Stem Cell Forum Summer Meeting

BBQ Event Thursday June 1st 2017 at 15:00


Stem Cell Forum for PhDs & Postdocs


Dear All,

You are all invited to a BBQ,  next Thursday 1st of June at the 2nd floor terasse of Domus Medica (by the bookshop).

Please, check with your lab-mates that they all received the invitation, just in case we forgot someone.

Let's get together and talk stem cells!


Warm regards

The stem cell forum committee




Stem Cell Forum Meeting May 4th 2017



Student visit to NDEVOR lab September 22, 2016


Students from TIK Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture - Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo - had a tour of Professor Joel Glover's lab and the Core Facility of the Stem Cell Center.

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