CCB researchers uncover novel mechanism of cellular metabolic control

First author Zhi Hong (left) and last author Camilla Raiborg
First author Zhi Hong (left) and last author Camilla Raiborg

A protein kinase complex known as mTORC1 is known to control cell growth by upregulating anabolic processes and downregulating catabolism in response to growth factors and nutritional cues such as amino acids. Because mTORC1 signalling is an important driver of cancer development, we need to understand how this signalling is regulated.
mTORC1 signalling occurs from lysosome membranes and is regulated by the lipid kinase PIK3C3 and its catalytic product, phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate (PI3P), but the mechanism has remained unknown. Now, postdoc Zhi Hong and her co-workers in Camilla Raiborg’s project group at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research have discovered that PIK3C3 and PI3P control mTORC1 activation by regulating lysosome positioning.


Breast cancer research highlighted by the Norwegian Cancer Society:

New additional treatment for breast cancer patients

Olav Engebråten
Olav Engebråten

The Norwegian Cancer Society present research they support regularly, in a popular science form.
Olav Engebråten from the Department of Oncology at OUH has recently (October 10th) been interviewed about The NeoAva study he is leading - a clinical breast cancer study for patients with tumors more than 2.5 cm in diameter, where treatment with bevacizumab is involved - a substance (antibody) that binds and removes one of the factors (VEGF) excreted from the cancer cells that may stimulate the growth of blood vessels. The treatment can therefore prevent blood vessels from growing into the tumor tissue, and enhance the effect of the chemotherapy in the tumor.


OUH research seminar, Monday, October 9th 14:30

Individualized cancer treatment


Welcome to the next Oslo University Hospital (OUH) research seminar entitled:
Individualized cancer treatment

Time: Monday, October 9th, 2017, at 14:30 – 16:00
Place: Blue Auditorium, Rikshospitalet, Sognsvannsveien 20, Oslo

Speakers: Kjetil Taskén, Eivind Hovig, Gunhild Mælandsmo, Arnoldo Frigessi, Yngvar Fløisand


Tor Inge Tønnessen "Researcher of the Month" for September

T.I. Tønnessen
T.I. Tønnessen

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst) has appointed Tor Inge Tønnessen from the Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Research Group at the Division of Emergencies and Critical Care at Oslo University Hospital as "Researcher of the month" for the month of September 2017.


Collaboration to identify novel biomarkers that can predict whether a patient will respond positively to pembrolizumab


The Norwegian bioinformatics company OncoImmunity and the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium (NCGC) at Oslo University Hospital announce September 20th that they have entered into a collaboration with the American "Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration" (, to search for active neoantigens and related immune biomarker signatures of response in an American clinical trial on sarcoma patients treated with the PD1 immune checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab.

