Erik Fosse's research group: Economic and organizational consequences of new procedures and treatments

Erik FosseGroup leader
Erik Fosse
Group leader

Research aims

New technology and knowledge has increased the number of treatment options. It also challenges the excisting structures in hospital. Catheterbased x-ray guided treatment has allowed cardiologists and radiologists to treat disorders were before open surgery was the only option. The group studies  organizational and economical concequences of new methods. This includes changes in hospital organization. Decision makingand interaction between the different specialities when new methods are introduced. Cost utility analysis of new methods is also part of the programme.

Current projects

  • ”Changes in organisation of vascular surgery in the Health South East region and at Oslo University hospital.” PhD project Kjersti Wendt. Funded byv OUS
  • “Economic and patient and close reative experience outcome after percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement in congenital cardiac disease.” PhD project Brith Andresen. Funded by Helse Sør-Øst research funds
  • ”Fra lokale gjennombrudd i kunnskap til integrasjon i medisinsk praksis (KINT)” 2 PhD prosjekt Jasmina Masovic og Olga Mikhailova og en postdoc, Bjørn Erik Mørk  funded by Norwegian research council VERDIKT program

Contact information:
Group leader Erik Fosse, The Intervention Centre, Tel: +47 23070116, E-mail: