Paper by Alv A. Dahl and Sophie D. Fosså awarded by Helse Sør RHF

Alv A. Dahl
Alv A. Dahl
In order to stimulate excellent research Helse Sør RHF rewards six outstanding publications from hospitals belonging to this health region every six months. The research groups are given NOK 25.000,- each.

An excellent paper with Radium hospital scientist Alv A. Dahl as first author was chosen by HelseSør RHF as one of the winners in the category clinical research for the first half-year of 2005.
The article, entitled "Study of anxiety disorder and depression in long-term survivors of testicular cancer", was published in the April issue of top rated "Journal of Clinical Oncology (impact factor 10,9). (link to PubMed)

Alv A. Dahl has written a summary of the findings, in a popularized form (in Norwegian), which has been published on Helse Sør's web pages.
Click here to read the summary (in Norwegian)

Link to Helse Sør's web pages, where all the six winners are presented, with popularized summaries (in Norwegian)
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