Alexander Nissen

Publications 2017

Hansen MB, Birkeland MS, Nissen A, Blix I, Solberg Ø, Heir T (2017)
Prevalence and Course of Symptom-Defined PTSD in Individuals Directly or Indirectly Exposed to Terror: A Longitudinal Study
Psychiatry, 80 (2), 171-183
PubMed 28767337

Nissen A, Cook J, Loha E, Lindtjørn B (2017)
Proximity to vector breeding site and risk of Plasmodium vivax infection: a prospective cohort study in rural Ethiopia
Malar J, 16 (1), 380
PubMed 28927422

Nissen A, Yi F (2017)
Rare cause of colonic intussusception in an adult
BMJ Case Rep, 2017
PubMed 28918406

Publications 2016

Blix I, Kanten AB, Birkeland MS, Solberg O, Nissen A, Heir T (2016)
"Thinking About What Might Have Happened: Counterfactual Thinking and Post-traumatic Stress in Individuals Directly and Indirectly Exposed to the 2011 Oslo Bombing'
Appl. Cogn. Psychol., 30 (6), 983-991

Cheezum MK, Kim A, Bittencourt MS, Kassop D, Nissen A, Thomas DM, Nguyen B, Glynn RJ, Shah NR, Villines TC (2016)
Association of tobacco use and cessation with coronary atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis, 257, 201-207
PubMed 27993385

Nissen A, Heir T (2016)
Perceived Safety at Work in the Wake of Terror: The Importance of Security Measures and Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Med Public Health Prep, 10 (6), 805-811
PubMed 27459889

Publications 2015

Nissen A, Birkeland Nielsen M, Solberg Ø, Bang Hansen M, Heir T (2015)
Perception of threat and safety at work among employees in the Norwegian ministries after the 2011 Oslo bombing
Anxiety Stress Coping, 28 (6), 650-62
PubMed 25616340

Publications 2013

Blix I, Hansen MB, Birkeland MS, Nissen A, Heir T (2013)
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Health Qual Life Outcomes, 11, 160
PubMed 24088369

Hansen MB, Nissen A, Heir T (2013)
Proximity to terror and post-traumatic stress: a follow-up survey of governmental employees after the 2011 Oslo bombing attack
BMJ Open, 3 (7)
PubMed 23872287

Publications 2003

Nissen A, McKee H (2003)
Yale project for health action: AIDS education in South Africa
Yale J Biol Med, 76 (4-6), 183-91
PubMed 15482658