Sjur Reppe
Position: Researcher

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Publications 2017

Reppe S, Datta HK, Gautvik KM (2017)
Omics analysis of human bone to identify genes and molecular networks regulating skeletal remodeling in health and disease
Bone, 101, 88-95
PubMed 28450214

Reppe S, Lien TG, Hsu YH, Gautvik VT, Olstad OK, Yu R, Bakke HG, Lyle R, Kringen MK, Glad IK, Gautvik KM (2017)
Distinct DNA methylation profiles in bone and blood of osteoporotic and healthy postmenopausal women
Epigenetics, 0 (in press)
PubMed 28650214

Publications 2016

Eidet JR, Reppe S, Pasovic L, Olstad OK, Lyberg T, Khan AZ, Fostad IG, Chen DF, Utheim TP (2016)
The Silk-protein Sericin Induces Rapid Melanization of Cultured Primary Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells by Activating the NF-κB Pathway
Sci Rep, 6, 22671
PubMed 26940175

Khan AZ, Utheim TP, Jackson CJ, Reppe S, Lyberg T, Eidet JR (2016)
Nucleus Morphometry in Cultured Epithelial Cells Correlates with Phenotype
Microsc Microanal, 22 (3), 612-20
PubMed 27329312

Nielson CM, Liu CT, Smith AV, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Reppe S, Jakobsdottir J, Wassel C, Register TC, Oei L, Alonso N, Oei EH, Parimi N, Samelson EJ, Nalls MA, Zmuda J, Lang T, Bouxsein M, Latourelle J, Claussnitzer M, Siggeirsdottir K, Srikanth P, Lorentzen E, Vandenput L, Langefeld C, Raffield L et al. (2016)
Novel Genetic Variants Associated With Increased Vertebral Volumetric BMD, Reduced Vertebral Fracture Risk, and Increased Expression of SLC1A3 and EPHB2
J Bone Miner Res, 31 (12), 2085-2097
PubMed 27476799

Tharmaratnam K, Sperrin M, Jaki T, Reppe S, Frigessi A (2016)
Tilting the lasso by knowledge-based post-processing
BMC Bioinformatics, 17 (1), 344
PubMed 27590269

Publications 2015

Jackson C, Eidet JR, Reppe S, Aass HC, Tønseth KA, Roald B, Lyberg T, Utheim TP (2015)
Effect of Storage Temperature on the Phenotype of Cultured Epidermal Cells Stored in Xenobiotic-Free Medium
Curr Eye Res, 41 (6), 757-68
PubMed 26398483

LeBlanc M, Zuber V, Andreassen BK, Witoelar A, Zeng L, Bettella F, Wang Y, McEvoy LK, Thompson WK, Schork AJ, Reppe S, Barrett-Connor E, Ligthart S, Dehghan A, Gautvik KM, Nelson CP, Schunkert H, Samani NJ, CARDIoGRAM Consortium, Ridker PM, Chasman DI, Aukrust P, Djurovic S, Frigessi A, Desikan RS et al. (2015)
Identifying Novel Gene Variants in Coronary Artery Disease and Shared Genes With Several Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Circ Res, 118 (1), 83-94
PubMed 26487741

Reppe S, Datta H, Gautvik KM (2015)
The Influence of DNA Methylation on Bone Cells
Curr Genomics, 16 (6), 384-92
PubMed 27019613

Reppe S, Noer A, Grimholt RM, Halldórsson BV, Medina-Gomez C, Gautvik VT, Olstad OK, Berg JP, Datta H, Estrada K, Hofman A, Uitterlinden AG, Rivadeneira F, Lyle R, Collas P, Gautvik KM (2015)
Methylation of bone SOST, its mRNA, and serum sclerostin levels correlate strongly with fracture risk in postmenopausal women
J Bone Miner Res, 30 (2), 249-56
PubMed 25155887