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 Jørgen Wesche appointed group leader for the Mesenchymal Cancer Biology Group at the Department of Tumor Biology New group leader at the Institute for Cancer Research: 
 Prestigious research prize from the Norwegian Cancer Society to pioneer in autophagy research King Olav V´s Cancer Research Prize to Per O. Seglen (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Core Facility for preclinical imaging (MRI and IVIS). What services can we offer? Institute Seminar Wednesday 22th of February (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Defining the role of tumor-secreted exosomes in pre-metastatic niche formation Héctor Peinado Selgas speaks at CCB seminar February 27th at 13:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 "Science" article from Johanna Olweus's group highlighted by editorial in New England Journal of Medicine  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Oncolytic peptide LTX-315; the road from basic science to clinical trials Baldur Sveinbjørnsson speaks at CCB seminar January 31st at 12:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Resources to PDT/PCI related research, 2017 Announcement: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Findings from Rusten group published in Nature on microenvironmental autophagy draw nationwide attention Updated: honoured with "Preview" article in Developmental Cell  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Channing J. Der Norsk Hydro’s Fund for Cancer Research Lecture January 16th 10:45 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 New knowledge about Wee1 and Chk1 inhibitors revealed by a flow cytometry-based compound screen  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Tor Erik Rusten – Group Leader at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology Institute Seminar Wednesday 14th of December (07.03.2017 10:32)
 New insight into the origin of disseminated tumor cells in breast cancer published in Genome Biology Story picked up by Science Translational Medicine as "Editor's choice": (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Jorrit Enserink and Tor Erik Rusten new group leaders at MCB  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Jon-Vidar Gaustad – Dept. of Radiation Biology Institute Seminar Wednesday 30th of November (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2016 to Therese Sørlie Ceremony Friday November 18th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 First-in-man trial using the PCI technology published in Lancet Oncology  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Edward Leithe - Dept. of Molecular Oncology Institute Seminar Wednesday 9th of November (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Institute Seminar Wednesday 19th of October  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Johanna Olweus Institute Seminar Wednesday 12th of October (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Dr. Bastian Fromm – Postdoc in Flatmark group Institute seminar Wednesday September 28th at 12:00 in the Auditorium (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Histone marks regulate maternal-to-zygotic transition Paper from Dahl/Klungland published in the Sep 22nd issue of Nature (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Turning the tide of antimicrobial resistance National kick-off, Tuesday September 13th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Marina Vietri interviewed for major Italian research web portal  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Decoding human tumor microenvironments and healthy tissues using high dimensional single cell mass cytometry Jonathan M. Irish speaks at CCB seminar August 31st at 12:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
  CyTOF opening seminar featuring Jonathan Irish Seminar at OUS, Radiumhospitalet, 1. September 2016. 13:00-15:15 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Clinical Cancer Research highlights biomarker paper from Lyng’s group  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium participates in international study of gene variants predisposing for cancer development.  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The Norwegian Cancer Society calls attention to collaborative study on relevance of genetic heterogeneity  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Clinical relevance of genetic heterogeneity among distinct liver metastatic deposits identified in patients with colorectal cancer  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 H.M. the King's Gold Medal to Marina Vietri  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Prof. Gunnar Sæter – Director of Institute for Cancer Research Institute seminar Wednesday 22th of June at 12:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Mechanism of FGF receptor dimerization and activation Prof. Kalina Hristova speaks at CCB seminar June 21st at 13:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Alicia Llorente – Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology Institute seminar Wednesday June 15th at 12:00 in the Auditorium (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Tom Grotmol Institute seminar June 1st (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Randi Gussgard Syljuåsen Institute seminar May 25th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The new WHO classification of pediatric brain tumors Prof. Dr. Torsten Pietsch speaks at CCB seminar May 24th at 09:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Dr. Ged Brady, The University of Manchester Institute seminar 11th of May (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Institute for Cancer Research annual report 2015  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Dr. Mari Nygård, the Cancer Registry of Norway Institute seminar 4th of May (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Professor Péter Nagy – National Institute of Oncology, Hungary Institute seminar April 20th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Ståle Nygård – Dept. of Core Facilities Institute seminar April 6th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Theodossiou and Berg funded by the Future and Emerging Technology (FET) program  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 National conference on clinical genomics Losby III 10.-11. mars 2016 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Tumor-derived IL-6 contributes to cancer cachexia by increasing autophagy Geir Bjørkøy speaks at CCB seminar March 9th at 12:00: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Immunotherapy for Cancer Day of Immunology Conference 2016 April 29 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Liliane Christ identifies mechanism for regulation of daughter cell separation  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Institute seminar Wednesday 2nd of March at 12:00 Laxmi Silwal-Pandit – Dept. of Cancer Genetics (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Susanne Lorenz – Dept. of Tumor Biology Institute seminar Wednesday 17th of February at 12:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Stephen H. Friend Norsk Hydro's Fond guest lecture March 10th (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Ragnhild A. Lothe and Michael Bretthauer substantially supported by FRIPRO  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Filming live cancer cells Camilla Raiborg's work presented in popularised form on (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Lorenz et al. published an extensive study investigating the genomic chaos in osteosarcoma  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Personalized Cancer Care Symposium, Oslo, May 18-20, 2016 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 New PhD Andreas Hoff publishes testis cancer fusion genes in Cancer Research  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Åslaug Helland’s research on lung cancer presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Innovation projects funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society and Research Council  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Sandvig received INNO INDIGO grant for work with biodegradable nanoparticles  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Research funding from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority for 2016  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 AACR Recognizes Dr. Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale With 2015 Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Erik Boye - an internationally renowned scientist retires  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Kanutte Huse – Dept. of Core Facilities Institute Seminar Wednesday 21st of October at 12:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Elen K. Møller – Dept. of Cancer Genetics Institute seminar Wednesday 7th of October at 12:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Presenting the Young Academy of Norway  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Prestigious award from the Research Council of Norway to Harald A. Stenmark Møbius 2015: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Sigve Nakken Institute Seminar Wednesday 23rd of September (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Review article from Sveen and co-workers on alternative splicing published in Oncogene  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize to Ludvig Sollid  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Award winner Erik Fosse presented in Uniforum The UiO Innovation Prize: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Two studies of PARP inhibition in malignant lymphocytes reveal differential phenotypical responses, DNA damage induction and repair during the cell cycle  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Kaisa Haglund receives the Jahre prize for young medical researchers Recognition of outstanding scientific work: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park officially opened  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 New English version of "The Research Handbook- from idea to publication" is available  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 How to biobank "The Norwegian Research Gold" the best way Institute seminar August 26th 12:15-13:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Chronicle on personalised cancer medicine in Aftenposten  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Preparing for the upcoming health calls for Horizon 2020 Training course August 25: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Novel method reveals new knowledge about G1-phase  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Llorente and coworkers report promising prostate cancer biomarkers in urinary exosomes  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 H.M. The Kings Gold Medal to Sigrid Bratlie Thoresen  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Microscopy infrastructure funded by the Norwegian Research Council  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Innovation prize to Erik Fosse  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Cover article on personalized cancer medicine and big data in META  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Paper from OUS/CCB researchers dedicated commentary articles in both Nature and Science  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 What is the cost of a cancer patient's life? OUS research blog June 16th: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Annuncement of research funding from South-East Norway regional health authority for 2016 Call for applications 2016 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Institute seminar Wednesday on the 17th of June at 12:00  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The Department of Pathology receives funding for melanoma research through Horizon 2020 project.  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Findings from the Skarstad group published in PLOS Genetics  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 A cancer cell on the move OUS research blog about endocytosis: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 William Louch appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for May 2015  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 The long road to success Article about work in the Stenmark group on (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Sealing holes in the nuclear envelope as a mechanism to protect the genome Nature article from Marina Vietri: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Non-Homologous functions of the AlkB Homologs – an update of the present knowledge Review article in J Mol Cell Biol: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 PhD in Engineering, Master in Physics Ada H.V. Repetto-Llamazares will defend her PhD (philosophiae doctor) thesis Disputation June 2nd: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Cathinka Halle Julin Institute seminar Wednesday on the 3rd of June at 12:00 (07.03.2017 10:32)
 New EU H2020- MARIE Sklodowska-CURIE ACTIONS project coordinated by The Intervention Centre WiBEC (Wireless In-Body Environment Communications) selected for funding by EU (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Improved methods for the treatment of metabolic diseases affecting children's nervous system OUS research blog: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Many OUS teams in the Holmenkollstafetten 2015 Public health improvement: (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Åsmund Eikenes publishes careers column in Nature  (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Camilla Raiborg Institute seminar Wednesday 6th of May (07.03.2017 10:32)
 Oslo University Hospital honouring excellent research  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 More precise cancer treatment by use of RNA biomarkers OUS research blog from Anja Nilsen: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Andreas Brech from the Department of Core Facilities Institute seminar Wednesday 22nd of April (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Oslo University Hospital has awarded 6 excellent articles for the second half-year of 2014  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Proteomics: breakthroughs and cutting edge applications in immunology, microbiology, and cancer Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday April 20th 14:30-16 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Sumoylation of Rap1 mediates the recruitment of TFIID to promote transcription of ribosomal protein genes Article from Jorrit Enserink's group in "Genome research": (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Fridtjof Nansen awards for excellent research to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale and Jan Terje Andersen  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Hendrik Fuchs and Michael Hamblin Lectures April 9th (10-12 AM) (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Thomas Fleischer from the Department of Genetics Institute seminar Wednesday 8th of April (27.04.2015 11:16)
