Frans Fluttert

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Publications 2009

Fluttert F, van Meijel B, Nijman H, Bjørkly S, Grypdonck M (2009)
Detached concern of forensic mental health nurses in therapeutic relationships with patients the application of the early recognition method related to detached concern
Arch Psychiatr Nurs, 24 (4), 266-74
PubMed 20650372

Hage S, Van Meijel B, Fluttert F, Berden GF (2009)
Aggressive behaviour in adolescent psychiatric settings: what are risk factors, possible interventions and implications for nursing practice? A literature review
J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs, 16 (7), 661-9
PubMed 19689560

Publications 2008

Fluttert F, Van Meijel B, Webster C, Nijman H, Bartels A, Grypdonck M (2008)
Risk management by early recognition of warning signs in patients in forensic psychiatric care
Arch Psychiatr Nurs, 22 (4), 208-16
PubMed 18640540