Gastrointestinal-Pancreas (GI-P) Pathology Research Group

Per Arne Andersen
Per Arne Andersen

Our research group studies the genetics/gene expression of pancreatic, liver, and colorectal cancers with the aim of identifying biomarkers for early detection and prognosis. We utilize benign and malignant human tumor tissues and cancer cell culture models to investigate protein signaling pathways involved in cellular growth, senescence, chemotherapy response, and tumor-stroma interactions.


Research projects


There are 3 project groups described as follows:

1. Neoadjuvant treatment for pancreatic cancer: towards improved patient selection and assessment of treatment effect 
Project group leader is Caroline Verbeke.  Visit her UiO home page

  • Characterization of residual, i.e., resistant tumor by broad morphological and molecular analysis of both the cancer cell population and tumor stroma
  • Analysis of novel markers predictive of distant metastasis for improved patient selection for neoadjuvant treatment

2. Molecular Mechanisms of Drug Resistance
Project group leader is Paula M De Angelis.  

  • Resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs used to treat metastatic colorectal and pancreatic cancers is a major obstacle to successful therapy and may develop after a primary period of successful response. Signaling pathways involved in apoptosis induction, senescence induction, and DNA damage and repair, are investigated in human cancer cell lines in order to identify clinically-useful biomarkers of drug response 
  • Genotypes and phenotypes of colorectal cancer and ulcerative colitis

3. Molecular and Clinical Aspects of Colorectal and Liver Tumors
Project group leader: Per Arne Andresen

  • Colorectal polyposis syndromes; APC- and MUTYH genotype-phenotype correlations in Norwegian families
  • Mechanisms involved in colorectal polyp persistence and neoplastic transition. Studies on material collected from the prospectively designed NORCCAP (Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Prevention) screening study 
  • Primary and secondary hepatic tumors and their genomic alterations in inflammatory and non-inflammatory liver diseases (coordinated by prof. em. Eide)
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis and related liver-diseases. Pathogenesis and predisposition to malignancy (coordinated by prof. em. Eide in collaboration with the research group of Professor Tom Hemming Karlsen).

Contact information:
Group leader: Per Arne Andresen