PCI Biotech AS


Contact person:


Anders Høgset

Hoffsveien 48

0377 Oslo, Norway


Tel +47 23 25 40 03



Pål Kristian Selbo
Victoria Tudor Edwards
Kristian Berg


About PCI Biotech Holding ASA

The strategy of PCI Biotech Holding ASA (PCI Biotech) is to commercialise a patented photochemical drug delivery technology for use in therapeutic treatment. 

The company was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Norwegian pharmaceutical company Photocure ASA. PCI Biotech has been listed on Oslo Axess since June 2008 following a demerger from Photocure ASA.

PCI Biotech receives substantial public funding from the Norwegian Research Council and from the EU.

Photochemical internalisation is a drug delivery technology for targeted delivery of macromolecules and other membrane-impermeable drugs.

PCI can be used within many areas, including:
• gene therapy
• protein therapy
• oligonucleotide therapy
• chemotherapy
• nanomedicine

The PCI technology has great advantages as it may:
• enhance and target drug delivery
• make macromolecule delivery more efficient
• make possible the therapeutic use of molecules that it has hitherto been impossible to use, due to e.g. too low delivery efficiency or too high toxicity in non-target tissues.




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