Pål Grøndahl

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Publications 2017

Grondahl P, Hrubos-Strom H, Ekeberg O (2017)
Sexsomnia - a forensic psychiatric challenge - a case report
J. Forensic Psychiatry Psychol., 28 (4), 498-512

Publications 2016

Gronnerod C, Grondahl P, Stridbeck U (2016)
Forensic psychiatric experts under the legal microscope
Legal Criminol. Psychol., 21 (1), 15-24

Stridbeck U, Grondahl P, Gronnerod C (2016)
Expert for Whom? Court-Appointed Versus Party-Appointed Experts
Psychiatr. Psychol. Law, 23 (2), 246-255

Publications 2015

Grøndahl P, Stridbeck U (2015)
When insanity has gone undiscovered by the courts: The practice of the Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission in cases of doubts about insanity
Crim Behav Ment Health, 26 (3), 212-24
PubMed 26032297

Publications 2014

Grønnerød C, Grønnerød JS, Grøndahl P (2014)
Psychological Treatment of Sexual Offenders Against Children: A Meta-Analytic Review of Treatment Outcome Studies
Trauma Violence Abuse, 16 (3), 280-90
PubMed 24626457

Publications 2013

Grondahl P, Stridbeck U, Gronnerod C (2013)
The truth and nothing but the truth: court-appointed forensic experts' experience with testifying and their perceptions of legal actors in criminal courts
J. Forensic Psychiatry Psychol., 24 (2), 192-204

Publications 2012

Grondahl P, Gronnerod C, Sexton J (2012)
The Magic or Myth of Expertise: A Comparison of Judgment Processes between Forensic Experts and Lay Persons Based on Psychiatric Case Vignettes
Psychiatr. Psychol. Law, 19 (5), 662-671

Grøndahl P, Grønnerød C, Stridbeck U, Værøy H, Brauer H (2012)
[A time plan for better forensic psychiatry]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 132 (15), 1727-8
PubMed 22929935

Publications 2011

Grondahl P, Ikdahl SE, Dahl AA (2011)
Forensic psychiatric screening reports - an update
J. Forensic Psychiatry Psychol., 22 (2), PII 935772917-282

Publications 2009

Grøndahl P, Vaerøy H, Dahl AA (2009)
A study of amnesia in homicide cases and forensic psychiatric experts' examination of such claims
Int J Law Psychiatry, 32 (5), 281-7
PubMed 19665794

Publications 2007

Grondahl P, Ikdahl SE, Dahl AA (2007)
A study of forensic psychiatric screening reports and their relationship to full psychiatric reports
J. Forensic Psychiatry Psychol., 18 (3), 331-341

Publications 2005

Grøndahl P (2005)
Scandinavian forensic psychiatric practices--an overview and evaluation
Nord J Psychiatry, 59 (2), 92-102
PubMed 16195105

Publications 2000

Grøndahl P (2000)
[Preventive detention or custody--reflections over the new legal reactions]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 120 (18), 2159-61
PubMed 11006738