Swiss-Bridge Award 2004 to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale from the Department of Gentics at the Institute for Cancer Research has won the prestigious Swiss-Bridge Award 2004.

Her proposal "Identificationof genotypes influencing the global tumour expression profile leading to elevated breast cancer risk, tumour aggressiveness and therapy resistance" convinced the jury members of the Swiss-Bridge Award.

The project will be supported with CHF 250.000,- (NOK 1.325 mill.)
The ceremony took place in Zurich on the 13th of October 2004.

Swiss Bridge is a tax-exempt charitable foundation based in Switzerland. The purpose of Swiss Bridge is to seek support for Swiss and worldwide cancer research from financially independent individuals and corporations.

The Swiss Bridge AWARD was first given in 2000 with a project contribution of CHF 500,000. International researchers are invited to submit new research ideas. A jury selects the six most promising ideas. The respective researchers then have to hand in detailed project studies, from which two or three projects are chosen for funding. As this form of research support proved to be very popular with researchers, the same amount was set aside every year since.

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