 The Losby conference on personalized cancer treatment  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Heidi Lyng appointed "Innovator of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for March 2015  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Nature article from Camilla Raiborg: Formation of cellular protrusions  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Sarcoma research presented in feature article in A-magasinet Journalists from Aftenposten following sarcoma team for 9 months: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Torstein Tengs Institute seminar Wednesday 25th of March (27.04.2015 11:16)
 CCB Minisymposium on Centrosome and Cilia Biology Thursday the 26th of March at 14:15 hrs: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 New method for treatment of lung cancer Excellent OUS research presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Circulating Biomarkers in Cancer EurocanPlatform workshop May 18-19th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Why research at hospitals should be encouraged OUS research blog by Ole M. Sejersted: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Strategies for research on Alzheimer’s disease Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday March 16th 14:30-16 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Viola Lobert Institute seminar Wednesday 11th of March (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Article from Kirsten Skarstad's group published in Nucleic Acids Research  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Kari Kværner blogs about research based innovation  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Seminar with the winners of the Olav Thon Foundation International Research Prize March 5th 12-15, Rh Gaustad: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Research on cancer vaccines against follicular lymphoma presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Personalized medicine Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday March 2nd 14:30-16 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Mouldy Sioud Institute seminar February 25th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Kristin Bjordal blogs about clinical research participation  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Recent article in Oncogene from Kristian Berg's PCI research group  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Novel DNA methylation biomarkers provide accurate detection of bile duct cancer  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Molecular control of abscission in stem cells in vivo Recent article in PLOS Genetics: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Jon Amund Kyte Institute seminar February 11th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Jens Petter Berg blogs about the values of basic research  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Solomon Yimer and Tone Tønjum involved in organising successful tuberculosis meeting in Ethiopia  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Supercomputing reveals the genetic code of cancer Rolf Skotheim interview in Apollon: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Two new research dissemination contributions from OUH/CCB scientists  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 PhD students and supervisors: the fast tracks to perfect synergy? Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday February 2nd 14:30 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Leiv Arne Rosseland blogs about palliative care during childbirth  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Einar Rødland and Olga Østrup from the MetAction project Institute seminar January 28th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 5th National Conference on Stroke Oslo Kongressenter, February 12-13 2915 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 A novel cell penetrating peptide as vector for therapeutic vaccine Seminar IKF Friday January 23rd 11-11.45 with Madiha Derouazi (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Nanoparticle review by Iversen, Skotland and Sandvig among the most cited articles in Nano Today  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 DNA sequencing in medicine Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday January 19th 14:30 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Theis Tønnesen blogs about research dissemination  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Resources to PDT/PCI related research, 2015 Announcement: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Research funding from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority for 2015  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Section for Cellular Therapy granted support from BIOTEK2021 and FORNY2020  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Per Morten Sandset blogs about patient involvement  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Meza-Zepeda and Myklebost co-author recent Cancer Cell publication on the architecture and evolution of cancer neochromosomes  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Arne Yndestad Institute seminar 10th of December (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Stein Kvaløy blogs about cancer treatment through proton therapy  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Limitations of today's diagnosis and monitoring Tuesday December 2nd - NORIN seminar (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Regenerative medicine The next Oslo University Hospital research seminar December 1st 14:30 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Åsmund Husabø Eikenes blogs about understanding cell division through the study of fly spermatogenesis OUS research blog: (27.04.2015 11:16)
 New genotyping service at Oslo University Hospital  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Anette Weyergang Institute seminar November 19th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Oslo University Hospital has award 6 excellent articles for the first half-year of 2014  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2014 to Arne Kolstad Ceremony Friday November 21st (27.04.2015 11:16)
 New book on RNA Interference edited by Mouldy Sioud recently published  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 “Centrosome and Cilia biology”-project headed by Sebastian Patzke highlighted by "Helse Sør-Øst"  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Benedicte A. Lie appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for October 2014  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Prostate cancer research presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Trevor Clancy Institute seminar November 5th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 42 scientists from Oslo University Hospital granted 69.2 mill NOK from the Norwegian Cancer Society  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 The Inven2 Idea Prize 2014 distributed  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Erik Boye Institute seminar October 22nd (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Vessela N. Kristensen's research group presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 The Norwegian Inflammation Network (NORIN) seminar Wednesday October 29th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 The Anders Jahre lectures 2014 Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 14.00-16.00 hrs (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Important findings from Department of Genetics published in Genome Biology and highlighted in Biome magazine  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Marina Vietri Institute seminar October 8th (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Research blog launched at Oslo University Hospital  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 The decade of psychiatry - new knowledge about disease mechanisms and outcome The next Oslo University Hospital research seminar Oct 6th 14:30 (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Dr. Heinrich Jasper: Stem Cell Biology of the Gut CCB seminar Thursday Sept 25th:  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Official opening of the KG Jebsen Colorectal Cancer Research Centre  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 “Linking genotype to phenotype in cancer: proteostasis and metabolic reprogramming" Guest seminar, Sept 19th - Darren Saunders (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Two researchers from Oslo University Hospital among the world's most influential  (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Genetics in the post genome era Anniversary Seminar, September 12th, 10 AM - 12 PM (27.04.2015 11:16)
 Oslo University Hospital awarding excellent research  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Hot topics in inflammation research Oslo University Hospital research seminar September 15th (09.09.2014 13:30)
 OUH researchers first and last authors on New England Journal of Medicine article  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Larry W. Kwak, MD Anderson Cancer Center Institute seminar August 27th (09.09.2014 13:30)
 UiO's Innovations Prize 2014 to Øyvind S. Bruland  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Article from Hovig group published in Nucleic Acids Research  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 OUH study suggesting link between maternal age and emergency delivery attracts attention  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Erik Fosse appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for July 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Myklebost and Børresen-Dale co-authors on recent Science article on mobile DNA in cancer  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 OUH-paper featured on the 2012 AACR most-cited list  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Glioma treatment research project headed by Einar Vik-Mo and Iver Langmoen attracts attention  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Karin Cecilie Lødrup Carlsen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for June 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Department of Cancer Prevention held a public cancer research event for the Røst community  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Helmholtz International Fellow Award to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Annuncement of research funding from South-East Norway regional health authority for 2015  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Harnessing innate and adaptive immunity in cancer therapy Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2014 June 10-12, 2014 (09.09.2014 13:30)
 King Olav V's cancer research prize for 2014 to Harald A. Stenmark  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Jens Petter Berg appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for May 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Super Resolution Microscopy Core Facility Opens at OUS  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Anita Sveen Institute seminar May 21th (09.09.2014 13:30)
 ANCHR prevents aneuploidy Nature Cell Biology article from Sigrid B. Thoresen:  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Kick-­Off: Norwegian Inflammation Network Tuesday May 27th at 15 PM (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Kristian Berg elected as member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Sebastian Patzke Institute seminar May 7th (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Kristensen and Børresen-Dale co-author article published in Nature Review Cancer  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Six research groups from OUS awarded for publishing excellent articles  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Hanne Flinstad Harbo appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for March 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Nansen prize for excellent research to Kirsten Sandvig  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Oslo Epigenetics Symposium 9. - 11. April 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Successful cancer genomics conference at Losby followed up by national media  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Prescriptions of antibiotics in the primary health care; the role in evolution of antibiotic resistance? Oslo University Hospital (OUH) research seminar April 7th (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Dr. Paul S. Meltzer Guest lecturer Wednesday April 2nd (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Web TV broadcast of MSCA presentation Information about EU program supporting career development:  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Article from Kristian Berg's group accepted for publication in "Journal of Controlled Release"  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Ola Myklebost interviewed on national radio (NRK) on personalized cancer therapy  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Karl-Johan Malmberg appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for February 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Personalized Cancer Medicine – Same Old Brand New Concept? Oslo University Hospital research seminar March 3rd: (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Anette Weyergang first author on paper published in "Journal of Controlled Release"  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Helene Hartvedt Grytli first author on article printed in European Urology and mentioned in The Oncology Report  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Novel strategies in heart failure research Oslo University Hospital research seminar Monday February 3rd at 14:30 (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Mette Sprauten first author on publication in Journal of Clinical Oncology on longitudinal hormones in Testicular Cancer Survivors  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Guro Elisabeth Lind appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for January 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
  Resources to PDT/PCI related research, 2014 Announcement: (09.09.2014 13:30)
