Implementation of screening routines for drug use in somatic hospital

The project is a quality study that improves screening routines and algorithms for standardized stepped-wedge treatment of problematic alcohol and drug use among all patients admitted acute with somatic diseases at LDS and OUS, Ullevål. IPad-based information is implemented from project-start and implies the possibility for the patient to consent to further treatment for problematic alcohol and drug use. The up-graded laboratory service, established infrastructure between hospital clinics and follow-up from the primary health care system are parts of the project.
After two years of the project period, an evaluation will be done, to be able to make adjustments of both the screening and treatment to improve the quality of all parts of the study. This project can further be used as a model for other hospitals nationally, to improve the diagnostic and treatment of alcohol and drug related diseases and ensure a better collaboration with the primary health care system.
Collaborators: Guri Spilhaug (National advisory unit on SUD treatment), Espen Ajo Arnevik (RusForsk), Stig Tore Bogstrand (OUS), Vigdis Vindenes (OUS), Anners Lermark (Lovisenberg), Asle Enger (OUS)
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