Solveig Karin Bø Vatnar
Position: Psychology specialist, PhD
Phone: +47 220 29 220 /47240094
Solveig K B Vatnar obtained her PhD at the University of Oslo in 2009. She currently holds positions as PhD, Specialist in clinical psychology at the Centre for research and education in forensic psychiatry at Oslo University Hospital and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Her expertise is in the field of intimate partner violence, with a special focus on the interactional perspective of IPV, assessment of IPV risk, and intimate partner homicide. She has authored more than 20 articles and chapters.

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Publications 2014

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2014)
An Interactional Perspective on Coping with Intimate Partner Violence: Counterattack, Call for Help, or Give in and Obey Him?
J. Aggress. Maltreatment Trauma, 23 (9), 881-900

Publications 2013

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2013)
Lethal intimate partner violence: an interactional perspective on women's perceptions of lethal incidents
Violence Vict, 28 (5), 772-89
PubMed 24364122

Publications 2012

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2012)
Does Separation or Divorce Make any Difference? An Interactional Perspective on Intimate Partner Violence with Focus on Marital Status
J. Fam. Violence, 27 (1), 45-54

Publications 2011

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2011)
Victim of and witness to violence: an interactional perspective on mothers' perceptions of children exposed to intimate partner violence
Violence Vict, 26 (6), 830-52
PubMed 22288099

Publications 2009

Bø Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2009)
An interactional perspective on the relationship of immigration to intimate partner violence in a representative sample of help-seeking women
J Interpers Violence, 25 (10), 1815-35
PubMed 20040712

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2009)
Does it make any difference if she is a mother? An interactional perspective on intimate partner violence with a focus on motherhood and pregnancy
J Interpers Violence, 25 (1), 94-110
PubMed 19150888

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2009)
Interactional Aspects of Intimate Partner Violence Result in Different Help-Seeking Behaviors in a Representative Sample of Women
J. Fam. Violence, 24 (4), 231-241

Publications 2008

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2008)
An interactional perspective of intimate partner violence: An in-depth semi-structured interview of a representative sample of help-seeking women
J. Fam. Violence, 23 (4), 265-279