Reppe S, Wang Y, Thompson WK, McEvoy LK, Schork AJ, Zuber V, LeBlanc M, Bettella F, Mills IG, Desikan RS, Djurovic S, Gautvik KM, Dale AM, Andreassen OA, GEFOS Consortium (2015)
Genetic Sharing with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Diabetes Reveals Novel Bone Mineral Density Loci
PLoS One, 10 (12), e0144531
PubMed 26695485

Publications 2014

Andreassen OA, McEvoy LK, Thompson WK, Wang Y, Reppe S, Schork AJ, Zuber V, Barrett-Connor E, Gautvik K, Aukrust P, Karlsen TH, Djurovic S, Desikan RS, Dale AM, International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies, Genetic Factors for Osteoporosis Consortium (2014)
Identifying common genetic variants in blood pressure due to polygenic pleiotropy with associated phenotypes
Hypertension, 63 (4), 819-26
PubMed 24396023

Kemp JP, Medina-Gomez C, Estrada K, St Pourcain B, Heppe DH, Warrington NM, Oei L, Ring SM, Kruithof CJ, Timpson NJ, Wolber LE, Reppe S, Gautvik K, Grundberg E, Ge B, van der Eerden B, van de Peppel J, Hibbs MA, Ackert-Bicknell CL, Choi K, Koller DL, Econs MJ, Williams FM, Foroud T, Zillikens MC et al. (2014)
Phenotypic dissection of bone mineral density reveals skeletal site specificity and facilitates the identification of novel loci in the genetic regulation of bone mass attainment
PLoS Genet, 10 (6), e1004423
PubMed 24945404

Riksen EA, Landin MA, Reppe S, Nakamura Y, Lyngstadaas SP, Reseland JE (2014)
Enamel matrix derivative promote primary human pulp cell differentiation and mineralization
Int J Mol Sci, 15 (5), 7731-49
PubMed 24857913

Publications 2012

Estrada K, Styrkarsdottir U, Evangelou E, Hsu YH, Duncan EL, Ntzani EE, Oei L, Albagha OM, Amin N, Kemp JP, Koller DL, Li G, Liu CT, Minster RL, Moayyeri A, Vandenput L, Willner D, Xiao SM, Yerges-Armstrong LM, Zheng HF, Alonso N, Eriksson J, Kammerer CM, Kaptoge SK, Leo PJ et al. (2012)
Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 56 bone mineral density loci and reveals 14 loci associated with risk of fracture
Nat Genet, 44 (5), 491-501
PubMed 22504420

Medina-Gomez C, Kemp JP, Estrada K, Eriksson J, Liu J, Reppe S, Evans DM, Heppe DH, Vandenput L, Herrera L, Ring SM, Kruithof CJ, Timpson NJ, Zillikens MC, Olstad OK, Zheng HF, Richards JB, St Pourcain B, Hofman A, Jaddoe VW, Smith GD, Lorentzon M, Gautvik KM, Uitterlinden AG, Brommage R et al. (2012)
Meta-analysis of genome-wide scans for total body BMD in children and adults reveals allelic heterogeneity and age-specific effects at the WNT16 locus
PLoS Genet, 8 (7), e1002718
PubMed 22792070

Reppe S, Sachse D, Olstad OK, Gautvik VT, Sanderson P, Datta HK, Berg JP, Gautvik KM (2012)
Identification of transcriptional macromolecular associations in human bone using browser based in silico analysis in a giant correlation matrix
Bone, 53 (1), 69-78
PubMed 23195995

Publications 2011

Jemtland R, Holden M, Reppe S, Olstad OK, Reinholt FP, Gautvik VT, Refvem H, Frigessi A, Houston B, Gautvik KM (2011)
Molecular disease map of bone characterizing the postmenopausal osteoporosis phenotype
J Bone Miner Res, 26 (8), 1793-801
PubMed 21452281

Publications 2010

Fortunati D, Reppe S, Fjeldheim AK, Nielsen M, Gautvik VT, Gautvik KM (2010)
Periostin is a collagen associated bone matrix protein regulated by parathyroid hormone
Matrix Biol, 29 (7), 594-601
PubMed 20654714

