Molecular biology of breast cancer

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The group consists of 5 scientists, 3 postdocs, 5 PhD students, 6 research engineers and one MD-PhD student.

We seek to reach a more fundamental understanding of the biological dynamics of breast cancer through high-throughput molecular analyses of DNA, mRNA, miRNA and protein. We
perform "state of the art" analyses of patient material, both on bulk tumors, single cells and liquid biopsies, at various stages of the disease, from consecutive series (OsloVal, Oslo0, Oslo1 and Oslo2) and from clinic trials with sampling before, during, and after therapy (the NeoAva and the IBCT-study).

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Contact information:


Professor Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale, Email:
Department of Cancer Genetics, Institute for Cancer Research
The Norwegian Radium Hospital, N-0310 Oslo,Norway
Phone: +47 2278 1373, Fax: +47 2278 1395, Switchboard: +47 2293 4000