Members of Research Group

Erik Taubøll Consultant, Professor, MD, PhD, FEAN
Kjell Heuser Consultant /postdoc. Project leader; TLE/translation
Sigrid Svalheim Consultant. Project leader; side-effects of AED
Dag Aurlien Consultant (Stavanger), PhD. Project leader; epilepsy and cardiology
Cecilie Bugge Bakketun PhD Candidat, ERGO/GLIALAB
Agnes Balint Bjørke MD, PhD student; TLE
Cecilie Nome MD, Elective research student; TLE/translation
Toni Berger MD, PhD student, Marie Curie programme, EU
Alba González MD, PhD student, Epilepsy and cardiology
Monika Mochol Consultant, PhD student; side-effects of AED
Helle Herrman Consultant, PhD student; deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
Line Sveberg Consultant, PhD. Women and epilepsy/autoimmune epilepsy
Ketil Berg Olsen Consultant. Status epilepticus
Line Bédos Ulvin MD, status epilepticus project
Hild F Sødal MD, posttraumatic epilepsy project
Associate members  
Rune Enger MD, PhD  University of Oslo, basic medical research
Bjørnar Hassel Consultant, Professor. MD, PhD, Department of Neurohabilitation
Leif Gjerstad Professor Emeritus
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