The Core Facility Advisory Board


The Core Facility Advisory Board ("Fagråd for kjernefasiliteter") is responsible for auditing and evaluating the services provided by the Regional Core Facilities affiliated with Oslo University Hospital (OUH).

The adivisory board will work for better solutions and a better use of resources for existing core facilities, as well as facilitate establishment and operation of new facilities. The board will also give advice to the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority regarding annual application and funding processes.

The Core Facility Advisory Board was established in June 2012 and consists of representatives from relevant hospital divisions and the University of Oslo (UoO). In the period 2018-2020 the following representatives will constitute the advisory board:

  • Arne Klungland (Chair), Department of Microbiology, Division of Laboratory Medicine (OUH)
  • Jens Petter Berg, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Division of Laboratory Medicine (OUH)
  • Odd Stokke Gabrielsen, Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (UoO)
  • Johannes E. R. Hov, Research Institute of Internal Medicine, Division of Surgery, Inflammatory Medicine and Transplantation
  • Benedicte Lie, Department of Medical Genetics, Division of Laboratory Medicine (OUH)
  • Ivar Sjaastad, Institute for Experimental Medical Research, Division of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases (OUH)
  • Harald Stenmark, Institute for Cancer Research, Division of Cancer Medicine  (OUH)
  • Kjetil Taskén, Institute for Cancer Research, Division of Cancer Medicine  (OUH)

Matthias Kolberg (Unit for Research, Innovation and Education, OUH) is coordinator of the board. The board reports to the Hospital Research Committee (Forskningsutvalget).

Contact info:
Matthias Kolberg (matthias.kolberg at
Arne Klungland (arne.klungland at