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Ian Duncan - Lectures Monday 20. November - Domus Medica (Seminar Room LU-035) 16:30

*Invitation* International Speaker Seminar: "Demyelination / remyelination"


Two lectures by Professor Ian Duncan, University of Wisconsin, Madison:

16:30 Remyelination is a crucial therapeutic target in MS; how does it happen?

17:30 Mutation in Tubb4a in a rat mutant reveals a novel model of leukodystrophy in humans. 




M. Valeria Canto-Soler - Lecture Wednesday 26, Oct. - Runde Auditorium Domus Medica 14:00

*Invitation* International Speaker Seminar: "3D retinal organoids: new frontiers for stem cell-based clinical applications"


  M. Valeria Canto-Soler 

M. Valeria Canto-Soler, PhD

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,
Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University,
School of Medicine

Wednesday, Oct 26 , 14:00 Runde Auditorium,
Domus Medica tilbygg, Rikshospitalet

Title: "3D retinal organoids: new frontiers for 
         stem cell-based clinical applications"


*Invitation* Special seminar in Neuroscience: Hollis Cline, "The Dynamic Connectome", Sept 5, 11:30



Prof. Hollis Cline
 hollis cline

September 5, 2016

Prof. Hollis Cline, Hahn Professor of Neuroscience in the Departments of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, and of Chemical Physiology at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. President of the
Society for Neuroscience.

Monday, September 5, 2016, 11:30 Runde Auditorium, Domus Medica tilbygg, Rikshospitalet

Title: The Dynamic Connectome


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 2012 - 2013