 EUs new research program – Horizon 2020 Institute seminar January 15th - now available via Web TV (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Åsmund Eikenes awarded "Hjernekraftprisen 2013"  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Next-generation Brain Imaging Oslo University Hospital research seminar January 13th: (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Research funding from South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority for 2014  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Prestigious career grant for research on deciphering the functional effect of GWAS data  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Karl-Johan Malmberg receives 12 million grant from Research Council  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Monika Håkerud and co-workers publish paper demonstrating that the PCI technology can significantly enhance in vivo vaccination  (09.09.2014 13:30)
 Gunnar Sæter has taken over as head of the Institute for Cancer Research  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Institute for Cancer Research – current picture and the way forward Institute seminar December 18th with Gunnar Sæter now available from Web TV (15.10.2013 12:59)
 New K.G. Jebsen Center for colorectal cancer research led by Ragnhild A. Lothe  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Jo Kramer-Johansen won 1st prize in OUS innovation contest Award ceremony at Ullevål Dec 6th 0800 - 0830 (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Tom Hemming Karlsen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for November 2013  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Oslo University Hospital awards 6 excellent articles for the first half-year of 2013 Ceremony November 28th: (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Norwegian Cancer Society supports 50 OUS research projects with 73 mill. NOK  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 From Research to Medical Technology Solutions Oslo University Hospital research seminar Dec 2nd (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Bioinformatician Torfinn Nome defending PhD thesis on deep RNA sequencing of colorectal cancer  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Miriam Ragle Aure first author on article chosen as "editor's pick" in this month's Genome Biology. Defends thesis Nov 27.  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Meza-Zepeda and Myklebost interviewed in VG about cancer detection using whole-genome sequencing of cell free DNA  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 The Rimington Prize to Pål Kristian Selbo  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2013 to Kjersti Flatmark  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Øyvind S. Bruland appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for October 2013  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Kyrre Eeg Emblem joint first author on PNAS article  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 OUS statistician Kathrine F. Frøslie co-author new book aimed at fresh researchers  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Article on tumor type specificity for different histone H3.3 driver alterations published in Nature Genetics  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Collaborative prostate cancer project led by Kristin A. Taskén supported by the Movember Foundation  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Research leadership: The gateway to success? Welcome to the next Oslo University Hospital Research Seminar entitled (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Article from the Wiedlocha group on endocytosis regulation published in Oncogene  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 The Ringel Service Award to Øivind Ekeberg  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Ingrid Melle appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for September 2013  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease award (Kolsprisen 2013) to Johny Kongerud  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 OUS researchers co-author study published in Nature Genetics identifying new susceptibility variants for MS  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 International award to Annetine Staff for excellent research within the field of placentology  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Increased funding to Norwegian health research  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 David Botstein: “Evolution and Cancer” Norsk Hydro’s Fund for Cancer Research Lecture September 18th (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Medal for Excellence in Photobiological Sciences awarded to Kristian Berg  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 UiO research award 2013 to Pål Aukrust  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Nordic Stroke Award 2013 to David Russel  (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Brit Farstad and Sindre Hassfjell opens autumn season September 4th Institute seminars autumn 2013: (15.10.2013 12:59)
 Researchers from the Interventional Centre introduce new paradigm in Nature Medicine article  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Dag Undlien appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for July 2013  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Fruitfly Ret receptor tyrosine kinase governs cell growth and proliferation and protects against starvation-induced catabolism in epithelial cells  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Kavaliauskiene and co-workers publish "Cell density induced changes in lipid composition and intracellular trafficking"  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Vik, Alseth and coworkers publish a novel enzymatic activity in Nature Communication  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Professor Yosef Yarden CCB seminar Tuesday 13th of 12.00 (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Geir Christensen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for June 2013  (28.08.2013 16:17)
 Grant of 30 million NOK over 5 years Professor Sandvig heads a national nanoparticle project: (28.08.2013 16:17)
 UiO research prize to Pål Aukrust  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Erik Boye Institute seminar June 19th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Important findings from Skjeven, Lødrup Carlsen and coworkers published in New England Journal of Medicine  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Announcement of research funding for 2014 from Helse Sør-Øst  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 International approaches to personalized cancer medicine OUS research seminar June 12th 12:00-16;00 (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Guttorm Haraldsen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for May 2013  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Janne Lehtiö Guest lecturer - K.G. Jebsen Center for Breast Cancer Research - June 13th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Focus on recruitment and career building in health research Kick-off seminar at Montebello on June 21st: (21.06.2013 14:55)
 A newly identified protein regulates cell division  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 The story of PCI popularized and presented in national media  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Publication in Nature Genetics on testicular cancer susceptibility  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Gunnar Kvalheim Institute seminar May 8th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Llorente and coworkers publish detailed lipidomic analyses of exosomes released from prostate cancer cells  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Annetine Staff appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for April 2013  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Awards from Oslo University Hospital to outstanding research  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Work on selective tankyrase inhibitor from Krauss and collaborators highlighted as cover story in Sci-Bx  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 A newly identified mitochondrial enzyme protects against obesity.  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Nine research awards will be distributed at Rikshospitalet - Gaustad on Friday April 26th at 7.45 am  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 OUS researchers in the media  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Drs Sigrid Marie Kraggerud, Christina Høi-Hansen and Sharmini Alagaratnam publish in Endrocrine Reviews  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 OUS researchers contribute to pioneering approach of crowdsourced research competition  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Monica Bostad and co-workers publish important new findings on light-triggered targeting of stem-like cancer cells  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Professor Robin Irvine - Cambridge Neuroscience CCB seminar Monday the 15th of April at 15.00 hrs (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Jon-Vidar Gaustad Institute seminar April 10th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Grant from the Polish-Norwegian Research Found awarded to Antoni Wiedlocha’s group  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Sverre Heim appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for March 2013  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Ragnhild A. Lothe's research presented by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Lina Prasmickaite Institute seminar March 20th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Ola Myklebost appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for January 2012  (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Silje H. Nord Institute seminar March 6th (21.06.2013 14:55)
 Mapping the cooperation between life's "molecular machines" A novel bioinformatics method from the Hovig group is published in a prestigious proteomics journal (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Information concerning NIFU's procedure in obtaining personal data for national FoU statistics Annual reminder for OUS research personell: (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Guro Elisabeth Lind Institute seminar February 27th (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Results from collaborative project between the Bjørås, Skarstad and Rognes groups published in PLoS Genetics  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Paper from Wiedlocha group published in "Science Signaling" New findings on the inhibition of growth factor signaling: (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Elastography research covered by "Science Daily" and "Apollon" Promising cancer detection method (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Andreas Brech Institute seminar Februart 13th (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Heart award to Sverre Erik Kjeldsen  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Erik Boye temporary replaces Fodstad as Scientific Director at the Institute for Cancer Research  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Paper from Kristin A. Taskén's group published in Europen Urology and commented in Renal & Urology News  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Øystein Fodstad Institute seminar January 30th (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2012 to Vessela Kristensen  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Anne Hansen Ree appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for December 2012  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 CMBN presented extensively on International Business Times web site  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Per Morten Sandset appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for November 2012  (01.03.2013 13:21)
 Reversal of base modifications in messenger RNA (mRNA) – role in human disease Paper from Klungland's group "Editor's choice" in Feb 1st issue of Science (06.02.2013 11:14)
 The Norwegian Oncology Forum’s Young Researcher award 2012 to Kjetil Boye  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Survival meta-analyses for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor patients published in Neuro-Oncology  (06.02.2013 11:14)
  Angela Oppelt and colleagues identify novel lipid regulator of cell migration  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 NBS Contact Meeting 2013 at Lillehammer  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Karl-Johan Malmberg Institute seminar November 21st (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Oslo University Hospital supported with 58.9 mill. NOK by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Kjetil Taskén Institute seminar November 7th (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Award for Research on Single-Incision Pancreatic Surgery  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Oslo University Hospital has awarded 6 excellent articles for the first half-year of 2012  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Idea Prize to Jorrit Enserink's group  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Paper from the Rofstad group highlighted in Cancer Research  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Breaking advances in prognostic testing of colorectal cancer  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 OUS-led national personalised cancer medicine project granted generously by BIOTEK 2021.  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Use of beta-blockers reduce prostate cancer specific mortality Findings from Taskén group covered by NRK: (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Oslo Epigenetics Symposium 8-9th of November 2012  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Identifying patients suffering from cervical cancer relapse using biomarkers Heidi Lyng's research presented by Norwegian Cancer Society (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Dr. Richard Grose CCB seminar Tuesday the 9th of October at 13-14 hrs (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Professor Dr. Ivan Dikic CCB seminar Wednesday the 26th of September at 12.00 hrs (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Erich Nigg Norsk Hydros Fund for Cancer Research Guest Lecture, October 1st (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Institute Seminar Wednesday September 19th (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Karl-Johan Malmberg last author on publication in Blood on KIR expression patterns on CD8 T cells  (06.02.2013 11:14)
