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Publications 2017

Eriksen BMS, Bjørkly S, Lockertsen Ø, Færden A, Roaldset JO (2017)
Low cholesterol level as a risk marker of inpatient and post-discharge violence in acute psychiatry - A prospective study with a focus on gender differences
Psychiatry Res, 255, 1-7
PubMed 28505467

Langeveld J, Bjørkly S, Evensen J, Joa I, Johannessen JO, Larsen TK, Melle I, Opjordsmoen S, Røssberg JI, Rund BR, Simonsen E, Vaglum P, Velden WT, McGlashan T, Friis S (2017)
A 10-year follow-up study of violent victimization in first episode psychosis: Risk and protective factors
Psychiatry Res, 259, 545-549
PubMed 29172178

Myklebust KK, Bjørkly S, Råheim M (2017)
Nursing documentation in inpatient psychiatry: The relevance of nurse-patient interactions in progress notes-A focus group study with mental health staff
J Clin Nurs, 27 (3-4), e611-e622
PubMed 29048775

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2017)
Psychometric properties and predictive validity of a police version of a violence risk screen - A pilot study
Int J Law Psychiatry, 54, 133-139
PubMed 28668227

Rønning SB, Bjørkly S (2017)
Residents' experiences of relationships with nurses in community-based supported housing - a qualitative study based on Giorgi's method of analysis and self psychology
J Multidiscip Healthc, 10, 65-74
PubMed 28280350

Vatnar SKB, Friestad C, Bjorkly S (2017)
Intimate Partner Homicide in Norway 1990-2012: Identifying Risk Factors Through Structured Risk Assessment, Court Documents, and Interviews With Bereaved
Psychol. Violence, 7 (3), 395-405

Publications 2016

Eriksen BMS, Bjorkly S, Faerden A, Friestad C, Hartvig P, Roaldset JO (2016)
Gender Differences in the Predictive Validity of a Violence Risk Screening Tool: A Prospective Study in an Acute Psychiatric Ward
Int. J. Forensic Ment. Health, 15 (2), 186-197

Publications 2015

Roaldset JO, Bjørkly S (2015)
Comparison of patients who were violent, victimized and violent-victimized during the first year after discharge from emergency psychiatry
Psychiatry Res, 230 (3), 978-81
PubMed 26616305

Publications 2014

Bjorkly S, Hartvig P, Roaldset JO, Singh JP (2014)
Crim. Justice Behav., 41 (12), 1384-1397

Bjørkly S, Eidhammer G, Selmer LE (2014)
Concurrent validity and clinical utility of the HCR-20V3 compared with the HCR-20 in forensic mental health nursing: similar tools but improved method
J Forensic Nurs, 10 (4), 234-42
PubMed 25411814

Eidhammer G, Fluttert FA, Bjørkly S (2014)
User involvement in structured violence risk management within forensic mental health facilities -- a systematic literature review
J Clin Nurs, 23 (19-20), 2716-24
PubMed 25280135

Knutzen M, Bjorkly S, Eidhammer G, Lorentzen S, Mjosund NH, Opjordsmoen S, Sandvik L, Friis S (2014)
Characteristics of patients frequently subjected to pharmacological and mechanical restraint - A register study in three Norwegian acute psychiatric wards (vol 215, pg 127, 2014)
Psychiatry Res., 219 (3), 714

Langeveld J, Bjørkly S, Auestad B, Barder H, Evensen J, Ten Velden Hegelstad W, Joa I, Johannessen JO, Larsen TK, Melle I, Opjordsmoen S, Røssberg JI, Rund BR, Simonsen E, Vaglum P, McGlashan T, Friis S (2014)
Treatment and violent behavior in persons with first episode psychosis during a 10-year prospective follow-up study
Schizophr Res, 156 (2-3), 272-6
PubMed 24837683

Roaldset JO, Linaker OM, Bjørkly S (2014)
Triglycerides as a biological marker of repeated re-hospitalization resulting from deliberate self-harm in acute psychiatry patients: a prospective observational study
BMC Psychiatry, 14, 54
PubMed 24568671

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2014)
An Interactional Perspective on Coping with Intimate Partner Violence: Counterattack, Call for Help, or Give in and Obey Him?
J. Aggress. Maltreatment Trauma, 23 (9), 881-900

Publications 2013

Bjorkly S (2013)
A systematic review of the relationship between impulsivity and violence in persons with psychosis: Evidence or spin cycle?
Aggress. Violent Behav., 18 (6), 753-760

