FacsAria III cell sorter (Gaustad): 408, 488, 561 and 633 nm lasers


  • Can sort up to 30,000 events/sec. (70 psi, 90 kHz).
  • Four air-cooled lasers at 408, 488,561 and 633 nm.
  • Multi-color analysis of 15 parameters (2 scatter, 13 fluorescence).
  • Sort four different populations simultaneously.
  • Sort into 6, 24, 48, 96 and 384 well plates.
  • Sort onto glass slides.
  • Sterile sorting.
  • Temperature control on samples and collected tubes from 4° to 37°C.
  • PC-based FACS DiVa Software. 


  • Certified trained users may use the FacsAria III without Core Facility's supervision.Booking for trained users at ous-research.no/booking/  Choose the Aria DIY Sorting.
  • We can plan to set up a training course for interested users. A requirement for course participation is that you will use the instrument frequently and you are experienced with flowcytometry. Training course will be set up for interested users after appointment. For all training, choose the ''Practical training'' in the booking schedule.
  • For untrained users, use of the FACS Aria III is available by appointment with seniorengineer Yan Zhang. Users bring prepared samples and Yan will analyze/sort them. Users have to sign up on the booking website and book the '' Aria Service''.

Location is at room A3.M037.

Fees for Using Aria for Sorting 

  • OUS/UiO users: 300 kr/h (DIY) or 600 kr/hr (sort by CF) 
  • Academic users outside OUS: 900kr/h 
  • Commercial users: 1800kr/h

Fees for ''Practical Training'': 600 kr/h

Examples of fluorochromes that can be used



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