YATEP - Youth Addiction Treatment Evaluation Project:

The Youth Addiction Treatment Evaluation Project (YATEP) is a thematic health register permitted to collect and store data from 2010 until 2030. The consent form includes participation in all YATEP projects, access to hospital patient journal data, and permission to contact the participants for follow-up studies. YATEP is interdisciplinary, employ patient partners, and aim for clinically relevant research questions. The individual projects within YATEP notify the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics and the Oslo University Hospital Data Protection Officer.

Active YATEP projects:

Predicting early treatment termination (dropout) and post-treatment clinical outcome from neuropsychological functions in Abstinent Substance Use Dependent (SUD) patients.

Link: https://helseforskning.etikkom.no/prosjekterirek/prosjektregister/prosjekt?p_document_id=561611&p_parent_id=603367&_ikbLanguageCode=n

Predicting early treatment termination (dropout) and post-treatment clinical outcome from psychometric measures in abstinent Substance Use Dependent (SUD) patients.

Link: https://helseforskning.etikkom.no/prosjekterirek/prosjektregister/prosjekt?p_document_id=896661&p_parent_id=901619&_ikbLanguageCode=n

The significance of relations and social network to maintain abstinence

Closed YATEP projects:

The impact of horse assisted therapy (HAT) on addiction treatment and outcomes

Link: https://helseforskning.etikkom.no/prosjekterirek/prosjektregister/p rosjekt?p_document_id=202512&p_parent_id=207809&_ikbLanguageCode=n

Reasons for dropout in residential substance use disorder treatment

Link: https://helseforskning.etikkom.no/prosjekterirek/prosjektregister/prosjekt?p_document_id=214655&p_parent_id=217763&_ikbLanguageCode=n

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