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Department of Early Cancer Trials and Research Support

Steinar Aamdal
     Steinar Aamdal
   Head of department

The main focus of the Department of Early Cancer Trials and Research Support is to perform high quality clinical research with the ultimate aim of patient benefit.

The department is dedicated to discover new ways to predict, prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. In our department we bring researchers and clinicians together to develop innovative therapies and improved patient care. Close co-operation with other units at Oslo University Hospital, local public and private research establishments and international researchers ensure optimal exchange of knowledge.

We have experience in all phases of drug development and within cancer immunotherapy and cancer vaccines. Our experienced staff offer support for all types of clinical trials.

 The department is headed by:

  • Head of department: Professor Steinar Aamdal
  • Administrative advisor: Kristin Øwre
Kristin Øwre
    Kristin Øwre
   Adm. advisor 

The department consists of the following units

Clinical cancer 
Research Unit
Research Office

 Study nurses

Paal Brunsvig Ellen Johnsen  Nina Langberg
Paal Fr. Brunsvig  Ellen Johnsen

Nina Langberg


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