Bernadette Kumar

Publications 2017

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PubMed 28831275

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PubMed 28740435

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PubMed 28761443

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PubMed 28063159

Kumar B (2017)
[No title available]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 137 (16)
PubMed 28871724

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Differences in cervical cancer screening between immigrants and nonimmigrants in Norway: a primary healthcare register-based study
Eur J Cancer Prev, 26 (6), 521-527
PubMed 27749381

Publications 2016

Gele AA, Pettersen KS, Kumar B, Torheim LE (2016)
Diabetes Risk by Length of Residence among Somali Women in Oslo Area
J Diabetes Res, 2016, 5423405
PubMed 27314048

Gele AA, Pettersen KS, Torheim LE, Kumar B (2016)
Health literacy: the missing link in improving the health of Somali immigrant women in Oslo
BMC Public Health, 16 (1), 1134
PubMed 27809815

Publications 2015

Gele AA, Sagbakken M, Kumar B (2015)
Is female circumcision evolving or dissolving in Norway? A qualitative study on attitudes toward the practice among young Somalis in the Oslo area
Int J Womens Health, 7, 933-43
PubMed 26648760

Gele AA, Torheim LE, Pettersen KS, Kumar B (2015)
Beyond Culture and Language: Access to Diabetes Preventive Health Services among Somali Women in Norway
J Diabetes Res, 2015, 549795
PubMed 26266267

Publications 2012

Gele AA, Kumar B, Hjelde KH, Sundby J (2012)
Attitudes toward female circumcision among Somali immigrants in Oslo: a qualitative study
Int J Womens Health, 4, 7-17
PubMed 22312195

Publications 2009

Råberg M, Kumar B, Holmboe-Ottesen G, Wandel M (2009)
Overweight and weight dissatisfaction related to socio-economic position, integration and dietary indicators among south Asian immigrants in Oslo
Public Health Nutr, 13 (5), 695-703
PubMed 19807936

Publications 2007

Dalgard F, Holm JØ, Svensson A, Kumar B, Sundby J (2007)
Self reported skin morbidity and ethnicity: a population-based study in a Western community
BMC Dermatol, 7, 4
PubMed 17603893

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Changes in food habits after migration among South Asians settled in Oslo: the effect of demographic, socio-economic and integration factors
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PubMed 17949850