AttuneĀ® NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer with auto sampler (Gaustad)

Attune NxT Flow cytometer is a powerful and flxible flow cytometer with 4 lasers. There are 16 channels including Fsc and Ssc for detecting up to 14 colors.

Laser Features/with Configurations

  • Violet Excitation Laser (405 nm)
  • Red Excitation Laser (638 nm)
  • Yellow Laser (561 nm)
  • Blue Excitation Laser (488 nm)

The Attune® NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer results in precise data and acquisition speeds up to 10x faster than other flow cytometers. The Invitrogen™ Attune™ NxT Autosampler enables rapid processing of up to 384 samples.Broad compatibility—Compatible with many different plate formats, including 96-well, 384-well, and deep-well plates.

  • Intelligent probe—Intelligent probe design minimizes clogging and carryover (<0.5%) and prevents damage to the instrument.
  • Auto cleaning—Performs automated cleaning when the instrument is shutting down.
  • Consistent data—Designed to provide minimal variation regardless of sampling method (tube vs. plate) and collection rate.
  • Mixing by aspiration—Mixing sample by aspiration instead of shaking ensures homogeneity of the sample and maintains cell viability.

Acoustic focusing improves efficiencies compared to traditional flow cytometers
Traditional flow cytometers rely on a large volume of fluid to focus cells prior to analysis, resulting in extensive sample preparation prior to analysis and introducing the possibility of error due to artifacts created during the sample preparation process. With the Attune® NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer, blood samples can be run without being manipulated using the No-Wash No-Lyse blood cell assay. The instrument also offers flexibility in the sample concentration that can be analyzed.

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer Software

More about Attune NxT flow cytometer:

  Instrument controls

  • Automated maintenance and performance testing
  • Data collection
  • Visualization tools
  • Dot plot, density plot, histogram
  • Histogram marker, quad marker
  • Customized logic gates
  • Data plot preview for quick plot set-up
  • Data display—log, linear, log transforms
  • Statistics—mean, median, mode, %CV, rCV, SD, % total, % gated


Experiment set-up

  • Automated compensation
  • Auto layout and freeform workspace layouts
  • Analysis tools
  • Multi-file selection tools
  • File management
  • Import/export of files and experiments
  • Files stored as FCS 3.0 and FCS 3.1 format
  • User management & security
  • User and administrator accounts—basic/admi


There are two Attune NxT instruments that are located at two different labs.

  • Attune NxT at Dept. of Pathology
  • Attune NxT IMMI at Dept. of Immonology 

Trained users may use the Attune NxT without Core Facility supervision. Users may sign up on the booking website. Booking for trained users at 


  • Attune NxT is at room A3.M036 
  • Attune NxT IMMI is at room A3.2021

Training course will be set up for interested users after appointment. For all training, choose the ''Practical training'' in the booking schedule. 

Fees for using analysis flowcytometers

Analysis (DIY): 

  • OUS/UiO users: 100 kr/h 
  • Academic users outside OUS: 150kr/h 
  • Commercial users: 300kr/h
  • Assistet Sample running: 1500 kr/h 

Practical training: 600 kr/h

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