Tor Solli-Nowlan

  • Specialist engineer; Bsc
  • +47 22 11 98 60

Tor Solli-Nowlan has a multi-disciplinary background, including a BSc in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, cofounding one of the first community biology labs in the USA, and large-scale data engineering at Tinder. He is currently contributing to ELLA, MultiQC and MegaQC, among other projects.


Publications 2021

Geoffroy V, Guignard T, Kress A, Gaillard JB, Solli-Nowlan T, Schalk A, Gatinois V, Dollfus H, Scheidecker S, Muller J (2021)
AnnotSV and knotAnnotSV: a web server for human structural variations annotations, ranking and analysis
Nucleic Acids Res, 49 (W1), W21-W28
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkab402, PubMed 34023905

Publications 2015

Sanders SJ, He X, Willsey AJ, Ercan-Sencicek AG, Samocha KE, Cicek AE, Murtha MT, Bal VH, Bishop SL, Dong S, Goldberg AP, Jinlu C, Keaney JF, Klei L, Mandell JD, Moreno-De-Luca D, Poultney CS, Robinson EB, Smith L, Solli-Nowlan T, Su MY, Teran NA, Walker MF, Werling DM, Beaudet AL et al. (2015)
Insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder Genomic Architecture and Biology from 71 Risk Loci
Neuron, 87 (6), 1215-1233
DOI 10.1016/j.neuron.2015.09.016, PubMed 26402605

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