Precision Pharmacotherapy

Stein BerganGroup leader
Stein Bergan
Group leader

Research aims

Overall aim: To investigate mechanisms for individual variability in drug response and to establish principles for personalized dosing in selected pharmacotherapies, currently those related to immunosuppression, chemotherapy, anti-infectives and statins. 

This may be achieved by:

  • The combination of pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD) and pharmacogenomics (PGx), sources for individual variability in the response of specific drugs.
  • The identification of variant genotypes or altered gene expression affecting drug response. Biomarkers for the above.
  • Models for decision support, including population PK/PD or machine learning based models plus integrative models for biomarkers. 

Current projects (and collaborations)

  • Personalized statin treatment (Dept of Medicine, Drammen Hospital)
  • Self collecting blood samples by patients; microsamples and home sampling 
  • Meropenem -optimized administration in the ICU
  • IMPRESS Norway - potential for dose individualization based on therapeutic drug monitroing and pharmacogenetics
  • Tacrolimus new PK/PD principles for individualization (Dept of Transplant Medicine)
  • Pediatric and adult hemato-oncology and transplantation, e.g. busulfan, glucocorticoids, tacrolimus (Dept of Pediatrics; Dept of Hematology)
  • Pharmacogenetic panels; integration with high throughput screening (Dept of Genetics)
  • Model informed precision dosing (MIPD) tools; pharmacometry models and machine learning 
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