Fosse R, Olsen BM, Bjorkly S (2013)
Violence in Acute Psychiatric Patients: A Cumulative Increased Risk with Polysubstance Abuse?
Int. J. Forensic Ment. Health, 12 (3), 165-171

Knutzen M, Bjørkly S, Eidhammer G, Lorentzen S, Mjøsund NH, Opjordsmoen S, Sandvik L, Friis S (2013)
Characteristics of patients frequently subjected to pharmacological and mechanical restraint--a register study in three Norwegian acute psychiatric wards
Psychiatry Res, 215 (1), 127-33
PubMed 24230996

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2013)
Can lipid analysis help identify repeatedly violent patients after discharge from acute psychiatry?
Psychiatry Res, 210 (1), 371-3
PubMed 23931932

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2013)
Lethal intimate partner violence: an interactional perspective on women's perceptions of lethal incidents
Violence Vict, 28 (5), 772-89
PubMed 24364122

Publications 2012

Fluttert FA, Van Meijel B, Bjørkly S, Van Leeuwen M, Grypdonck M (2012)
The investigation of early warning signs of aggression in forensic patients by means of the 'Forensic Early Signs of Aggression Inventory'
J Clin Nurs, 22 (11-12), 1550-8
PubMed 23043702

Knutzen M, Bjørkly S, Eidhammer G, Lorentzen S, Helen Mjøsund N, Opjordsmoen S, Sandvik L, Friis S (2012)
Mechanical and pharmacological restraints in acute psychiatric wards--why and how are they used?
Psychiatry Res, 209 (1), 91-7
PubMed 23219102

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Morten Linaker O, Bjørkly S (2012)
A multifaceted model for risk assessment of violent behaviour in acutely admitted psychiatric patients
Psychiatry Res, 200 (2-3), 773-8
PubMed 22609226

Roaldset JO, Linaker OM, Bjørkly S (2012)
Predictive validity of the MINI suicidal scale for self-harm in acute psychiatry: a prospective study of the first year after discharge
Arch Suicide Res, 16 (4), 287-302
PubMed 23137219

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2012)
Does Separation or Divorce Make any Difference? An Interactional Perspective on Intimate Partner Violence with Focus on Marital Status
J. Fam. Violence, 27 (1), 45-54

Ødegård A, Bjørkly S (2012)
A mixed method approach to clarify the construct validity of interprofessional collaboration: an empirical research illustration
J Interprof Care, 26 (4), 283-8
PubMed 22324323

Publications 2011

Roaldset JO, Bakken AM, Bjørkly S (2011)
A prospective study of lipids and serotonin as risk markers of violence and self-harm in acute psychiatric patients
Psychiatry Res, 186 (2-3), 293-9
PubMed 20807666

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjorkly S (2011)
Risk assessment and screening for violence reply
Eur. Psychiat., 26 (2), 133

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2011)
Victim of and witness to violence: an interactional perspective on mothers' perceptions of children exposed to intimate partner violence
Violence Vict, 26 (6), 830-52
PubMed 22288099

Publications 2010

Fluttert FA, van Meijel B, Nijman H, Bjørkly S, Grypdonck M (2010)
Preventing aggressive incidents and seclusions in forensic care by means of the 'Early Recognition Method'
J Clin Nurs, 19 (11-12), 1529-37
PubMed 20384661

Fluttert FA, Van Meijel B, Van Leeuwen M, Bjørkly S, Nijman H, Grypdonck M (2010)
The development of the Forensic Early Warning Signs of Aggression Inventory: preliminary findings toward a better management of inpatient aggression
Arch Psychiatr Nurs, 25 (2), 129-37
PubMed 21421164

Hartvig P, Roaldset JO, Moger TA, Ostberg B, Bjørkly S (2010)
The first step in the validation of a new screen for violence risk in acute psychiatry: The inpatient context
Eur Psychiatry, 26 (2), 92-9
PubMed 20456927

Roaldset JO, Bjørkly S (2010)
Patients' own statements of their future risk for violent and self-harm behaviour: a prospective inpatient and post-discharge follow-up study in an acute psychiatric unit
Psychiatry Res, 178 (1), 153-9
PubMed 20452048

Roaldset JO, Hartvig P, Bjørkly S (2010)
V-RISK-10: validation of a screen for risk of violence after discharge from acute psychiatry
Eur Psychiatry, 26 (2), 85-91
PubMed 20619612

