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Fjellet i Norsk Kunst - The Mountain in Norwegian Art

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This monumental exhibition was based on an initiative from The Norwegian Alpine Club; celebrating it's 100-years anniversary in winter/spring 2008 (

The art exhibition features famous oil paintings, historical and contemporary photos - all with mountains at center stage, as well as installations, including a spectacular climbing wall - open for the public.

The content of the exhibition is presented in a book (text in Norwegian and English) published by Labyrinth Press. Click here for its front page.

Click here for the contents of the book, here for a pdf of our chapter "Mountain Pioneers with Sketchbook" (in English), or here for "Fjellpionerer med Skisseblokk" (in Norwegian).


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Rosendal symposium

- from the cabaret with Herborg Kråkevik and Kenneth Sivertsen

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Koloss symposium