Torbjørn Furre
Position: M. Sc., Physicist
Phone: +47 22 93 44 01

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Publications 2017

Johansen S, Norman MH, Dale E, Amdal CD, Furre T, Malinen E, Evensen JF (2017)
Patterns of local-regional recurrence after conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
Radiat Oncol, 12 (1), 87
PubMed 28545588

Publications 2015

Seland M, Bjøro T, Furre T, Schreiner T, Bollerslev J, Fosså SD, Loge JH, Holte H, Kiserud CE (2015)
Hormonal dysfunction is frequent in cancer survivors treated with radiotherapy to the head and neck region
J Cancer Surviv, 9 (4), 630-40
PubMed 25750158

Publications 2012

Saelen MG, Ree AH, Kristian A, Fleten KG, Furre T, Hektoen HH, Flatmark K (2012)
Radiosensitization by the histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat under hypoxia and with capecitabine in experimental colorectal carcinoma
Radiat Oncol, 7, 165
PubMed 23017053

Publications 2010

Čunderlíková B, Vasovič V, Sieber F, Furre T, Borgen E, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2010)
Hexaminolevulinate-mediated photodynamic purging of marrow grafts with murine breast carcinoma
Bone Marrow Transplant, 46 (8), 1118-27
PubMed 21057550

Čunderlíková B, Vasovič V, Sieber F, Furre T, Nesland JM, Peng Q (2010)
Hexaminolevulinate-mediated photodynamic purging of leukemia cells from BM
Bone Marrow Transplant, 45 (10), 1553-61
PubMed 20118993

Publications 2009

Folkvord S, Ree AH, Furre T, Halvorsen T, Flatmark K (2009)
Radiosensitization by SAHA in experimental colorectal carcinoma models-in vivo effects and relevance of histone acetylation status
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 74 (2), 546-52
PubMed 19427556

Publications 2007

Hanisch PH, Furre T, Olsen DR, Pettersen EO (2007)
Radiobiological responses for two cell lines following continuous low dose-rate (CLDR) and pulsed dose rate (PDR) brachytherapy
Acta Oncol, 46 (5), 602-11
PubMed 17562436

Publications 2005

Torlakovic E, Lilleby W, Berner A, Torlakovic G, Chibbar R, Furre T, Fosså SD (2005)
Differential expression of steroid receptors in prostate tissues before and after radiation therapy for prostatic adenocarcinoma
Int J Cancer, 117 (3), 381-6
PubMed 15900599

Publications 2003

Furre T, Furre EI, Koritzinsky M, Amellem Ø, Pettersen EO (2003)
Lack of inverse dose-rate effect and binding of the retinoblastoma gene product in the nucleus of human cancer T-47D cells arrested in G2 by ionizing radiation
Int J Radiat Biol, 79 (6), 413-22
PubMed 12963543

Publications 1999

Furre T, Bergstrand ES, Pedersen E, Koritzinsky M, Olsen DR, Hole EO, Pettersen EO (1999)
Measurement of dose rate at the interface of cell culture medium and glass dishes by means of ESR dosimetry using thin films of alanine
Radiat Res, 152 (1), 76-82
PubMed 10381844

Furre T, Koritzinsky M, Olsen DR, Pettersen EO (1999)
Inverse dose-rate effect due to pre-mitotic accumulation during continuous low dose-rate irradiation of cervix carcinoma cells
Int J Radiat Biol, 75 (6), 699-707
PubMed 10404999

Publications 1998

Koritzinsky M, Furre T, Amellem O, Pettersen EO (1998)
Survival of synchronized human NHIK 3025 cells irradiated aerobically following a prolonged treatment with extremely hypoxic conditions
Int J Radiat Biol, 74 (4), 491-500
PubMed 9798960

Publications 1996

Bengtsson M, Furre T, Rødal J, Skretting A, Olsen DR (1996)
Measurement of dynamic wedge angles and beam profiles by means of MRI ferrous sulphate gel dosimetry
Phys Med Biol, 41 (2), 269-77
PubMed 8746109