Haemostasis and Bleeding Disorders

Pål André Holme
Group Leader

Our scientific interests are focused on clinical and basic aspects of normal and disturbed haemostasis. 
The clinical part is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of the thrombohaemorrhagic balance as seen in:

  1. Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia and in the Bernard-Soulier Syndrome
  2. Storage Pool Disease
  3. Sticky Platelet Syndrome
  4. Drug-dependent platelet hyper/hypo-aggregability
  5. Hereditary and acquired coagulation factor deficiencies with special emphasis on development of inhibitors and management

The basic part of our research concerns platelet metabolic and morphologic changes caused by activation by physiological agonist; i.e. microparticle formation, secretion of chemokines/interleukins, interaction with endothelium and monocytes, initiation and support of coagulation factor activation, intraplatelet protein synthesis.

Tools and methods used in the above mentioned research are those common to all advanced cell biology, enzymology and protein chemistry. 

Photo Øystein H. Horgmo, University of Oslo

From left: Stine Bjørnsen, Pål Andre Holme, Adelheid Holm, Ragnhild J Måseide and Nina Haagenrud Schultz