 Personalized Cancer Care Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo September 7-9, 2012 (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Viola H. Lobert Institute Seminar August 29th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Elaine Mardis and Mina Bissell Research seminars Thursday September 6th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Functional MRI and genomics paper from Lyng’s group published in Cancer Research  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Ragnhild A. Lothe appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for August 2012  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Publication highlighting challenges in nanoparticle-based drug delivery from Iversen and coworkers  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Flotillin-2: A new potential predictor for prognosis of breast cancer  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 EU FP7 announcements for 2013 are now ready  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Bøe group with publication in Blood descriping novel therapeutic mechanism effective in curing APL  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Publication in PNAS by the Enserink group demonstrating a new function for the cell cycle kinase Cdk1  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Tailored PET protocol from Oslo gains attention at this year's SNM annual meeting in Miami  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Øystein Fodstad Institute Seminar - Wednesday June 20th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Cathinka Halle Trial lecture and disputation Tuesday June 12th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 King Olav V's cancer research prize for 2012 to Claes Göran Tropé  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Bøe et al from the Cell Cycle Regulation Group publish paper on cell-cycle regulation in PNAS  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Berte Grimsmo Bøe Trial lecture and disputation Wednesday June 13th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 The Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) "Top Poster Award" to Sebastien Wälchli  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Professor Lena Claesson-Welsh CCB seminar Wednesday 13th of June at 10.30 hrs (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Gunnar Kvalheim Institute Seminar - Wednesday June 6th (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Gordon Research Conference awards to Haugsten and Zakrzewska  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Giske Ursin Institute Seminar - Wednesday May 23rd (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Landscape of cancer genes and mutational processes in breast cancer Understanding breast cancer (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Researchers announce the first comprehensive genome studies of the evolution of 21 breast cancers Untangling the development of breast cancer  (06.09.2012 09:09)
 Actionable Targets in Cancer Metastasis (MetAction) – from Bed to Bench to Byte to Bedside Presentation of prestigious research project (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Lectures available from Oncolex Web TV service GAP cancer conference in Oslo May 14-16 (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Trevor Clancy Trial lecture and disputation May 9th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Study by Ane Hansen Kjenseth et al. featured on the cover of Journal of Biological Chemistry  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Tor Erik Rusten Institute Seminar - Wednesday May 9th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Antoni Wiedlocha and Beata Nadratowska-Wesolowska CCB seminar 10th of May at 13.00 hrs (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Kirsten Sandvig appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for April 2012  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Nature article describing 2000 breast tumors reveals new subgroups  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Magnar Bjørås Institute Seminar - Wednesday April 25th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Work from Einar K. Rofstad's group presented as "Research project of the month" Publicity from the Norwegian Cancer Society: (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Oslo University Hospital awards 6 excellent articles for second half-year of 2011  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug Institute Seminar – Wednesday April 18th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Substantial support from "The Programme for Publicly-initiated Clinical Cancer Studies" to projects led by Mælandsmo, Loge and Myklebost  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Llorente/Sandvig publish potential biomarkers for prostate cancer  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Mathias Toft appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for March 2012  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Jonny Østensen and Sébastien Walchli Institute Seminar – March 21st (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Sverre Heim: Cytogenetic Analysis of Tumor Clonality Institute Seminar – March 14th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Prostate Cancer Centre for Cancer Biomedicine (CCB) Mini-symposium March 28th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Marianne Koritzinsky and Daniel Zips Guest lectures Monday March 12th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Expert Reviews of the WE-ARMS Method for KRAS/BRAF Detection  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Announcement to authors of scientific publications  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 British biotech company signs agreement with Inven2 to secure exclusive rights to biomarkers identified in the Lothe group  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Publication in a top rated drug delivery journal by Pål K. Selbo and co-workers  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 "Research Project of the Month" for February 2012 to Paal F. Brunsvig Award from The Norwegian Cancer Society: (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Kanutte Huse and Sascha Pust CCB seminar 14th of February at 13.00 hrs (16.05.2012 12:10)
 News article in Nature on Norwegian plans for using tumour-sequencing techniques to help guide cancer care  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Institute seminars spring season 2012  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Aiming at national support for targeted cancer therapy research  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Christos Samakovlis: The molecular basis of airway maturation in Drosophila Institute Seminar – January 18th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Bjarne Bogen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for January 2012  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 New gene-based prognostic test for colorectal cancer  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Dr. Pavel Krejci and Vigdis Sørensen, PhD CCB seminar Tuesday January 10th at 13:00 hrs (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Rusten and Stenmark with review in Nature Cell Biology  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Cecilie Røe appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for December 2011  (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Subree Subramanian Institute Seminar – Wednesday December 14th (16.05.2012 12:10)
 Young scientist from Børresen-Dale's group presented in Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings report  (15.12.2011 12:16)
 Angela Oppelt and Kay Oliver Schink CCB seminar, December 13th (15.12.2011 12:16)
 The CarciNor Research Award 2011 to Sven-Petter Haugvik  (15.12.2011 12:16)
 The 2012 Anitschkow Prize in Atherosclerosis Research to Terje R. Pedersen  (15.12.2011 12:16)
 Jorrit Enserink's team with PNAS publication on the cyclin dependent kinase CDK1  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Publication in PNAS on the DNA glycosylase Neil3 by research group of Magnar Bjørås  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 The Norwegian Oncology Forum’s Young Researcher award 2011 to Guro E. Lind  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Prof. Jim C. Norman CCB seminar Thursday November 24th at 13:00 (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Evaluation of Biology, Medicine and Health Research in Norway  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Inven2 Prize 2011 to the research group of Johanne Olweus  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Anders Sundan Institute Seminar Wednesday November 16th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2011 to Camilla Raiborg  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Interview with Pål Selbo published on attracts attention  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Abrahamsen and Stenmark write about growth signalling in Science  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 The Norwegian Research Council signs Grant Agreement with Oslo University Hospital  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Stephen Friend and Carlos Caldas Scientific seminar at the Institute for Cancer Research. November 1st (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Personalized medicine in clinical practice – is it feasible?  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Lars Engebretsen appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for October 2011  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Kristine Gulliksrud Trial lecture and disputation October 27-28th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Viola Lobert and Sharmini Alagaratnam CCB seminar Tuesday the 25th of October at 13.00 (30.11.2011 13:28)
 The 2011 The Neonatal Landmark Award in Perinatal Pediatrics to Ola Saugstad  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Anders Bjartell Institute Seminar Wednesday October 12th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Successful nanoparticle research attracts attention  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Oslo University Hospital awards 6 excellent articles  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Gunhild Mari Mælandsmo appointed "Scientist of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for September 2011  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Robert C Gallo Radium Hospital Foundation Guest Lecture Oct 3rd, 12 pm (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Malerød and Pedersen with cover story in Traffic.  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Findings from Ola Myklebost's group published in Cancer  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 The Oslo Science Fair – Forskningstorget 2011  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Department of Genetics scientists with publication in PNAS  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 The Norwegian Cancer Society's "Research Project of the Month" to Tor Erik Rusten  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Joel Glover Institute Seminar Wednesday September 14th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Harald Stenmark elected fellow of prestigious academy  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 William H. McBride: “Radiation-induced inflammation and tumor immunity” August 26th: Norsk Hydros Fond for Cancer Research Guest Lecture (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Paper from Heidi Lyng’s group highlighted in Clinical Cancer Research  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Centre for Cancer Biomedicine and Centre for Immune Regulation ranked "exceptionally good" Centre of Excellence mid-term evaluation: (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Belgian research prize open for nominations  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Six outstanding papers from Oslo University Hospital rewarded every half-year Announcement: (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Research funding from Helse Sør-Øst for 2012 Announcement:  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Zhihui Wang Trial lecture and disputation June 29th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Carl-Henrik Heldin CCB seminar June 29th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Figure from Viola Lobert paper on the cover of "Physiology"  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 National Centre for Neuroendocrine Tumors nominated "Centre of Excellence" by ENETS  (30.11.2011 13:28) Malin Lando Trial lecture and disputation June 22-23 (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Øystein Fodstad Institute Seminar Wednesday June 22nd (30.11.2011 13:28)
 King Olav V's cancer research prize 2011 to Sverre Heim  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 New function of BRCA2 discovered by scientists from the Department of Radiation Biology  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Seminar June 15th in connection with Sophie D. Fosså's 70th birthday:  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Centre for Cancer Biomedicine research seminar on June 14th  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Infrastructure grant to researchers at Institute for Cancer Research.  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Researchers from Department of Cancer Prevention reveal importance for transcriptome instability in colorectal cancer  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Tore-Geir Iversen Institute Seminar Wednesday June 1st (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Researchers from Dept of Radiation Biology co-author paper in high-impact journal  (30.11.2011 13:28) Vilde Drageset Haakensen Trial lecture and disputation May 26th (30.11.2011 13:28) Christoph Rainer Müller Trial lecture and disputation May 19th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 New high impact review article about nanoparticles  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Best idea rewarded - winner takes home a 100.000 NOK start-up prize The Inven2 Prize 2011 (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Mads Haugland Haugen Trial lecture and disputation May 11th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Øystein Fodstad discusses metastasis theories on  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Kirsti Solberg Landsverk Trial lecture and disputation May 5th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Scientists at Centre for Cancer Biomedicine identify a new marker for colon cancer, and reveal its cellular function  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Two endocytosis reviews from Radium Hospital researchers in Current Opinion in Cell Biology  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 PLoS ONE article from Boye's group recommended by “Faculty of 1000”  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Seminar at The Research Building, Radium Hospital MD Anderson Cancer Center are visiting NCC April 12th: (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Research by Kirsten Sandvig highlighted in Lab Times.  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Jørgen M. Aarøe: Epigenetic changes and regulation in breast cancer development - clinical implications? Trial lecture on Web TV: (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Raiborg and Stenmark with Perspective article in Science  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Jørgen Mømb Aarøe Trial lecture and disputation March 25th (30.11.2011 13:28)