Kalogeropoulos M, Varanasi SS, Olstad OK, Sanderson P, Gautvik VT, Reppe S, Francis RM, Gautvik KM, Birch MA, Datta HK (2010)
Zic1 transcription factor in bone: neural developmental protein regulates mechanotransduction in osteocytes
FASEB J, 24 (8), 2893-903
PubMed 20354137

Tamburstuen MV, Reppe S, Spahr A, Sabetrasekh R, Kvalheim G, Slaby I, Syversen U, Lyngstadaas SP, Reseland JE (2010)
Ameloblastin promotes bone growth by enhancing proliferation of progenitor cells and by stimulating immunoregulators
Eur J Oral Sci, 118 (5), 451-9
PubMed 20831578

Varanasi SS, Olstad OK, Swan DC, Sanderson P, Gautvik VT, Reppe S, Francis RM, Gautvik KM, Datta HK (2010)
Skeletal site-related variation in human trabecular bone transcriptome and signaling
PLoS One, 5 (5), e10692
PubMed 20502692

Publications 2009

Reppe S, Refvem H, Gautvik VT, Olstad OK, Høvring PI, Reinholt FP, Holden M, Frigessi A, Jemtland R, Gautvik KM (2009)
Eight genes are highly associated with BMD variation in postmenopausal Caucasian women
Bone, 46 (3), 604-12
PubMed 19922823

Reseland JE, Reppe S, Olstad OK, Hjorth-Hansen H, Brenne AT, Syversen U, Waage A, Iversen PO (2009)
Abnormal adipokine levels and leptin-induced changes in gene expression profiles in multiple myeloma
Eur J Haematol, 83 (5), 460-70
PubMed 19572994

Publications 2007

Nissen-Meyer LS, Jemtland R, Gautvik VT, Pedersen ME, Paro R, Fortunati D, Pierroz DD, Stadelmann VA, Reppe S, Reinholt FP, Del Fattore A, Rucci N, Teti A, Ferrari S, Gautvik KM (2007)
Osteopenia, decreased bone formation and impaired osteoblast development in Sox4 heterozygous mice
J Cell Sci, 120 (Pt 16), 2785-95
PubMed 17652162

Nissen-Meyer LS, Svalheim S, Taubøll E, Reppe S, Lekva T, Solberg LB, Melhus G, Reinholt FP, Gjerstad L, Jemtland R (2007)
Levetiracetam, phenytoin, and valproate act differently on rat bone mass, structure, and metabolism
Epilepsia, 48 (10), 1850-60
PubMed 17634065

Reppe S, Stilgren L, Abrahamsen B, Olstad OK, Cero F, Brixen K, Nissen-Meyer LS, Gautvik KM (2007)
Abnormal muscle and hematopoietic gene expression may be important for clinical morbidity in primary hyperparathyroidism
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 292 (5), E1465-73
PubMed 17227961

Publications 2006

Reppe S, Stilgren L, Olstad OK, Brixen K, Nissen-Meyer LS, Gautvik KM, Abrahamsen B (2006)
Gene expression profiles give insight into the molecular pathology of bone in primary hyperparathyroidism
Bone, 39 (1), 189-98
PubMed 16516570

Reseland JE, Reppe S, Larsen AM, Berner HS, Reinholt FP, Gautvik KM, Slaby I, Lyngstadaas SP (2006)
The effect of enamel matrix derivative on gene expression in osteoblasts
Eur J Oral Sci, 114 Suppl 1, 205-11; discussion 254-6, 381-2
PubMed 16674687

Publications 2005

Fjeldheim AK, Høvring PI, Løseth OP, Johansen PW, Glover JC, Matre V, Olstad OK, Reppe S, Gordeladze JO, Walaas SI, Gautvik KM (2005)
Thyrotrophin-releasing hormone receptor 1 and prothyrotrophin-releasing hormone mRNA expression in the central nervous system are regulated by suckling in lactating rats
Eur J Endocrinol, 152 (5), 791-803
PubMed 15879366

