John Olav Roaldset

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Publications 2017

Eriksen BMS, Bjorkly S, Lockertsen O, Faerden A, Roaldset JO (2017)
Low cholesterol level as a risk marker of inpatient and post-discharge violence in acute psychiatry - A prospective study with a focus on gender differences
Psychiatry Res., 255, 1-7

Lockertsen Ø, Procter N, Vatnar SKB, Faerden A, Eriksen BMS, Roaldset JO, Varvin S (2017)
Screening for risk of violence using service users' self-perceptions: A prospective study from an acute mental health unit
Int J Ment Health Nurs (in press)
PubMed 29171702

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2017)
Psychometric properties and predictive validity of a police version of a violence risk screen - A pilot study
Int J Law Psychiatry, 54, 133-139
PubMed 28668227

Publications 2016

Eriksen BMS, Bjorkly S, Faerden A, Friestad C, Hartvig P, Roaldset JO (2016)
Gender Differences in the Predictive Validity of a Violence Risk Screening Tool: A Prospective Study in an Acute Psychiatric Ward
Int. J. Forensic Ment. Health, 15 (2), 186-197

Roaldset JO (2016)
Self-injurious thoughts and behaviours: low predictive power, yet important risk factors?
Psychol. Med., 46 (9), 2008

Roaldset JO (2016)
Listen to the patient - what about patients' perceptions of suicidal risk?
Acta Psychiatr. Scand., 134 (2), 183

Publications 2015

Roaldset JO (2015)
Risk assessment and clinical decision-making
Aust. N. Z. J. Psych., 49 (1), 90

Roaldset JO, Bjørkly S (2015)
Comparison of patients who were violent, victimized and violent-victimized during the first year after discharge from emergency psychiatry
Psychiatry Res, 230 (3), 978-81
PubMed 26616305

Publications 2014

Bjorkly S, Hartvig P, Roaldset JO, Singh JP (2014)
Crim. Justice Behav., 41 (12), 1384-1397

Roaldset JO, Linaker OM, Bjørkly S (2014)
Triglycerides as a biological marker of repeated re-hospitalization resulting from deliberate self-harm in acute psychiatry patients: a prospective observational study
BMC Psychiatry, 14, 54
PubMed 24568671

Publications 2013

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2013)
Can lipid analysis help identify repeatedly violent patients after discharge from acute psychiatry?
Psychiatry Res, 210 (1), 371-3
PubMed 23931932

Publications 2012

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Morten Linaker O, Bjørkly S (2012)
A multifaceted model for risk assessment of violent behaviour in acutely admitted psychiatric patients
Psychiatry Res, 200 (2-3), 773-8
PubMed 22609226

Roaldset JO, Linaker OM, Bjørkly S (2012)
Predictive validity of the MINI suicidal scale for self-harm in acute psychiatry: a prospective study of the first year after discharge
Arch Suicide Res, 16 (4), 287-302
PubMed 23137219

Publications 2011

Roaldset JO, Bakken AM, Bjørkly S (2011)
A prospective study of lipids and serotonin as risk markers of violence and self-harm in acute psychiatric patients
Psychiatry Res, 186 (2-3), 293-9
PubMed 20807666

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjorkly S (2011)
Risk assessment and screening for violence reply
Eur. Psychiat., 26 (2), 133

Publications 2010

Hartvig P, Roaldset JO, Moger TA, Ostberg B, Bjørkly S (2010)
The first step in the validation of a new screen for violence risk in acute psychiatry: The inpatient context
Eur Psychiatry, 26 (2), 92-9
PubMed 20456927

Roaldset JO, Bjørkly S (2010)
Patients' own statements of their future risk for violent and self-harm behaviour: a prospective inpatient and post-discharge follow-up study in an acute psychiatric unit
Psychiatry Res, 178 (1), 153-9
PubMed 20452048

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2010)
V-RISK-10: validation of a screen for risk of violence after discharge from acute psychiatry
Eur Psychiatry, 26 (2), 85-91
PubMed 20619612

Publications 2009

Svindseth MF, Sørebø O, Nøttestad JA, Roaldset JO, Wallin J, Dahl AA (2009)
Psychometric examination and normative data for the narcissistic personality inventory 29 item version
Scand J Psychol, 50 (2), 151-9
PubMed 18826419

Publications 2008

Svindseth MF, Nøttestad JA, Wallin J, Roaldset JO, Dahl AA (2008)
Narcissism in patients admitted to psychiatric acute wards: its relation to violence, suicidality and other psychopathology
BMC Psychiatry, 8, 13
PubMed 18304339

Publications 1998

Bille H, Jakhelln F, Malt UF, Roaldset JO, Tveiten O, Watne O, Herzog T, Huyse F (1998)
[Quality assurance of psychiatric consultations in somatic hospitals]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 118 (27), 4213-5
PubMed 9857804

Publications 1992

Roaldset JO, Martinsen EW (1992)
[Psychiatric consultations at a somatic central hospital. Review of 383 referrals over 3 years]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 112 (19), 2517-9
PubMed 1412259