Tone Seim Fuglset
Position: Ph.D candidate, Master in psychology
Phone: +47 23 01 62 15

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Publications 2016

Fuglset TS, Endestad T, Hilland E, Bang L, Tamnes CK, Landrø NI, Rø Ø (2016)
Brain volumes and regional cortical thickness in young females with anorexia nervosa
BMC Psychiatry, 16 (1), 404
PubMed 27852296

Fuglset TS, Landrø NI, Reas DL, Rø Ø (2016)
Functional brain alterations in anorexia nervosa: a scoping review
J Eat Disord, 4, 32
PubMed 27933159

Publications 2014

Fuglset TS, Endestad T, Landrø NI, Rø Ø (2014)
Brain structure alterations associated with weight changes in young females with anorexia nervosa: a case series
Neurocase, 21 (2), 169-77
PubMed 24460514

Publications 2010

Nunn K, Frampton I, Fuglset TS, Törzsök-Sonnevend M, Lask B (2010)
Anorexia nervosa and the insula
Med Hypotheses, 76 (3), 353-7
PubMed 21087828