Publications 2004

Reppe S, Olstad OK, Rian E, Gautvik VT, Gautvik KM, Jemtland R (2004)
Butyrate response factor 1 is regulated by parathyroid hormone and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in osteoblastic cells
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 324 (1), 218-23
PubMed 15465005

Publications 2003

Olstad OK, Gautvik VT, Reppe S, Rian E, Jemtland R, Ohlsson C, Bruland OS, Gautvik KM (2003)
Molecular heterogeneity in human osteosarcoma demonstrated by enriched mRNAs isolated by directional tag PCR subtraction cloning
Anticancer Res, 23 (3B), 2201-16
PubMed 12894494

Publications 2000

Reppe S, Rian E, Jemtland R, Olstad OK, Gautvik VT, Gautvik KM (2000)
Sox-4 messenger RNA is expressed in the embryonic growth plate and regulated via the parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related protein receptor in osteoblast-like cells
J Bone Miner Res, 15 (12), 2402-12
PubMed 11127205

Publications 1999

Reppe S, Jemtland R, Oyen TB (1999)
Difference in strength of autonomously replicating sequences among repeats in the rDNA region of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 266 (1), 190-5
PubMed 10581188

Trøen G, Eskild W, Fromm SH, De Luca LM, Ong DE, Wardlaw SA, Reppe S, Blomhoff R (1999)
Vitamin A-sensitive tissues in transgenic mice expressing high levels of human cellular retinol-binding protein type I are not altered phenotypically
J Nutr, 129 (9), 1621-7
PubMed 10460195

Publications 1998

Reppe S, Smeland S, Moskaug JO, Blomhoff R (1998)
Retinol-induced secretion of human retinol-binding protein in yeast
FEBS Lett, 427 (2), 213-9
PubMed 9607314

Publications 1997

Nilsson A, Trøen G, Petersen LB, Reppe S, Norum KR, Blomhoff R (1997)
Retinyl ester storage is altered in liver stellate cells and in HL60 cells transfected with cellular retinol-binding protein type I
Int J Biochem Cell Biol, 29 (2), 381-9
PubMed 9147140

Olstad OK, Reppe S, Loseth OP, Jemtland R, Gautvik KM (1997)
Binding and cyclic AMP stimulation by N-terminally deleted human PTHs (3-84 and 4-84) in a homologous ligand receptor system
J Bone Miner Res, 12 (9), 1348-57
PubMed 9286750

Publications 1996

Natarajan V, Holven KB, Reppe S, Blomhoff R, Moskaug JO (1996)
The C-terminal RNLL sequence of the plasma retinol-binding protein is not responsible for its intracellular retention
Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 221 (2), 374-9
PubMed 8619863

Troen G, Eskild W, Fromm SH, Reppe S, Nilsson A, Norum KR, Blomhoff R (1996)
Retinyl ester storage is normal in transgenic mice with enhanced expression of cellular retinol-binding protein type I
J Nutr, 126 (11), 2709-19
PubMed 8914940

Publications 1992

Olstad OK, Reppe S, Gabrielsen OS, Hartmanis M, Blingsmo OR, Gautvik VT, Haflan AK, Christensen TB, Oyen TB, Gautvik KM (1992)
Isolation and characterization of two biologically active O-glycosylated forms of human parathyroid hormone produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Identification of a new motif for O-glycosylation
Eur J Biochem, 205 (1), 311-9
PubMed 1555591

Publications 1991

Reppe S, Gabrielsen OS, Olstad OK, Morrison N, Saether O, Blingsmo OR, Gautvik VT, Gordeladze J, Haflan AK, Voelkel EF (1991)
Characterization of a K26Q site-directed mutant of human parathyroid hormone expressed in yeast
J Biol Chem, 266 (22), 14198-201
PubMed 1860837

Publications 1990

Gabrielsen OS, Reppe S, Saether O, Blingsmo OR, Sletten K, Gordeladze JO, Høgset A, Gautvik VT, Alestrøm P, Oyen TB (1990)
Efficient secretion of human parathyroid hormone by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Gene, 90 (2), 255-62
PubMed 2205532