Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae 2014: Øyvind Sverre Bruland

Vennerhagen, Sørkedalen 982, N-0758 OSLO, Norway
Born: December 14, 1952 in Oslo, Norway. Civil Status: Cohabitant, 3 children

E.mail: Web:

EDUCATION:  1971-76: Studies in Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Zoology, University of Trondheim and University of Oslo. 1976 : Cand.Mag. (Bachelor of Science), University of Oslo. 1974-79: Medical studies at University of Oslo. 1979: Cand. Med. (M.D.), University of Oslo. 1989: Dr. Med. (Ph.D.), University of Oslo 



Research Supervision - Completed Theses: Main supervisor or co-supervisor for 16 candidates having completed their theses. Currently main supervisor for one candidate: Kjetil Berner, and co-supervisor for 3 PhD students:  Tale Barøy, Kristin Anfinsen and Ada Repetto (submitted).

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