 WebTV broadcasts of Franke's and Balmain's lectures  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Why Skin Colours Differ Popular science article from Moan and Juzeniene (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Postdoc Forum, Tuesday 15 March, at 14.00-15.00  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Prof Werner Franke: "Governmentally supported criminal systems in sports (Doping): The roles of MDs and scientists." March 15th: Norsk Hydro’s Fund for Cancer Research Guest Lecture (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Important findings from Stokke's group published in "Cell Cycle"  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Interview with Harald Stenmark in Journal of Cell Biology  (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Allan Balmain: ”Systems Genetics analysis of Cancer Complexity” March 9th: Norsk Hydro’s Fund for Cancer Research Guest Lecture (30.11.2011 13:28)
 Meeting 21-22 March on "Carcinoma in situ of the breast" Annoncement:  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 M.Sc. Tormod A. M. Egeland Trial lecture and disputation February 24-25th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Article on treatment of acute stroke with angiotensin-receptor blocker published in Lancet  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Paul A. Roche Norsk Hydros Fond for Cancer Research Lecture Presents: (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Tore-Geir Iversen’s research presented in  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Sandra Lopez-Avilés Guest seminar on "Mitotic Exit Phosphatases in Yeast" (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Ragnhild A. Lothe Institute seminar Wednesday February 9th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 International Sarcoma Symposium, Oslo February 4th 2011  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Øystein Fodstad Institute seminar Wednesday February 2nd (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Petras Juzenas Institute seminar Wednesday January 26th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Poster Seminar: Presentation of ongoing CCB projects CCB welcomes you to (14.03.2011 00:00)
 CMBN collaborative study on Huntington's disease published in PLoS Genetics  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Gunhild Mælandsmo's research presented on  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Findings from Norwegian PSC Research Center published in Nature Genetics  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 SFI status awarded to "Centre of Cardiological Innovation" - hosted by Oslo UH and led by Thor Edvardsen  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Seminar about cell division by Daniel Gerlich Friday 17th December (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Vessela Kristensen Institute seminar Wednesday December 15th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Resources to PDT/PCI related research, 2011 Announcement: (14.03.2011 00:00)
 K.G. Jebsen Centre for Breast Cancer Research established  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Figure from Harald Stenmark review article on the cover of FEBS Journal  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Two new books from Manish Kakar  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Leonardo Meza-Zepeda Institute seminar Wednesday December 1st (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2010 to Heidi Lyng  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Centre for Cancer Biomedicine Research Seminar Tuesday 23. November, 12.30-14.00 (14.03.2011 00:00)
 $250,000 Grant Awarded for Liposarcoma Research Study  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Jørgen Wesche Institute seminar Wednesday November 15th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Randi G. Syljuåsen Institute seminar Wednesday November 10th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 How can the use of advanced molecular techniques contribute to introduction of personalized medicine in cancer diagnostics and treatment? Trial lecture on Web TV: (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Erlend B. Smeland Institute seminar Wednesday November 3rd (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Cand.scient. Marianne Berg Trial lecture and disputation October 26-27th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Postdoc Forum, Thursday 28 October, at 14-15.15.  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Paper from Johanna Olweus group published in "Leukemia"  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Helga B. Landsverk identifies new protein involved in the DNA damage response  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 The Norwegian Bioinformatics Forum November 18-19th Large meeting of Norway's bioinformatics community: (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Work by Stig Ove Bøe appointed "Research project of the month" from the Norwegian Cancer Society  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Department of Genetics scientists with PNAS publication  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Susan Forsburg Institute seminar Wednesday September 15th (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Norwegian Cancer Society's "research project of the month" to Silje H. Nordgard  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Ole-Jacob Norum won the "Best Basic Science Paper Award" at the EMSOS 2010 meeting  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 JBI Award for for "Best Paper in Translational Bioinformatics" to scientists from Department of Genetics  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Torsten Waldminghaus finds that surprising results of ChIP on Chip experiments are often false positives  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Edgar Rivedal elected Chairperson of the IARC  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Focus on article from Børresen-Dale's group in "Nature Reviews Cancer"  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Ioannis Nezis identifies mechanistic link between autophagy and cell death  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Ludvig M. Sollid appointed "Researcher of the Month" by "Helse Sør-Øst" for August 2010  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Postdoc Forum, Tuesday 17 August, 14.00-15.15  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Figure from Myklebost group article on cover of "Lab on a chip" journal  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Viola Lobert discovers functional importance of integrin degradation. Commented on the Cell Migration Gateway.  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 University of Oslo's Research Prize to Johan Moan  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 JAMA article first-authored by Philip Wilkens  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Sir Hans Krebs Medal to Harald Stenmark  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Sandvig group with review article in "Nanomedicine"  (14.03.2011 00:00)
 Paper from Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale and co-workers published in "Science Translational Medicine"  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 The PRAVO research project presented in national newspaper Verdens Gang  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Cancer Biology June 24-25, 2010 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Cand. scient. Wanja Kildahl Trial lecture and disputation June 22-23 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Rolf Inge Skotheim Institute seminar Wednesday June 16th 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Meeting on "Norwegian genes" held at the Radium hospital Lectures available via Web TV: (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Sebastian Patzke identifies novel regulator of ciliogenesis  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Gunhild Mælandsmo Institute seminar Wednesday June 9th 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Symposium on inflammation connected with professor Stig S. Frøland turning 70 June 15th 12 - 16.30:  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Tor Erik Rusten Institute seminar Friday June 4th 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 New honourable membership for Kirsten Sandvig  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Per O. Seglen Institute seminar May 25th 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 New book on RNA edited by Mouldy Sioud due to be published  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Kaisa Haglund identifies novel regulator of cytokinesis  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Jostein Dahle Institute seminar May 19th 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Tone Tønjum awarded the "Researcher of the Month" prize from "Helse Sør-Øst" for May 2010  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Hiroko Kato Solvang Institute seminar May 12 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Cand.scient. Ana Slipicevic Trial lecture and disputation May 4-5th (30.06.2010 16:20)
 M.Sc. Karianne Risberg Trial lecture and disputation May 5th (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Findings in Nature Cell Biology paper discussed on ""  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Eivind Hovig Institute seminar April 28 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 "Research project of the month" from The Norwegian Cancer Society to Kristian Berg  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Øyvind S. Bruland author chapter on radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases  (30.06.2010 16:20)
 MD Yan Zhen Trial lecture and disputation April 22-23 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 Andreas Brech Institute seminar April 21 10.30 (30.06.2010 16:20)
 New immunotherapies. Third generation DC-based vaccines and TCR gene therapy Seminar by Dolores Schendel June 17th (14.06.2010 13:45)
 Edgar Rivedal Institute seminar April 14th 10.30 (14.06.2010 13:45)
 Phase 1 trial on molecularly targeted radiotherapy published in The Lancet Oncology by researchers from The Norwegian Radium Hospital  (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Cand.scient. Lene Alsøe Trial lecture and disputation April 8-9 (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Trond Stokke Institute seminar April 7th 10.30 (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Kirsten Sandvig's research highlighted by the Norwegian Cancer Society  (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Kirsten Skarstad Institute seminar March 24th 10.30 (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Lars O. Baumbusch Institute seminar March 17th 10.30 (09.04.2010 14:18)
 Gustav Gaudernack Institute seminar March 10th 10.30 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Harald Stenmark awarded the "Researcher of the Month" prize from "Helse Sør-Øst" for March 2010  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Manish Kakar's intelligent computer model for following tumor movements attracts media attention  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Group at Institute for Cancer Research identifies new functional mechanism for a tumour suppressor  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Molecular Genetics group publishes in Journal of Clinical Oncology  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Kirsten Sandvig Institute seminar March 3rd 10.30 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 21st Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research, 26 - 29 June 2010 Reminder: (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Drug design and development Research Monday March 1st: (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Ola Myklebost Institute seminar February 17th (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Article from Andreas Brechs project group on the cover of "Histochemistry and Cell Biology"  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Andres Maturana talks abouit scaffold proteins, splice variants and signaling Seminar Friday 12.02 at 11:00 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Poster prize to PhD student Sigrid Bratlie Thoresen  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Otto Smiseth awarded Norwegian heart prize  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Erik Boye Institute seminar February 3rd 10.30 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Kristian Berg Institute seminar January 27th 10.30 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Harald Stenmark Institute seminar January 20th 10.30 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Petter Andreas Steen awarded the first "Researcher of the Month" prize from "Helse Sør-Øst"  (09.03.2010 00:00)
 First seminar: Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Jan 13 at 10.30 Institute seminars spring semester 2010 (09.03.2010 00:00)
 Erlend B. Smeland and Jan Delabie co-author Nature article on BCR signalling  (08.01.2010 16:38)
 The CCC council has granted support to 23 research projects for 2010  (08.01.2010 16:38)
 MD Maria Filimonenko Trial lecture and disputation December 16-17 (08.01.2010 16:38)
