Sverre Grimnes
Position: Professor emeritus

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Publications 2016

Pabst O, Tronstad C, Grimnes S, Fowles D, Martinsen ØG (2016)
Comparison between the AC and DC measurement of electrodermal activity
Psychophysiology, 54 (3), 374-385
PubMed 28000290

Publications 2015

Martinsen G, Pabst O, Tronstad C, Grimnes S (2015)
Sources of error in AC measurement of skin conductance
Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance, 6 (2015), 49-53
PublikaID 230

Publications 2014

Martinsen ØG, Nordbotten B, Grimnes S, Fossan H, Eilevstjønn J (2014)
Bioimpedance-based respiration monitoring with a defibrillator
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 61 (6), 1858-62
PubMed 24845296

Nordbotten BJ, Tronstad C, Martinsen ØG, Grimnes S (2014)
Estimation of skin conductance at low frequencies using measurements at higher frequencies for EDA applications
Physiol Meas, 35 (6), 1011-8
PubMed 24844405

Tronstad C, Helsing P, Tønseth KA, Grimnes S, Krogstad AL (2014)
Tumescent suction curettage vs. curettage only for treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis evaluated by subjective and new objective methods
Acta Derm Venereol, 94 (2), 215-20
PubMed 24002584

Publications 2013

Tronstad C, Kalvøy H, Grimnes S, Martinsen Ø (2013)
Improved estimation of sweating based on electrical properties of skin
Ann Biomed Eng, 41 (5), 1074-83
PubMed 23325304

Tronstad C, Kalvøy H, Grimnes S, Martinsen ØG (2013)
Waveform difference between skin conductance and skin potential responses in relation to electrical and evaporative properties of skin
Psychophysiology, 50 (11), 1070-8
PubMed 23889171

Publications 2012

Boucsein W, Fowles DC, Grimnes S, Ben-Shakhar G, roth WT, Dawson ME, Filion DL, Society for Psychophysiological Research Ad Hoc Committee on Electrodermal Measures (2012)
Publication recommendations for electrodermal measurements
Psychophysiology, 49 (8), 1017-34
PubMed 22680988

Publications 2011

Grimnes S, Jabbari A, Martinsen ØG, Tronstad C (2011)
Electrodermal activity by DC potential and AC conductance measured simultaneously at the same skin site
Skin Res Technol, 17 (1), 26-34
PubMed 20923453

Johnsen GK, Lütken CA, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2011)
Memristive model of electro-osmosis in skin
Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 83 (3 Pt 1), 031916
PubMed 21517534

Johnsen GK, Norlen L, Martinsen ØG, Grimnes S (2011)
Sorption properties of the human stratum corneum
Skin Pharmacol Physiol, 24 (4), 190-8
PubMed 21346399

Kalvøy H, Johnsen GK, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2011)
New method for separation of electrode polarization impedance from measured tissue impedance
Open Biomed Eng J, 5, 8-13
PubMed 21625369

Mikolajewska P, Rømoen OT, Martinsen OG, Iani V, Moan J, Grimnes S, Juzeniene A (2011)
Bioimpedance for pain monitoring during cutaneous photodynamic therapy: Preliminary study
Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther, 8 (4), 307-13
PubMed 22122917

Nordbotten BJ, Tronstad C, Martinsen Ø, Grimnes S (2011)
Evaluation of algorithms for calculating bioimpedance phase angle values from measured whole-body impedance modulus
Physiol Meas, 32 (7), 755-65
PubMed 21646707

Publications 2010

Høyum P, Kalvøy H, Martinsen ØG, Grimnes S (2010)
A finite element model of needle electrode spatial sensitivity
Physiol Meas, 31 (10), 1369-79
PubMed 20736490

Johnsen GK, Haugsnes AB, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2010)
A new approach for an estimation of the equilibrium stratum corneum water content
Skin Res Technol, 16 (2), 142-5
PubMed 20456093

Kalvøy H, Tronstad C, Nordbotten B, Grimnes S, Martinsen ØG (2010)
Electrical impedance of stainless steel needle electrodes
Ann Biomed Eng, 38 (7), 2371-82
PubMed 20217478

Martinsen OG, Kalvøy H, Grimnes S, Nordbotten B, Hol PK, Fosse E, Myklebust H, Becker LB (2010)
Invasive electrical impedance tomography for blood vessel detection
Open Biomed Eng J, 4, 135-7
PubMed 21611140

Pettersen FJ, Martinsen G, Grimnes S, Høgetveit JO (2010)
Impedance measurement set-up based on off-the-shelf PXI modules.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 224 (1), 012002
PublikaID 127

Tronstad C, Johnsen GK, Grimnes S, Martinsen ØG (2010)
A study on electrode gels for skin conductance measurements
Physiol Meas, 31 (10), 1395-410
PubMed 20811086

Tronstad C, Pischke SE, Holhjem L, Tønnessen TI, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2010)
Early detection of cardiac ischemia using a conductometric pCO(2) sensor: real-time drift correction and parameterization
Physiol Meas, 31 (9), 1241-55
PubMed 20702916

