Regional Core Facility for DNA Sequencing

SequencingThe Helse Sør-Øst regional technology platform for large scale DNA sequencing offers high-throughput sequencing services to all researchers in the Helse Sør-Øst region including advice on how to best employ high throughput sequencing in your research projects.

The technology platform is run as a collaboration between the Genomics Core Facility located at Norwegian Radium Hospital-OUS and the Norwegian Sequencing Centre at Ullevål Hospital-OUS and University of Oslo. Together we provide competence and infrastructure for genome-wide analysis of the genome, transcriptome and epigenome.

Due to the different strengths of the facilities the core facilities have divided their services to regional users based on thematic areas. The Genomics Core Facility provide sequencing services for cancer related projects, while The Norwegian Sequencing Center provide services to all non-cancer related studies.

For more detailed information about our services please contact the corresponding facility.


For advice and a price quote please follow the links below and send an email.

For cancer projectsFor other projects
Genomics Core FacilityNorwegian Sequencing Center



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