 Scientists from Department of Genetics co-author recent Nature article  (04.01.2010 11:15) Gro Furset Flatekval Trial lecture and disputation December 14-15 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Civ. eng. Jon-Vidar Gaustad Trial lecture and disputation December 10-11 (04.01.2010 11:15) Ole-Jacob Norum Trial lecture and disputation December 10-11 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Cand.scient. Ingvild Flåtten Trial lecture and disputation December 1-2 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research officially opened November 27  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Resources to PDT/PCI related research for 2010  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Paper from Heidi Lyng’s project group published in PLoS Genetics and highlighted in Nature  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Article from Børresen-Dale's group one of top ten papers published in Journal of Pathology from 2008  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2009 to Rolf I. Skotheim  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Medinnova's Idea Prize to Magnar Bjørås and co-workers  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Kjetil Boye Institute seminar November 18th 12:00 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Dag Rune Olsen appointed dean at the University of Bergen  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Anne Hansen Ree and Kjersti Flatmark Institute seminar November 11th 12:00 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Cand.pharm. Ingvild Odsbu Trial lecture and disputation November 11-12 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Ingrid Roxrud Trial lecture and disputation November 6th (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Sophie D. Fosså senior author on "J Clinic Oncol" paper for the 3rd time in 2009  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Newsletter no. 2 from the new "Clinic of Cancer and Surgery"  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Next Generation Sequencing and Stem Cell Research Web TV broadcasts available from research seminar: (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Important international cancer symposium December 2-4  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Newsletter no. 1 from the new "Clinic of Cancer and Surgery"  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Marit Krohn Trial lecture and disputation October 15-16 (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Manish Kakar Trial lecture and disputation October 16th (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Sigurd Folkvord Trial lecture and disputation October 12-13. (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Paper from Sollid's group published in Nature Immunology  (04.01.2010 11:15)
 Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale invited to give prestigious presentation at DKFZ  (01.10.2009 21:08)
 ESTRO Honorary Membership to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  (22.09.2009 13:06)
 Kristian Berg appointed professor II at School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo  (22.09.2009 13:06)
 Medinnovas Idea Prize 2009 Announcement: (22.09.2009 13:06)
 Asta Juzeniene cited in discussion on skin color in New Scientist  (11.09.2009 13:49)
 Article showing that kidneys from older donors perform acceptably attract attention  (11.09.2009 13:49)
 Web TV broadcasts available Research seminar August 28 (11.09.2009 13:49)
 Web TV broadcast from opening ceremony available Official opening of New Research Building August 27 (02.09.2009 10:35)
 Light-enhanced tumour-targeting demonstrated by Pål K. Selbo and co-workers  (19.08.2009 08:47)
 Research interview with Øyvind S. Bruland  (19.08.2009 08:47)
 Chronicle by Erik Boye on research politics in national newspaper  (13.08.2009 16:19)
 Polish-Norwegian Research Fund grants 15.8 mill NOK to CCB project leader Antoni Wiedlocha  (13.08.2009 16:19)
 The microarray core facility featured in Cancer Society magazine  (13.08.2009 16:19)
 Article from Brech's project group on the cover of Traffic  (22.06.2009 12:48)
 Erling Seeberg Symposium on DNA repair June 20-25th  (22.06.2009 12:48)
 Gunn Annette Hildrestrand Trial lecture and disputation, June 17-18th 2009 (22.06.2009 12:48)
 Article on photochemical internalization of Bleomycin attracts attention  (09.06.2009 09:58)
 Autophagy and human disease Research seminar on: (09.06.2009 09:58)
  Cellular glycosphingolipids determining intracellular sorting Important results on the role of glycosphingolipids (09.06.2009 09:58)
 Mouldy Sioud Institute seminar Wednesday May 27th (09.06.2009 09:58)
 Ingegerd Eggen Furre Trial lecture and disputation, May 27-28th 2009 (09.06.2009 09:58)
 Advanced Grant from the European Research Council to project headed by Harald Stenmark  (19.05.2009 14:01)
 Cand.scient. Terje Cruickshank Ahlquist Trial lecture (on Web TV) and disputation, May 12-13th 2009 (19.05.2009 14:01)
 Anders Opdahl, MD, PhD-student, first author of article published in "Circulation"  (19.05.2009 14:01)
 Article from Petras Juzenas on "Top 25 Hottest Article" list from ScienceDirect  (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Anette Weyergang Trial lectures and disputation, May 7-8th 2009 (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Cancer research project headed by Johanna Olweus presented on the front page of "Dagbladet"  (14.05.2009 09:39) Taran Paulsen Hellebust Trial lecture and disputation, April 30th 2009 (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Barbara Guinn Institute seminar April 22th 12:00 (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Trial lecture on the subject "Progress and challanges for drug development based on RNA interference" on Web TV  (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Cand.scient. Ellen Margrethe Haugsten Trial lecture and disputation, April 16-17th 2009 (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Øystein Fodstad and Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Institute seminar April 15th 12:00 (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Raiborg and Stenmark with review article in Nature  (14.05.2009 09:39)
 System for generating updated publication lists available  (14.05.2009 09:39)
 Boye and Grallert with a Preview article in Cell  (26.03.2009 14:26)
 Jørgen Wesche Institute seminar March 25th 12:00 (26.03.2009 14:26)
  Figure from Rofstad group article on the cover of "Neoplasia"  (04.03.2009 15:55)
 Guro E. Lind Institute seminar March 4th (04.03.2009 15:55)
 10 Years Anniversary - Microarray Core Facility Rikshospitalet/UiO Research Seminar available on Web TV (04.03.2009 15:55)
 Marta Nyakas Institute seminar February 18th 12:00 (04.03.2009 15:55) Åse Bratland Trial lecture and disputation, February 16-17th 2009 (04.03.2009 15:55)
 Ingrid Roxrud receives prize for best poster at the Contact Meeting of the Norwegian Biochemical Society  (04.02.2009 16:31)
 Svein Dueland Institute seminar February 4th 12:00 (04.02.2009 16:31)
 "New" research web portal for "Unit Rikshospitalet"  (02.02.2009 11:28)
 Radium Hospital researchers with comment in Cell  (02.02.2009 11:28)
 Figure from Camilla Raiborg paper on the cover of the whole 2009 edition of Experimental Cell Research  (26.01.2009 12:43)
 Susanne Stuffers Trial lecture and disputation, January 23rd 2009 (26.01.2009 12:43)
 Sigrid S. Skånland Trial lecture and disputation, January 22nd 2009 (26.01.2009 12:43)
 Structures of Endonuclease V in complex with DNA reveal molecular basis for repair of deaminated bases in DNA.  (13.01.2009 16:00)
 Craig Venter speaks at "Edderkoppen" in Oslo Thursday 29th of January  (13.01.2009 16:00)
 Geir Ketil Sandve and Eivind Hovig on statistical analyses of genomic data First Institute seminar, spring 2009 (13.01.2009 16:00)
 The CCC council has granted support to 25 research projects for 2009  (07.01.2009 10:10)
 The G1/S checkpoint in fission yeast is not a general DNA damage checkpoint  (23.12.2008 13:32)
 Espen Enerly co-author important article on p53-repressed miRNA published in "Molecular systems biology"  (12.12.2008 09:27)
 Research award to Astrid Liavåg  (04.12.2008 15:37)
 Announcement: resources to PDT/PCI related research for 2009  (04.12.2008 15:37)
 Figure from Petras Juzenas article on the cover of "Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews"  (04.12.2008 09:10)
 Sophie D. Fosså Institute seminar December 3rd 12:00 (04.12.2008 09:10)
 Prestigious research award to Anne Hansen Ree  (04.12.2008 09:10)
 Degree of honorary doctor in medicine to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  (18.11.2008 15:02)
 Nobel prize seminar at Rikshospitalet Monday Nov 24th  (20.11.2008 10:25)
 Erlend B. Smeland Institute seminar November 19th 12:00 (20.11.2008 10:25)
 Stem cell epigenetics and genomics Rikshospitalet’s research seminar 11.11.2008 (10.11.2008 10:27)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize 2008 to Tor Erik Rusten  (11.11.2008 14:48)
 Yvonne Andersson Institute seminar November 5th 12:00 (11.11.2008 14:48)
 Microarray Core Facility achieves Illumina CSPro status  (31.10.2008 15:00)
 Nanotechnology in medicine Rikshospitalet’s research seminar 03.11.2008 (29.10.2008 09:25)
 New book on siRNA and miRNA gene silencing edited by Mouldy Sioud  (29.10.2008 09:25)
 Lectures from seminar on "Cancer metastasis - basic and translational aspects" available via Web TV  (13.10.2008 15:11)
 Randi Syljuåasen Institute seminar October 8th 12:00 (06.10.2008 13:39)
 ”Signaling in colorectal cancer”. Two recent papers by PhD students Stine A. Danielsen and Terje Ahlquist and colleagues  (17.09.2008 10:52)
 Breast cancer case on national television  (29.09.2008 11:40)
 Award for excellent research to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  (24.09.2008 11:31)
 The Klaas Breur Gold Medal to Dag Rune Olsen  (18.09.2008 13:37)
 Ingrid Roxrud Institute seminar September 10th 12:00 (18.09.2008 13:37)
 Publication in Cancer Research first-authored by Jo Anders Rønneberg  (18.09.2008 13:37)
 Institute seminars - autumn 2008  (18.09.2008 13:37)
 Conference on Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine and Medicine 4th - 6th September 2008: (19.08.2008 11:03)
 Conference on Systems Biology and disease August 18-19 2008  (13.08.2008 16:14)
 Correspondence letter co-authored by Dept. of Genetics researchers printed in July edition of Nature Genetics  (11.07.2008 11:37)
 News from EACR-20, Lyon 5-7 July  (10.07.2008 17:10)
 Correspondence in Nature Genetics by Ree, Folkvord, and Flatmark  (02.07.2008 08:00)
 European Conference on scientific publishing in biomedicine and medicine 4-6 September in Oslo  (18.06.2008 13:59)
 New findings about entry of nanoparticles into cells published in Nano Letters  (26.06.2008 11:19)
 European workshop on osteosarcoma at Lysebu  (23.06.2008 15:28)
 Sjur Olsnes interviewed about the development in cancer research  (23.06.2008 15:28)
 Ilana Christin Benjaminsen Trial lecture and disputation, June 18th 2008 (23.06.2008 15:28)
 Anna Bergamaschi Trial lecture and disputation, 12-13.06.2008 (23.06.2008 15:28)
 Erik Boye chairman for European Research Council evaluation panel  (10.06.2008 13:43)
 Article on the calculation of gene copy numbers published in Genome Biology  (03.06.2008 09:28)
 Alina Carmen Porojnicu Trial lecture and disputation, 29-30.05.2008 (03.06.2008 09:28)
 Kirsten Sandvig with article in Nature  (22.05.2008 14:26)
 Stine Henrichson Kresse Trial lecture, disputation and guest lectures, 19-21.05.2008 (16.05.2008 15:06)
 New role for NG2/MPG in apoptosis and antitumour drug resistance  (16.05.2008 10:11)
 Silje H. Nordgard Trial lecture and disputation, 14-15.05.2008 (13.05.2008 14:09)
 Hege Russnes Institute seminar May 14th 12:00 (13.05.2008 14:09)
 Harald Stenmark speaks at two Gordon Research Conferences this summer  (24.04.2008 14:37)
 Lecture by Gordon B. Mills available on Web TV  (22.04.2008 10:18)
 Professor Gordon B. Mills Guest lecturer 21st of April 10:15 (22.04.2008 10:18)
 Malignant lymphoma: novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches Rikshospitalet’s research seminar 07.04.2008 (07.04.2008 11:10)
 Mediating protein aggregation in the brain Important findings published online in JCB: (01.04.2008 12:25)
 New research strategy and organisation in "Helse Sør-Øst" Open seminar April 15th 13-17: (27.03.2008 13:44)
 Lecture on NRK P2 about "The dark sides of stem cells" by Ola Myklebost  (27.03.2008 11:00)
 New protein involved in growth factor downregulation discovered  (27.03.2008 11:00)
 Express paper in Science with Erlend B. Smeland and Jan Delabie  (07.03.2008 10:07)
 Illustration from Anne Simonsen article on the cover of "Autophagy"  (18.02.2008 15:56)
 Jostein Dahle Institute seminar February 13th (18.02.2008 15:56)
 Article from Johan Moan on health effects of sun exposure published in PNAS  (09.02.2008 10:30)
 Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale member of ECCO Board of Directors  (09.02.2008 10:30)
 5 new projects granted support Research funding from RR HF for 2008-2010 (21.01.2008 09:04)
 Institute seminars, spring 2008  (21.01.2008 09:04)
 Presentation of Core Facilities - IV Announcement: Rikshospitalet's Research Seminars (11.01.2008 16:38)
 Editorial in Cell highligths paper from Rusten and co-workers.  (28.12.2007 14:00)
 "Helse Sør-Øst RHF" has granted support to 76 projects originating from Rikshospitalet HF for 2008  (20.12.2007 06:54)
 Autophagy paper from ICR researchers highlighted in Science  (27.12.2007 10:32)
 Tonje Tvegård Trial lecture and disputation, 20.12 2007 (27.12.2007 10:32)
 Karine Lindmo Trial lecture and disputation, 07.12 2007 (27.12.2007 10:32)
 Medinnova's Idea Prize to research group working on early markers for tumors in the digestive system  (23.11.2007 09:19)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize to Anne Simonsen  (23.11.2007 09:19)
 Kirsten Sandvig promoted honorary doctor at The University of Copenhagen  (19.11.2007 09:42)
 Cancer researchers shed light on inherited brain damage  (13.11.2007 16:47)
 Genomic stability of human adipose stem cells cultured to senescence  (13.11.2007 16:47)
 Sjur Olsnes honorary doctor at the Moscow Medical Academy  (13.11.2007 16:47)
 Article from Skarstad's group on E. coli chromosome organization in EMBO Journal  (13.11.2007 16:47)
 The Oslo Cancer Cluster Forum 2007 - at Rikshospitatet 17th of October  (13.11.2007 16:47)
 Large FUGE grant to Erik Boye's group  (09.10.2007 15:52)
 Toll-like receptors direct human hematopoietic cell fates On the cover of Eur J Immunol: (09.10.2007 15:52)
  Continued support to microarray core facility from FUGE (28.09.2007 13:31)
 Escorting receptors for degradation  (28.09.2007 13:31)
 CCC at the R-R Medical Centre has become member of OECI  (28.09.2007 13:31)
 Information from the Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the RR HF  (28.09.2007 13:31)
 Solveig Fossum Trial lecture and disputation, 22-23.08 2007 (28.09.2007 13:31)
 2006 Annual Report available  (28.09.2007 13:31)
 Cover illustration in Neoplasia by Therese Seierstad  (28.09.2007 13:31)
 Rolf I. Skotheim appointed visiting professor in Finland  (16.07.2007 09:00)
 Edgar Rivedal elected member of scientific council of IARC  (16.07.2007 09:00)
