Asbjørn Hørgård - Norwegian producer of fishing tackle

Here I am working on materials to be posted on the various split cane rods, reels and other fishing tackle produced by Hørgård in the 1950/60-ies.

Here you may view some of the catalogues.

I have also found a small description (in Norwegian) from "Larvikmarkas Fluefiskerforening" describing equipment from Hørgård's golden age (click here to open, in PDF format)

Asbjørn Hørgaard Catalogue, 1963


Selected images in the Hørgaard catalogue from 1963 with various categories of rods.

Click on the links below to view images. NB: these may be further enlarged to full format (high resolution) by repeatedly clicking on the image or by activating the full-scale icon in the lower right corner.

Fluestenger laks (bilde 1 og bilde 2)
Enhånds flue (bilde 3 og bilde 4)
Konkurranse flue (bilde 5 og bilde 6)
Lettspinn-stenger (bilde 7 og bilde 8)
Splitt-glass (bilde 9)
Kraftige enhånds fluestenger (bilde 10)