Groups that focus on inflammatory and immunological research

Pl Aukrust
Pl Aukrust

Since 1990, Aukrust has been studying the role of inflammation in various human disorders.

In the first years his research was primarily directed against immunopathogenic mechanisms in HIV infection and primary immunodeficiencies (i.e., common variable immunodeficiency), with particular focus on the role TNF and oxidative stress and their bidirectional interaction.

Since 1998, inflammatory mechanisms in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and chronic heart failure have been included in his research profile.

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He is currently leading the groups that focus on inflammatory and immunological research:

  1. Inflammatory and molecular mechanisms in atherosclerosis and related metabolic disorders
    Group leader Professor Bente Halvorsen, MSc, PhD
  2. Immunological and molecular mechanisms in myocardial remodeling and heart failure
    Group leader Research Scientist Arne Yndestad, MSc Pharm, PhD
  3. Endocrinology, inflammation and cardiovascular disorders including the study of biomarkers 
    Group leader Research Scientist Thor Ueland, PhD
  4. Immunopathogenic mechanisms in immunodeficiency and infectious disorders
    Group leader Børre Fevang, MD, PhD


Selected publications