Centre for connected Care – C3


Rising costs, an aging population, rising public expectations and lack of health care workers are challenging the sustainability of the current healthcare.

There is a need in healthcare to develop integrated care models that are more closely oriented around the needs of the patient.

Home-based technologies, sensors and health apps in integrated ICT-solutions are expected to both improve service and reduce costs. However, interoperability requirements and lack of adequate patient-centric technology make their deployment costly, difficult and slow. New creative solutions to patient-centric challenges and new technologies are not sufficient to make change happen. There is a clear need to investigate these problems to ensure adoption, diffusion and knowledge transfer such that they make a substantial difference.

The NHS recently identified the following five essential innovation challenges:
Driving Service Improvement, Creating Patient-Centred Informatics, Promoting Research into Practice, Collaborating with Education and Training and Partnering with Industry (National Health Service, 2013). With C3 we address all of these challenges.

The Centre for Connected Care (C3)
connects academics, clinicians and life science industry, to accelerate innovation, develop expertise and support new partnerships to solve the five challenges identified above. It will do so by focusing upon integrated patient-centric health care, utilizing innovative technological infrastructure, with a focus upon commercialization, adoption and diffusion.

Location: Bygg 2, Søsterhjemmet, Ullevål Sykehus
Postadress: Oslo University Hospital, Department of Research, innovation and education, C3, Postboks 4956 - Nydalen, 0424 Oslo
Phone: 0047 23 02 70 23
E-mail: post.sfiC3@ous-hf.no