Charitra Kumar Mishra

  • Engineer PhD

Competencies: High throughput sequencing, Galaxy, data management


Publications 2018

Eggestøl HØ, Lunde HS, Rønneseth A, Fredman D, Petersen K, Mishra CK, Furmanek T, Colquhoun DJ, Wergeland HI, Haugland GT (2018)
Transcriptome-wide mapping of signaling pathways and early immune responses in lumpfish leukocytes upon in vitro bacterial exposure
Sci Rep, 8 (1), 5261
DOI 10.1038/s41598-018-23667-x, PubMed 29588496

Publications 2012

Mishra CK, Choi TJ, Kang SC (2012)
Isolation and characterization of a bacteriophage F20 virulent to Enterobacter aerogenes
J Gen Virol, 93 (Pt 10), 2310-4
DOI 10.1099/vir.0.043562-0, PubMed 22764320

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