Breast oncology

The Breast Oncology section has extensive research activity with a number of ongoing researcher-initiated studies. The aim is to contribute to developing new therapeutic strategies for both early breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer. This includes a focus on different treatment modalities in breast cancer, their effects and side effects, as well as clinically relevant diagnostic improvements. In addition, participation in international multi-centre studies is important, both to increase cooperation with international groups/researchers and to ensure experience with new drugs in early phases. 

We hope to contribute to more individualized and improved breast cancer treatment, with the identification of subgroups that are particularly sensitive to a particular treatment, new therapeutic targets and/or improved knowledge about optimal treatment of established therapeutic targets. The aim is to become more precise in the selection of patients who do not need systemic adjuvant treatment, or who need alternative treatment strategies due to a lack of effect of the standard treatment. Therefore, the section focuses on translational research, which includes important and close collaboration with several research groups at OUS.

We collaborate with a large number of hospitals in Norway (ongoing multi-centre clinical trials). Internationally, we have ongoing collaboration with UK (UCL/Rob Stein, OPTIMA study), Sahlgrenska university hospital (OTIMA study), Aarhus university hospital (NATURAL study), MD Anderson Cancer Center (translational), Mount Sinai (translational).