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I am lost in a nostalgic memory from days of youth – where the fishes were far bigger in my dreams than in reality. Following exciting hours at the creeks and lakes of Nordmarka, only occasionally a trout, pike or perch ended up in my creel.

In the transition period of the sixties, splitcane rods still prevailed, glass-fiber rapidly evolved and carbon/Kevlar was not an issue. The catalogues from Hardy enlightened my dreams, but such expensive gears were out of reach. “Napp & Nytt” from ABU and “Råd & Redskap” from Hørgård were frequently consulted and formed my source of equipment.

If you have for sale a Hardy Altex No. 1 in good working condition, with box and spare spool, and/or ABU Mark 5 worming rod, please send me an email (se also link from my front page)




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Here some of my precious gear items are posted:
ABU Record 3000
Hardy Perfect Salmon Reel

Foto: Per Marius Didriksen


Salmon / Laks, July 2008

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Equipped by my old Wonderrod 8' spinning rod and ABU Ambassadeur 5000C, the ABU Toby spoon proved successfull. This beautiful 7.1 kg "Salmo Salar" was safely landed following a 25 min gentle fight compatible with the thin 0.40 monofilament nylon line.

This river is located close to the small Norwegian village called "Elsewhere".

  (14.08.2008 11:39) 
Tidligere saker
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