Annual International Conference on Gynecologic Cancer December 2nd

Claes Tropé
Claes Tropé welcomes to "Annual International conference on Gynecologic Cancer", which takes place 2nd december 2005 09.00 -18.00 in the Auditorium at The Norwegian Radium Hospital:

"Welcome to the 16th Annual International Conference on Gynecologic Cancer sponsored by Bristol Meyer Squibb. It has been a honour serving as course director during all 16 conferences.

We are privileged to have a faculty of prominent international experts who will present the latest information on gynecologic cancer with the hope of advancing and improving our knowledge and the quality of care for patients with gynecologic cancer.

The annual memorial lecture in honour of Professor Per Kolstad is held by Professor D.Spriggs from The memorial Sloan Kettering cancer institute New York USA with the title "NOVEL THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES.WHAT IS THE LATEST IN 2005."

Other highlights are State of the art surgery in Ovarian and Cervical cancer and Future strategies in the management of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer."

Claes Trope