Christine Friestad

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Publications 2017

Vatnar SKB, Friestad C, Bjorkly S (2017)
Intimate Partner Homicide in Norway 1990-2012: Identifying Risk Factors Through Structured Risk Assessment, Court Documents, and Interviews With Bereaved
Psychol. Violence, 7 (3), 395-405

Publications 2016

Eriksen BMS, Bjorkly S, Faerden A, Friestad C, Hartvig P, Roaldset JO (2016)
Gender Differences in the Predictive Validity of a Violence Risk Screening Tool: A Prospective Study in an Acute Psychiatric Ward
Int. J. Forensic Ment. Health, 15 (2), 186-197

Publications 2013

Narud K, Friestad C, Dahl AA (2013)
Stalking experiences and associated factors--a controlled population-based study from Norway
Nord J Psychiatry, 68 (5), 347-54
PubMed 24131400

Publications 2012

Friestad C, ├ůse-Bente R, Kjelsberg E (2012)
Adverse childhood experiences among women prisoners: relationships to suicide attempts and drug abuse
Int J Soc Psychiatry, 60 (1), 40-6
PubMed 23045353

Publications 2011

Friestad C (2011)
Making sense, making good, or making meaning? Cognitive distortions as targets of change in offender treatment
Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol, 56 (3), 465-82
PubMed 21422010

Publications 2010

Friestad C (2010)
Socio-economic status and health in a marginalized group: the role of subjective social status among prison inmates
Eur J Public Health, 20 (6), 653-8
PubMed 20123684

Friestad C, Hansen ILS (2010)
Gender Differences in Inmates' Anticipated Desistance
Eur. J. Criminol., 7 (4), 285-298

Publications 2009

Friestad C, Kjelsberg E (2009)
Drug use and mental health problems among prison inmates--results from a nation-wide prison population study
Nord J Psychiatry, 63 (3), 237-45
PubMed 19034714

Publications 2008

Kjelsberg E, Friestad C (2008)
Exploring gender issues in the development from conduct disorder in adolescence to criminal behaviour in adulthood
Int J Law Psychiatry, 32 (1), 18-22
PubMed 19056125

Kjelsberg E, Friestad C (2008)
Social adversities in first-time and repeat prisoners
Int J Soc Psychiatry, 54 (6), 514-26
PubMed 18974190

Publications 2006

Friestad C, Klepp KI (2006)
Socioeconomic status and health behaviour patterns through adolescence: results from a prospective cohort study in Norway
Eur J Public Health, 16 (1), 41-7
PubMed 16446300

Publications 2003

Friestad C, Pirkis J, Biehl M, Irwin CE (2003)
Socioeconomic patterning of smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and overweight status among adolescents in Norway and the United States
J Adolesc Health, 33 (4), 275-8
PubMed 14519569

Pirkis JE, Irwin CE, Brindis CD, Sawyer MG, Friestad C, Biehl M, Patton GC (2003)
Receipt of psychological or emotional counseling by suicidal adolescents
Pediatrics, 111 (4 Pt 1), e388-93
PubMed 12671157

Publications 2001

Lien N, Friestad C, Klepp KI (2001)
Adolescents' proxy reports of parents' socioeconomic status: How valid are they?
J Epidemiol Community Health, 55 (10), 731-7
PubMed 11553657

Publications 1997

Friestad C, Klepp KI (1997)
[Smoking, body image and dieting habits among adolescents. A 3-year follow-up of adolescents aged 15-18 years]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 117 (23), 3342-6
PubMed 9411884

Friestad C, Klepp KI (1997)
[Smoking, body image and reducing diet. A three-year follow-up of adolescents aged 15-18 years]
Nord Med, 112 (9), 334-8
PubMed 9424607

Publications 1996

Friestad C, Klepp KI (1996)
[From experimentation to habitual smoking. A three-year follow-up study of smoking behavior of adolescents]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 116 (5), 635-8
PubMed 8658459