Welcome to Einar M. Aandahl's research group: Clinical Transplantation Surgery and Experimental Immunology

Einar M. AandahlGroup leader
Einar M. Aandahl
Group leader

About us

The Aandahl research group is focused on mechanisms that regulate the immune activity in healthy individuals and in patients suffering for immune related diseases and conditions such as rejection after organ transplantation, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, chronic infections and cancer.

The research group is working on clinical issues related kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation. Surgical technique, surgical complications, patient- and graft survival, graft function and preservation and donor criteria are important areas of our research. Our main goals in clinical transplantation surgery are to improve the prognosis and patient survival in kidney, liver and pancreas recipients and to optimize graft function. We also aim to improve the availability of donor organs by using extended criteria for donor selection and increase the quality of the organs by new preservation methods.

The main goals in experimental immunology are to map and identify new therapeutic targets. We use biochemical, cellular and functional immunological methods to invitro manipulation of human T cells. 

The focus areas for the research are:

  • Intracellular signal transduction mechanisms that regulate the activation rate of T cells from antigen binding of T cell receptor to functional response.
  • Functional studies of various subset of regulatory T cells.
  • Identification of the molecular mechanism of immunosuppression mediated by regulatory T cells using flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, small molecules in functional essays and biochemical methods.
  • Studies of immune activity in various clinical conditions.
  • Proof-of-principle studies in animal models.


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