Publications 2009

Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Tronstad C (2009)
Noise properties of the 3-electrode skin admittance measuring circuit
IFMBE PROC, 22 (1-3), 720-722

Johnsen GK, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2009)
Estimation of in vivo water content of the stratum corneum from electrical measurements
Open Biomed Eng J, 3, 8-12
PubMed 19707522

Kalvøy H, Frich L, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Hol PK, Stubhaug A (2009)
Impedance-based tissue discrimination for needle guidance
Physiol Meas, 30 (2), 129-40
PubMed 19136732

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2009)
The concept of transfer impedance in bioimpedance measurements
IFMBE PROC, 22 (1-3), 1078-+

Sauter AR, Dodgson MS, Kalvøy H, Grimnes S, Stubhaug A, Klaastad O (2009)
Current threshold for nerve stimulation depends on electrical impedance of the tissue: a study of ultrasound-guided electrical nerve stimulation of the median nerve
Anesth Analg, 108 (4), 1338-43
PubMed 19299809

Svasand E, Kristiansen KD, Martinsen OG, Helgesen G, Grimnes S, Skjeltorp AT (2009)
Behavior of carbon cone particle dispersions in electric and magnetic fields
Colloid Surf. A-Physicochem. Eng. Asp., 339 (1-3), 211-216

Publications 2008

Johnsen GK, Haugsnes AB, Martinsen ØG, Grimnes S (2008)
Stratum corneum in vivo water content from TEWL-measurements
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2008, 3166-9
PubMed 19163379

Kalvoy H, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2008)
Determination of tissue type surrounding a needle tip by electrical bioimpedance
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2008, 2285-6
PubMed 19163156

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Nilsen SH (2008)
Water sorption and electrical properties of a human nail
Skin Res Technol, 14 (2), 142-6
PubMed 18412555

Martinsen ØG, Grimnes S, Nilsen JK, Tronstad C, Jang W, Kim H, Shin K, Naderi M, Thielmann F (2008)
Gravimetric method for in vitro calibration of skin hydration measurements
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 55 (2 Pt 1), 728-32
PubMed 18270010

Tronstad C, Gjein GE, Grimnes S, Martinsen ØG, Krogstad AL, Fosse E (2008)
Electrical measurement of sweat activity
Physiol Meas, 29 (6), S407-15
PubMed 18544832

Tronstad C, Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2008)
Embedded instrumentation for skin admittance measurement
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2008, 2373-6
PubMed 19163179

Publications 2007

Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2007)
Sources of error in tetrapolar impedance measurements on biomaterials and other ionic conductors
J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys., 40 (1), 9-14

Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2007)
Comments on "algorithm for tissue ischemia estimation based on electrical impedance spectroscopy"
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 54 (2), 344
PubMed 17278593

Kalvoy H, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2007)
Needle position determined by tissue impedance
IFMBE PROC, 17, 205-+

Martinsen OG, Clausen S, Nysaether JB, Grimnes S (2007)
Utilizing characteristic electrical properties of the epidermal skin layers to detect fake fingers in biometric fingerprint systems--a pilot study
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 54 (5), 891-4
PubMed 17518286

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Nilsen JK, Tronstad C, Jang W, Kim H, Shin K (2007)
Calibration of skin hydration measurements
IFMBE PROC, 17, 161-+

Mirtaheri P, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2007)
Designing a PtCO2 sensor based on conductivity measurements
IFMBE PROC, 17, 300-+

Tronstad C, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Fosse E (2007)
Developmeut of a medical device for long-term sweat activity measurements
IFMBE PROC, 17, 236-+

Publications 2006

Fahlstrøm E, Grimnes S, Johannejen NH (2006)
An interdepartmental, standardized equipment pool
J Nurs Manag, 14 (2), 148-54
PubMed 16487426

Publications 2005

Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2005)
Cole electrical impedance model--a critique and an alternative
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 52 (1), 132-5
PubMed 15651574

Mirtaheri P, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG (2005)
Electrode polarization impedance in weak NaCl aqueous solutions
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 52 (12), 2093-9
PubMed 16366232

Publications 2004

Mirtaheri P, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Tonnessen TI (2004)
A new biomedical sensor for measuring PCO2
Physiol. Meas., 25 (2), PII S0967-3334(04)70867-9-436

Mirtaheri P, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Tønnessen TI (2004)
A new biomedical sensor for measuring PCO2
Physiol Meas, 25 (2), 421-36
PubMed 15132308

Mirtaheri P, Omtveit T, Klotzbuecher T, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Tonnessen TI (2004)
Miniaturization of a biomedical gas sensor
Physiol. Meas., 25 (6), PII S0967-3334(04)81668-X-1522

Mirtaheri P, Omtveit T, Klotzbuecher T, Grimnes S, Martinsen OG, Tønnessen TI (2004)
Miniaturization of a biomedical gas sensor
Physiol Meas, 25 (6), 1511-22
PubMed 15712728

Publications 2003

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2003)
Authors reply to comments on "Line patterns in the mosaic electric properties of human skin--a cross correlation study."
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 50 (1), 114
PubMed 12617531