Publications 2009

Bjorkly S (2009)
Risk and dynamics of violence in Asperger's syndrome: A systematic review of the literature
Aggress. Violent Behav., 14 (5), 306-312

Bjørkly S, Hartvig P, Heggen FA, Brauer H, Moger TA (2009)
Development of a brief screen for violence risk (V-RISK-10) in acute and general psychiatry: An introduction with emphasis on findings from a naturalistic test of interrater reliability
Eur Psychiatry, 24 (6), 388-94
PubMed 19716682

Bø Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2009)
An interactional perspective on the relationship of immigration to intimate partner violence in a representative sample of help-seeking women
J Interpers Violence, 25 (10), 1815-35
PubMed 20040712

Fluttert F, van Meijel B, Nijman H, Bjørkly S, Grypdonck M (2009)
Detached concern of forensic mental health nurses in therapeutic relationships with patients the application of the early recognition method related to detached concern
Arch Psychiatr Nurs, 24 (4), 266-74
PubMed 20650372

Vatnar SK, Bjørkly S (2009)
Does it make any difference if she is a mother? An interactional perspective on intimate partner violence with a focus on motherhood and pregnancy
J Interpers Violence, 25 (1), 94-110
PubMed 19150888

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2009)
Interactional Aspects of Intimate Partner Violence Result in Different Help-Seeking Behaviors in a Representative Sample of Women
J. Fam. Violence, 24 (4), 231-241

Publications 2008

Odegård A, Hagtvet KA, Bjørkly S (2008)
Applying aspects of generalizability theory in preliminary validation of the Multifacet Interprofessional Collaboration Model (PINCOM)
Int J Integr Care, 8, e74
PubMed 19098984

Vatnar SKB, Bjorkly S (2008)
An interactional perspective of intimate partner violence: An in-depth semi-structured interview of a representative sample of help-seeking women
J. Fam. Violence, 23 (4), 265-279

Vatne S, Bjørkly S (2008)
Empirical evidence for using subjective quality of life as an outcome variable in clinical studies A meta-analysis of correlates and predictors in persons with a major mental disorder living in the community
Clin Psychol Rev, 28 (5), 869-89
PubMed 18280626

Publications 2007

Bjørkly S, Moger TA (2007)
A secondstep in development of a checklist for screening risk for violence in acute psychiatric patients: evaluation of interrater reliability of the Preliminary Scheme 33
Psychol Rep, 101 (3 Pt 2), 1145-61
PubMed 18361131

Publications 2003

Bjørkly S (2003)
A brief commentary and a preliminary literature search concerning the role of warning signs in the treatment and prevention of intimate partners' violence
Percept Mot Skills, 96 (3 Pt 1), 812-6
PubMed 12831257

Publications 2002

Bjorkly S (2002)
SCL-90-R profiles in a sample of severely violent psychiatric inpatients
Aggressive Behav., 28 (6), 446-457

Publications 2000

Hagen JA, Nafstad P, Skrondal A, Bjørkly S, Magnus P (2000)
Associations between outdoor air pollutants and hospitalization for respiratory diseases
Epidemiology, 11 (2), 136-40
PubMed 11021609

Publications 1999

Bjørkly S (1999)
A ten-year prospective study of aggression in a special secure unit for dangerous patients
Scand J Psychol, 40 (1), 57-63
PubMed 10216464

Publications 1998

Bjørkly S (1998)
[House calls should not be a rarity]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 118 (18), 2814
PubMed 9748816

Bjørkly S (1998)
Interrater reliability of the Report Form for Aggressive Episodes in group ratings
Percept Mot Skills, 87 (3 Pt 2), 1405-6
PubMed 10052099

Publications 1996

Bjørkly S (1996)
Report form for aggressive episodes: preliminary report
Percept Mot Skills, 83 (3 Pt 2), 1139-52
PubMed 9017721

Publications 1995

Bjørkly S (1995)
Open-area seclusion in the long-term treatment of aggressive and disruptive psychotic patients, an introduction to a ward procedure
Psychol Rep, 76 (1), 147-57
PubMed 7770561

Bjørkly S (1995)
Trauma and violence: the role of early abuse in the aggressive behavior of two violent psychotic women
Bull Menninger Clin, 59 (2), 205-20
PubMed 7795564

Publications 1993

Bjørkly S (1993)
Scale for the Prediction of Aggression and Dangerousness in Psychotic Patients, an introduction
Psychol Rep, 73 (3 Pt 2), 1363-77
PubMed 8115590

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