will take place in Auditorium 2 (red) at RR HF Gaustad (Sognsvannsveien 20).
Her trial lecture was on the subject "Viral vectors in cancer therapy" and was held on Monday June 19th at 15:15 PM in the Auditorium at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

Main supervisor: Gunhild Mælandsmo

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