Publications 2001

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S (2001)
Facts and myths about electrical measurement of stratum corneum hydration state
Dermatology, 202 (2), 87-9
PubMed 11306826

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Mørkrid L, Hareide M (2001)
Line patterns in the mosaic electrical properties of human skin--a cross-correlation study
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 48 (6), 731-4
PubMed 11396602

Publications 2000

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Mirtaheri P (2000)
Non-invasive measurements of post-mortem changes in dielectric properties of haddock muscle - a pilot study
J. Food Eng., 43 (3), 189-192

Publications 1999

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Haug E (1999)
Measuring depth depends on frequency in electrical skin impedance measurements
Skin Res. Technol., 5 (3), 179-181

Publications 1998

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Karlsen J (1998)
Low frequency dielectric dispersion of microporous membranes in electrolyte solution
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 199 (2), 107-110

Publications 1997

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Kongshaug ES (1997)
Dielectric properties of some keratinised tissues. Part 2: Human hair
Med Biol Eng Comput, 35 (3), 177-80
PubMed 9246848

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Sveen O (1997)
Dielectric properties of some keratinised tissues. Part 1: Stratum corneum and nail in situ
Med Biol Eng Comput, 35 (3), 172-6
PubMed 9246847

Piene H, Grimnes S (1997)
[Medical equipment in Norwegian hospitals--is it good enough?]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 117 (6), 804-5
PubMed 9102972

Publications 1995

Berge JA, Gramstad L, Grimnes S (1995)
A simplified concept for controlling oxygen mixtures in the anaesthetic machine--better, cheaper and more user-friendly?
Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, 39 (4), 563-7
PubMed 7676800

Martinsen OG, Grimnes S, Karlsen J (1995)
Electrical methods for skin moisture assessment
Skin Pharmacol, 8 (5), 237-45
PubMed 8527155

Publications 1994

Berge JA, Gramstad L, Grimnes S (1994)
An evaluation of a time-saving anaesthetic machine checkout procedure
Eur J Anaesthesiol, 11 (6), 493-8
PubMed 7851358

Publications 1992

Grimnes S (1992)
Modular implementation of PACS: preliminary results of the RiksPACS project. Imaging equipment considerations
Eur J Radiol, 16 (1), 62-3
PubMed 1490480

Publications 1988

Castrén A, Grimnes S, Kari A, Nikki P, Olsson GL, Rasmussen HB, Sivak ED, Vauramo E, Zarén B (1988)
User requirements for data systems in anaesthesia and intensive care. First edition
Int J Clin Monit Comput, 5 (3), 137-46
PubMed 3171343

Publications 1987

Qiao ZG, Morkrid L, Grimnes S (1987)
Three-electrode method to study event-related responses in skin electrical potential, admittance and blood flow
Med Biol Eng Comput, 25 (5), 567-72
PubMed 3446979

Med. Biol. Eng. Comput., 25 (5), 567-572

Qiao ZG, Mørkrid L, Grimnes S (1987)
Simultaneous measurement of electrical admittance, blood flow and temperature at the same skin site with a specially designed probe
Med Biol Eng Comput, 25 (3), 299-304
PubMed 3449725

Publications 1984

Grimnes S (1984)
Pathways of ionic flow through human skin in vivo
Acta Derm Venereol, 64 (2), 93-8
PubMed 6203315

Publications 1983

GRIMNES S (1983)
Acta Physiol. Scand., 118 (1), 19-25

Grimnes S (1983)
Impedance measurement of individual skin surface electrodes
Med Biol Eng Comput, 21 (6), 750-5
PubMed 6664135

Grimnes S (1983)
Electrovibration, cutaneous sensation of microampere current
Acta Physiol Scand, 118 (1), 19-25
PubMed 6624495

Grimnes S (1983)
Dielectric breakdown of human skin in vivo
Med Biol Eng Comput, 21 (3), 379-81
PubMed 6876915

Grimnes S (1983)
True r.m.s. volt/ammeters for surgical diathermy measurements during an operation
Med Biol Eng Comput, 21 (5), 654-6
PubMed 6633019

Grimnes S (1983)
Skin impedance and electro-osmosis in the human epidermis
Med Biol Eng Comput, 21 (6), 739-49
PubMed 6664134

Publications 1982

Grimnes S (1982)
Psychogalvanic reflex and changes in electrical parameters of dry skin
Med Biol Eng Comput, 20 (6), 734-40
PubMed 7169817

Publications 1978

Grimnes S (1978)
Analysis of the choke-earthed surgical diathermy circuit
Med Biol Eng Comput, 16 (4), 451-3
PubMed 308594

Publications 1976

Grimnes S (1976)
[Letter: Burn injuries in combined use of diathermy and ECG]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 96 (1), 51-2
PubMed 1257963

Publications 1971

Christiansen H, Grimnes S, Kulås FR, Waaler T (1971)
Automated analytical systems and dataterminals. An off-line datasystem device
Pharm Acta Helv, 46 (10), 677-80
PubMed 5142420