 Elin Borgen Trial lecture and disputation, 25-26.06 2007 (25.06.2007 10:05)
 Kristian Berg awarded the 2007 Pater-Leander-Fischer prize for PCI paper  (25.06.2007 10:05)
 Trine Nilsen Trial lecture and disputation, 21-22.06 2007 (25.06.2007 10:05)
 Åste Søvik: doctoral disputation June 15th, and paper selected for high-lights in IJROBP.  (15.06.2007 09:30)
 King Olav V’s prize for cancer research 2007 awarded to Ragnhild A. Lothe  (15.06.2007 09:30)
 Article on radio-immunotherapy by Jostein Dahle published in Blood  (15.06.2007 09:30)
 Fang Liu Disputation and trial lecture, 22.05.2007 (15.06.2007 09:30)
 "Intracellular Transport and Signal Transduction in Cancer Biomedicine" May 19-23: The Norwegian Cancer Symposia: (15.06.2007 09:30)
 Hege Edvardsen Trial lecture and disputation 8-9.05.2007 (15.06.2007 09:30)
 Einar Andreas Sivertsen Trial lecture and disputation 25-26.04.2007 (15.06.2007 09:30)
 Important paper from Eivind Hovig's group on the new topic "Genomic DNA melting profiles"  (17.04.2007 11:36)
 Maria Lyngaas Torgersen Trial lecture and disputation 29-30.03.07 (17.04.2007 11:36)
 A novel mechanism of growth regulation has been discovered.  (22.03.2007 11:02)
 Article from Fang Liu awarded by "Helse Sør RHF"  (13.03.2007 17:09)
 Scientific lectures available via web TV  (04.02.2008 10:37)
 Christian Kersten Trial lecture and disputation 15-16.02.07 (04.02.2008 10:37)
 Jon Amund Kyte Trial lecture and disputation 12-13.02.07 (04.02.2008 10:37)
 Poster awards for PhD students from the Institute for Cancer Research  (07.02.2007 11:57)
 Centre for Cancer Biomedicine The new Centre of Excellence:  (07.02.2007 11:57)
 Johan Moan elected member of "The Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters"  (22.01.2007 14:41)
 Intracellular Transport and Signal Transduction in Cancer Biomedicine Stalheim 2007: still possible to register (17.01.2007 11:46)
 Asta Juzeniene Disputation 12.01.2007 (17.01.2007 11:46)
 "Centre for Cancer Biomedicine" selected as new CoE-centre  (20.12.2006 12:22)
 "Helse Sør RHF" has granted support to 37 projects originating from RR HF Montebello for 2007  (19.12.2006 15:17)
 Announcement: resources to PDT/PCI related research for 2007  (19.12.2006 15:17)
 Vigdis Nygaard Trial lecture and disputation 12-13.12.06 (11.12.2006 11:31)
 Anne Simonsen Institute seminar December 6th (11.12.2006 11:31)
 Prize to Yvonne Andersson for best presentation at GNBIO conference  (07.12.2006 11:27)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize to Bjørn Naume  (07.12.2006 11:27)
 Illustration from Sioud article on the cover of "Journal of Molecular Biology"  (23.11.2006 17:25)
 Hege Vangstein Aamot Trial lecture and disputation 24-25.11.06 (23.11.2006 17:25)
 Advances in the management of bone metastases  (23.11.2006 17:25)
 Article from Vessela N. Kristensen awarded by Helse Sør RHF  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Crystal structure of GLUE complexed to ubiquitin published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New cancer review journal edited at RR-Medical Centre: Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New growth-regulatory enzyme identified  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Article on classification of GISTs by array CGH published in "Cancer Research"  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New books on drug target discovery and validation edited by Mouldy Sioud  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New RR Core Facility home page launched  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Jostein Dahle NOTE partner  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Børresen-Dale president elect of the EACR and board member of the Cancer Registry of Norway  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Inquiry report on scientific fraud available in English  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 David Warren awarded by American Association of Clinical Chemistry  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New Radiation Oncology Building officially opened  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 New mechanism for increased levels of metastatic chemokine receptors revealed  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Jon Sudbø has resigned  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Department of Cancer Prevention New department has been established:  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Announcement from Helse Sør RHF regarding research funding for 2007-2009  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 A large-scale comparison of microarray platforms published in Nature Biotechnology  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 NEJM article on diagnosis of Burkitts lymphoma with important contributions from the Lymphoma Group  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Research being strengthened  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Researcher and hospital criticized by Commission of Inquiry  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Three research groups from the Inst. for Cancer Res. involved in projects receiving FUGE grants  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Radium hospital researchers involved in selected centres for research-based innovation  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Birgit Øvstebø Engesæter Disputation and trial lecture (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Petter Brandal Disputation and trial lecture (06.11.2006 09:56)
 King Olav V's cancer research prize 2006 to Øystein Fodstad  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Immunogene therapy project on children leukemia supported by EU  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Findings on gene expression control in breast cancer published in PNAS  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 CoE-applicant from the Institute for cancer research to final round  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Manish Kakar presented on popular Institute of Physics web page  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Silje Ugland Lauvrak Disputation and trial lecture (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Important news on signalling and intracellular trafficking  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Important results on early detection of breast cancer presented at AACR meeting  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Ragnhild Lothe new member of the Commision for Forensic Medicine  (06.11.2006 09:56)
 Research Foundation supports PDT/PCI research  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Announcement from the CCC council regarding research funding  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Funding from the Pink Ribbon campaign to V. N. Kristensen and T. Sørlie  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Vessela N. Kristensen - appointed group leader and professor  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Kristine Kleivi Disputation and trial lecture (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Article by Sophie D. Fosså awarded by Helse Sør  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Institute strategi seminar at Lysebu Hotel  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Paper from the Olsen group nominated by "Physics in Medicine & Biology" for inclusion in "Highlights of 2005"  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Anette Bonsted Disputation and trial lectures (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Iver Arne Langmoen Institute seminar 15th of March (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Improvement of treatment results for bone sarcoma patients  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Sebastian Patzke Disputation and trial lecture (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Prof. Stephen Doxsey, Univ. of Massachusetts Guest lecture, Friday, March 10th (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale Institute seminar 1st of March (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Trond Bach  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 New rapid and inexpensive SNP service available  (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Sebastian Patzke Institute seminar February 1st (31.03.2006 15:52)
 Breaking news on how ubiquitin regulates intracellular transport  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Trond Stokke Institute seminar Wednesday Jan 25th (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Li-Jun Mu has defended her thesis on immuno-gene therapy in cancer patients  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Fabricated Research Data  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Bjørn Spilsberg  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Helse Sør has granted support to 20 projects from the Norwegian Radium Hosp. for 2006  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Guro E. Lind  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 Novel method estimating absolute number of transcripts published in "Nucleic Acids Reseach"  (06.02.2006 00:00)
 PCI drug delivery technology enhances effect of anti-cancer drug  (07.12.2005 11:37)
 Annual International Conference on Gynecologic Cancer December 2nd  (07.12.2005 11:37)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Lene Thorsen  (23.11.2005 15:57)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize to Gunhild Mælandsmo  (14.11.2005 16:45)
 Innovation award to GemVax cancer vaccine project  (14.11.2005 16:45)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Yun Wang  (07.11.2005 09:34)
 Disputation and trial lecture - Eivind Galteland  (28.10.2005 15:19)
 Findings on FGF receptor trafficking given editorial comment in Journal of Cell Science  (28.10.2005 15:19)
 Paper by Alv A. Dahl and Sophie D. Fosså awarded by Helse Sør RHF  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 Kristian Berg "President elect" of the European Society for Photobiology  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 King's gold medal to Kristi Grønvold Bache for excellent thesis  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 Paper analysing bone marrow micrometastasis in breast cancer published in New England Journal of Medicine  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 Paper from the Sandvig group at the front page of “FEBS Journal”.  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 Announcement from "Helse Sør" regarding research funding for 2006  (27.09.2005 15:49)
 International breast cancer sympsium held in Molde June 22-26  (20.06.2005 10:14)
 Three new doctoral theses were defended between June 15th and 17th  (17.06.2005 14:15)
 Paper from the Stenmark group on the front page of "Journal of Cell Science"  (14.06.2005 09:45)
 Mohsen Shadidi has defended his thesis "Affinity selection of cancer cell-binding antibodies and peptides from random libraries"  (09.06.2005 11:31)
 Three candidates from the Norwegian Radium Hospital defended their doctoral theses in week 22  (06.06.2005 15:42)
 Anita Langerød has defended her doctoral thesis, on the subject "molecular profiling of breast cancer".  (06.06.2005 15:42)
 Article from the Stenmark group selected "JBC Paper of the week"  (23.05.2005 10:15)
 New findings important for understanding endosome function published in Cell  (06.05.2005 12:37)
 Harald Stenmark new member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.  (25.04.2005 15:51)
 Paper on cancer vaccine development awarded by Scand J Immunol  (18.04.2005 16:46)
 GemVax AS sold to Pharmexa  (18.04.2005 11:40)
 Highly influential article on gene expression patterns of breast carcinomas has been honored  (12.04.2005 10:44)
 Morigen has defended his thesis "Regulation of chromosome replication in E. coli: interaction of DnaA with oriC and the datA site"  (30.03.2005 09:58)
 Kristi Grønvold Bache has defended her thesis "The function of ubiquitin-binding protein complexes in endocytic downregulation of growth factor receptors"  (17.03.2005 14:31)
 Camilla Raiborg has defended her thesis "Hrs makes receptors silent. A key to endosomal protein sorting"  (17.03.2005 14:59)
 Helse Sør has granted support to 14 projects from the Norw. Radium Hosp. for 2005  (01.03.2005 13:03)
 Papers by Tor Erik Rusten and Sverre Heim awarded by Helse Sør RHF  (22.02.2005 16:38)
 Cover article in Neoplasia by Lin Thorstensen and coworkers  (15.02.2005 16:21)
 Camilla Skiple Skjerpen has defended her thesis "Translocation mechanism and cellular interaction partners of FGF-1 and FGF-2"  (04.02.2005 16:53)
 Norw. Bioch. Soc. contact meeting poster prize to Audrun Utskarpen  (18.01.2005 10:53)
 Papers from Øystein Røsok and Jon Sudbø awarded by Helse Sør RHF  (16.12.2004 16:47)
 Important work on follicular lymphomas published in NEJM  (10.12.2004 10:16)
 Dr. Ragnar Mørk legacy prize to Mouldy Sioud  (25.11.2004 16:54)
 Kirsten Skarstad elected as a EMBO member  (03.11.2004 16:09)
 Award for the Ph.D. thesis of Monika Slominska-Wojewodzka  (01.11.2004 12:27)
 Swiss-Bridge Award 2004 to Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  (13.10.2004 09:20)
 Doctoral thesis on colorectal cancer metastasis with mention in Aftenposten  (01.10.2004 13:20)
 Institute theme brochure as Dagbladet enclosure Sept. 21st  (20.09.2004 10:53)
 Important autophagy findings commented in Nature  (15.09.2004 12:26)
 "Research days" Sept. 17-26th, organized by Research Council of Norway  (06.08.2004 12:12)
 50 years anniversary and laying of foundation stone for new building September 21st 2004 (21.09.2004 14:39)
 Paper from Stenmark's group accepted in "Developmental Cell".  (09.08.2004 17:02)
 Feature article about the Norwegian biobank law in Dagbladet  (30.06.2004 09:15)
 Young Cancer Researcher Award to Therese Sørlie  (28.06.2004 14:22)
 Research groups from the Institute supported from National cancer plan  (22.06.2004 09:56)
 Therese Sørlie receives OYI support from the Norwegian Research Council  (21.06.2004 10:05)
 Affitech and The Norwegian Radium Hospital receive FUGE grant to develop new anti- cancer agents  (10.06.2004 10:26)
 Helse Sør rewarding excellent science  (03.06.2004 16:20)
 Putting Norway on the gene therapy map Correspondence in Nature  (13.05.2004 20:19)
 Lecture by Thomas J. Fahey Jr. Progress in Cancer Treatment (30.04.2004 11:37)
 FUGE grants to research groups at the Institute for Cancer Research  (05.05.2004 17:03)
 Erlend Smeland selected as new chair of the board in the Norwegian Cancer Society  (28.04.2004 11:31)
 Professor Johan Moan's 60th anniversary  (28.04.2004 10:36)
 Young Scientist Award to Monika Slominska-Wojewodzka  (05.04.2004 14:28)
 King Olav V's cancer research prize 2004 to Erlend B. Smeland  (31.03.2004 10:41)