Marte Myhrum

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Publications 2017

Myhrum M, Strøm-Roum H, Heldahl MG, Rødvik AK, Eksveen B, Landsvik B, Rasmussen K, Tvete OE (2017)
Sequential Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in Children: Outcome of the Second Implant and Long-Term Use
Ear Hear, 38 (3), 301-313
PubMed 27828788

Publications 2016

Amundsen VV, Wie OB, Myhrum M, Bunne M (2016)
The impact of ethnicity on cochlear implantation in Norwegian children
Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol, 93, 30-36
PubMed 28109494

Myhrum M, Tvete OE, Heldahl MG, Moen I, Soli SD (2016)
The Norwegian Hearing in Noise Test for Children
Ear Hear, 37 (1), 80-92
PubMed 26462169

Publications 2008

Myhrum M, Moen I (2008)
The Norwegian hearing in noise test
Int J Audiol, 47 (6), 377-8
PubMed 18569116

Publications 1996

Sponheim N, Myhrum M (1996)
An in vitro study on the influence of limited frequency resolution on contrast agent-enhanced Doppler signals
Ultrasonics, 34 (2-5), 599-601
PubMed 8701549